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MULTIPLAYER GT4 in Multiplayer and Competition Servers - Changes in Version 1.5

Discussion in 'ACC Blog' started by Minolin, Jul 15, 2020.

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  1. Minolin

    Minolin Staff Member KS Dev Team

    GT4 arrives today!
    While replicating the real-life GT4 European Series in Singleplayer keeps the GT4 classes in separate a series from GT3 cars, we have implemented multi-class racing to spice up the Multiplayer world of ACC. Let's quickly go through the changes and bring some excitement:

    1) Car groups in multiplayer

    As many of you may have already seen in the spectacular livestreams during the preview races, the Multiplayer menus now have car groups:


    You can assign your preferred car and livery for each group, and just cycle through the groups to set quickjoin and the server list to what you want to drive now. You will find the color scheme throughout the game now, so it should be easy to understand other cars' groups in the leaderboards and track maps, and also the car group a server is running.

    While GT3, GT4, (Porsche) Cup and ST (Lamorghini Supertrofeo) are self-explanatory, you will find two more entries in the server list:

    "All" simply states you search for all servers, without deciding what category you want to run. This is particularily useful to see where the action is, and you won't miss a good (but rare) Porsche Cup server.

    "Mixed" is the server type without restrictions, and any car can join into a multiclass race. You will use your "Primary" car for those servers, so if you prefer to do GT4 races in multiclass for a while, just choose a GT4 as your primary car.

    You will find the new server admin handbook in the download; for quickstarters:
    "carGroup": "GT4",
    goes to the settings.json. Values are "FreeForAll", "GT3", "GT4", "Cup", "ST"

    2) GT4 content for non-DLC owners

    If you (for whatever reason) do not own the DLC (yet), you can join any race with your vanilla car, even if there are GT4 cars on the track. So you have access to the whole multiplayer realm including CP races and observe the new beauties - with the tiny exception of GT4-only-servers (where you can't select the required car; spectating still works).

    The background on this decision is pretty easy: DLCs are always a problem for Multiplayer, and leads to segmentation. For the IGT DLC we couldn't do much about that, as it was about tracks. You could even argue letting users join CP races on tracks they don't own - for the sake of allowing new content for the vast majority without excluding users (who may be valid competitors). But then...would you want to do a Bathurst race against somebody who has no track experience there?
    But with the GT4 cars, we could go for the route to keep players in the game as much as possible.

    3) Multiclass CP Servers


    CP servers will exclusively run in "Mixed" mode. You will always join with your "Primary" car, and we expect to see grid of GT3 / GT4 field from now on. Obviously the CP system is sensitive to the car group, so you won't lose points to a GT3 car in a higher position, if you run the GT4 group. Think of two seperate races that happen on the same time and on the same track.

    Note: We will allow Porsche Cup and Supertrofeo cars in CP races for now, as it is expected that everyone will have a look at the GT4s first. However it is very likely that we prevent running Cup and ST cars on CP servers, as this allows users to artificially reduce competition - which is not what the CP system is made for.
    For now, enjoy some crazy multiclass action.

    This is a delicate topic. The moment we create GT3/GT4-only CP races, we either run CP races nobody wants to do while the GT4 content is hot - less drivers/competition. Or we run the new content, where non-DLC-owners can't join - less drivers/competition.
    Going with multiclass CP servers is the best choice in terms of participation, but obviously makes the CP races multiclass events. That can be both good or not. Sure, I already hear "we desperately need multiclass races" when we go for single groups, but it may turn out that this is roughly in the category of "we need rain", "we need night" - it's vital that it's there, but that doesn't mean anybody wants to use them.

    You will notice that it's very stressful (for both categories), but GT3 and GT4 do mix quite well. Unlike GT3 and the other two groups - racing a Porsche Cup is fun once or twice, but highly cumbersome, as the speed difference simply isn't big enough.

    However, we've learned that CP races tend to have insane quality, and are the closest thing to serious league racing without needing to join a league. So I do have trust that mixed grids will work out quite good, and make CP races even better and more exciting.

    4) General remarks on multiclass racing

    When a GT3 meets a GT4 car, this isn't too different to a regular blue flag situation (that simracers can't deal too well with) - but it's a lot better if you think about it.
    If you lap another car of the same performance class, this means the other driver is considerable slower than you, and maybe lacks experience. This isn't true for GT4s, you may (and will) approach all kinds of drivers - on your level or even (way) beyond. Additionally, the natural speed difference makes overtaking much easier... if you made your homework and understand how to do it.

