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H E L P Please

Discussion in 'PlayStation 4 Discussions' started by Adam Ball, Jun 17, 2020.

  1. Adam Ball

    Adam Ball Rookie

    Very very new to Assetto Corsa having recently bought the Ultimate Edition for the PS4... I can not save car setups. They last for the duration of the time I’m in the game but if I quit out the game the majority of the set ups are lost (a small handful have saved after many many many attempts).

    This is becoming really frustrating now and virtually making the game useless as I cannot progress. The latest update is installed 1.22. Does any one know what to do, all help would be very much appreciated!!!

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  3. Adam Ball

    Adam Ball Rookie

    I know I’m late starting with AC with a version of the game which is now old,
    but are these forums still active?
  4. Chris Hall

    Chris Hall Rookie

    When you save a setup and quit the game all you have to do is press on load the setup.
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  5. Adam Ball

    Adam Ball Rookie

    thanks for the reply Chris. I know how to load a setup, as I said a few setups I saved have saved. My problem is 99% of the time when I worked on a setup and saved it it is lost the very next time I want to use it.
  6. Chris Hall

    Chris Hall Rookie

    Adam do you press on Quit after you do a session.
    Last edited: Jun 23, 2020
  7. @Adam Ball
    It may be old, but it is the best.:)
    I've got the original version and been playing it for about 3 years. Neither my set-up or replays save anymore.

    The set-ups not saving is infuriating. Old set-ups still load, but I can no-longer save new ones. If I update an old set-up it gets deleted. Next time I look, it has reverted to default.

    In addition, optimum track grip is no longer giving 100%, it is between 96-98%

    I've cured this by setting up a new user profile on PS4 and playing the game with that.
    Hope it works for you.
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  8. Adam Ball

    Adam Ball Rookie

    ahh, I see where you going with this Chris. No I don’t all the time, usually it’s late at night and I just switch off the PS4. I’m wondering now if those few setups which have saved I actually quit out of the session properly.
  9. Chris Hall

    Chris Hall Rookie

    If you save a setup and quit out of the session properly they will be saved, and if you do a forced quit you will lose you setup Adam.
  10. Adam Ball

    Adam Ball Rookie

    thanks for your input Chris, really appreciate it. I will try it from now on and see how it goes
  11. Chris Hall

    Chris Hall Rookie

    No problem.
  12. John g

    John g Gamer

    I have found that i can't always save setups to the track that I'm on, it won't let me select it, but it's normally set to a track i raced on previously, so sometimes just have to save my setups to (or find them from) another random track.

    so maybe yours did save but are just saved to a different track.

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