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GT4 Pack dont get

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by Adamoka91, Sep 22, 2020.

  1. Adamoka91

    Adamoka91 Rookie

    Hi. I bought the season pass about 1,5months.now i dont use gt4 cars. The game wrote me, buy the dlc, but in the store i owned the dlc. I reinstalled the game, but not work.

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  3. get4

    get4 Rookie

    same problem with a xbox one s and one x. I have install new and make a cache reset, and have the error. When i click on buy in Game i get a error site from xbox market! Did the game have the wrong connection to the season pass?
  4. -chilli-

    -chilli- Rookie

    Has the DLC been released?
    Do you have a source with this information?
    (official, not forums)

    Because the Microsoft Store page says:
    You will save a lot of money on the content for this game when you buy the Season Pass.
    Assetto Corsa Competizione Season Pass holders will receive the following content at a very affordable price once it is made available:
    - DLC package GT4 (autumn 2020)
    - British GT DLC package (Winter 2020).​
  5. get4

    get4 Rookie

    you see the gt4 Content in game. But I see now that the pack comes out today, I will test it again in the evening
  6. get4

    get4 Rookie

    OK now it's ok: I must go to the market and select the gt4 pack and install. Under information about acc and packages I can install was nothing

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