    The most important aspect is one word: Cooperation. Both cars aren't in the same race, and both have only one goal for any lapping situation: get it handled with the minimum amount of time lost.
    Hey - that's good news, both want the same. This goes way deeper than you may think first; in a busy multiclass race it's vital to be good in overtaking situations, maybe even more than getting the last tenths out of the race pace. If your traffic management skills are better than your direct opponents, you will gain a lot of time on them - much more than you could do by simply driving fast.

    For GT3 drivers:
    - have a go at driving a GT4 car and know how they feel

    - understand the major performance advantages of your GT3 car model vs. the GT4 car you want to overtake. They have huge differences in top speed and braking performance
    - set up buttons for indicators and flash light
    - unless you're dealing with backmarkers, you may and will face drivers that fight for the podium and have no time to park on the grass and let you pass (even though this might be true for everyone in a tense race)
    - GT4 races prove to be a lot more dense and competitive
    - you are the overtaking car, so you have the responsibility to make this happen without contact
    - be clear in your body/car language
    - use overtaking lines, and expect the slower car to stick with the racing line
    - leave the slipstream early, allowing the GT4 to lift/brake early in case they don't trust you
    - set up buttons for indicators and flash light
    - (most of) those cars are damn fast on the straight, you can't easily eat them, but your braking and cornering performance is usually superior
    - do not hesitate, that only makes everyone insecure. You can dive into the inside of both faster corners and long brake distances, be clear about it, use flash lights and indicators just before you do the overtake, but then do it
    - don't flash around in a "I'm here, do something to let me pass way". That's unclear, use the flash to indicate "I'm going for it now", not "I didn't understand multiclass, please play possum"
    - if there is no room for you because two or more GT4s are in a fight and go side-by-side, wait until there is room for you. They have their own race and no obligation to abort their fight just to let you go
    - if you are in a side-by-side situation with another car and a GT4 is in the lane ahead of you, guess what. Back up, that's racing. The car arriving from behind always has the responsibility to perform a safe overtake
    - set up buttons for indicators and flash light

    For GT4 drivers:

    - know how a GT3 feels
    - set up buttons for indicators
    - indicate where YOU are are going, not where you want the opponent to overtake you. Failing to do so can lead to dangerous situations. Think of your road car, the indicator is to indicate your actions, not anyone else's
    - know what is happening behind you, watch for lines, indicators, flash lights
    - be predictable, stick with the racing line, never try to evade or get out of the way
    - indicators massively help to be predictable
    - it's still the faster car behind you, his responsibility to go past. Do not - I repeat - do not try to let him pass by moving somewhere, just let him use his superiour downforce and racing performance to find a way
    - expect the faster car to go in mercilessly
    - stay on the outside, offer late apexes and hope that the faster car just dives into the inside during braking; this way you minimize both risk and time loss
    - to communicate this, use the indicator way ahead of the braking zone, indicating where you want to stay (usually the outside, e.g. left indicator for right handed corners and vice versa)
    - dependent on performance of your car, you may be faster on some straights, making it impossible for a high downforce car to just fly by. It may be a good idea to have a tiny lift to help him with slipstream, if this allows a painless overtake on the next braking. The more distance he has to cover to brake next to you, the more time you lose in the corner - and also increase the risk that he's overdoing it and shooting you
    - no matter what you thought until now; you don't randomly brake on the straight to let somebody pass
    - set up buttons for indicators
    Last edited: Jul 15, 2020

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  3. Captain Barracuda

    Captain Barracuda Hardcore Simmer

    Hi @Minolin , could you please explain how ping limits work in 1.5?
    Vision_Slayer_525, Gratulin and Rolz like this.
  4. Whipdiddywhip

    Whipdiddywhip Simracer

    There's no class standings in multi class, essentially making it useless, you could be leading the gt4 class and you would have no clue as the game only tells you an overall position, the relative should also be easier to see at a glance if its a a gt3 or gt4 car coming up behind you rather than a teent tiny blue tag on the name
  5. AndyK70

    AndyK70 Alien

    GT4 are 10 to 15s slower than GT3, you won't be battling with GT3. If you have a GT4 in front of you you'll see it in the overall/relative widget. When the GT3 are coming to lap you, they won't be visible near you in the relative for long.

    That's just getting used to. Do some races, let some days pass and you'll notice it at a glance.
  6. Elrann

    Elrann Simracer

    Don’t know if it’s intended feature, but I don’t own (yet) GT4 pack and when I’ve tried to join GT4 only server, it normally loads and let me drive default Audi GT4. I can’t change to Any other GT 4 car, but that Audi work as if I had GT4 pack .
  7. AndyK70

    AndyK70 Alien

    @Elrann did you really drive by yourself? You should be able to join the server as spectator if you don't own the GT4 DLC but you shouldn't be able to drive.
  8. Elrann

    Elrann Simracer

    I was. I’ve drive from pits at Zolder and quit and checked what’s happening in menu. Found out that the Audi works normally (is Drivable after joining to GT4 only server) and other cars are locked.

    I’ve not tried it again , so don’t know if it is possible to reproduce it. Test it again tomorrow.
    AndyK70 likes this.
  9. stephen_b

    stephen_b Racer

    Has any thought been given to increasing the grid size on CP servers? Especially now they are going to be multiclass it would be good to have as many cars in your chosen class as possible so as not to dilute the racing. How will the splitting work? Will it look to distribute even numbers of GT3/GT4's from the top split down with the potential for lower splits to end up single class or will it ensure all splits have at least two classes - assuming not everyone signs up in the same class?
  10. patch.0

    patch.0 Rookie

    We need a bigger grid and a better sort algorithm to be the races more balance in terms of amounts of cars of diferent class. Today I joined two times in a CP server (US) the first time there were 4 GT3 and the rest of the server GT4, and there were two instances. I joined in the server 1 and my friend joined in the server 2, and guesst what, the same thing happend in the server 2, 3 or 4 GT3 and the rest GT4.

    Later me and my friend registered again for other CP race. Exactly the same happend but this time in the opposite way. In server 1 arround 4 or 5 GT4 and the rest GT3 and in the server 2 happened exactly the same.

    I know that there is too early to think what to do but just for keep in mind.
    LukFry and NebulaSmudge like this.
  11. txalin

    txalin Rookie

    Indeed, grid size must be increased and both gt3 and gt4 grids must be filled. And event when it's not so popular here, i still suggest to have sprint races on cp servers, like 30 or 20 minutes races
    patch.0 and Thomas Fun like this.
  12. Whipdiddywhip

    Whipdiddywhip Simracer

    this has literally nothing to do with what i said
    David Danser and theivansk like this.
  13. AndyK70

    AndyK70 Alien

    Of course, I was talking about the overall/relative standings widget (MFD), you did not?
  14. Jack Bancroft

    Jack Bancroft Simracer

    I've attempted 3 CP races, first one game crashed to desktop in qualifying, second told me registration was full and the 3rd crashed to desktop again.

    Is this going to affect my rank (and how?) when I eventually complete a CP race?
  15. RSR2KX

    RSR2KX Racer

    Maybe like that...

  16. patch.0

    patch.0 Rookie

    I agree, more 30/20min CP races and more ofen and also put a few 1h races would be great.
    David Danser likes this.
  17. theivansk

    theivansk Racer

    Kunos needs to improve on CP servers, even more now with gt4s out. It's a real shame the lack of more splits, with differents race duration (60min, 30 min..).. And even more a shame that we cannot choose between a CP GT4 only, or a GT3 only race, just forced to race mixed.
    Hope in the future they improve this area, because if so, I think lots and lots of people will recover the interest here.
    Also, I live in Spain, and I always raced in the 16:00 pm split... Until this dissappear. Me, as well lots of other players, would love to have more splits, or at least, the one that we had back in the days.
    Oxie likes this.
  18. David Danser

    David Danser Racer

    I agree, more cp races, i only have time in the mornings so I can never do a cp race now which is a shame. Would really wish they would run all day.

    Also the widget indeed needs to show your position in your class and not your overall position.
    theivansk likes this.
  19. theivansk

    theivansk Racer

  20. RSR2KX

    RSR2KX Racer

    Nah, just a quick n dirty job in PS to give an idea. Let´s see what they will hopefully come up with.
    David Danser likes this.
  21. Elrann

    Elrann Simracer

    I’ve tested it again yesterday and it is actually reproducible. (Btw)
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