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Happy New Year to all and some thoughts about the experience thus far

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by doamf, Dec 31, 2018.

  1. doamf

    doamf Racer

    My experience thus far:
    about 400 hours spent in ACC.
    Single player:
    Very nicely progressed from the initial release and is rapidly my goto for a "couple of laps", the cars as well as the tracks are intoxicating and addictive in a good way. The ranking system has had an influence on my driving style although not as dramatic as the AI.

    I too, like the subsequence of EA having 1 car + 1 track made available at every release update, enabling ample time to spend on every track of the Blancpain series, gaining a lot of knowledge and experience per track, whether "favorite" or not. (never thought I would actually "like" PR circuit for example).

    Probably a good idea to tell you that I exclusively play on 100% strenght and 100% agressiveness AI settings, always starting from the last position (21st) on the grid. (since all my observations are based on these settings).

    After many restarts it taught me to be a bit more patience and overtake only when possible without risking too much, otherwise it will invariable result in tears, including the "weirdly scripted spins". The downside to this adjusted style is that I am no longer able to finish 1st. Now I am happy to be in top 5 (usually 2 or 3) after a quick race of 20-30 min . The laptime difference between my hotlap times compared to a hotstint of 30 min is hoovering around 2 sec/lap. (quick race similar). But in general: Evident flaws/bugs apart (already listed in the forum), I do enjoy the AI and have learned to recognize the difference of agressiveness amongst the AI drivers, really cool.

    Ranking system is mostly working but serves not much purpose (for me) at this point other then satisfying ones ego. As a driving aid I would love to see something what makes a bit more "advanced" use of the available telemetry to guide more experienced drivers towards a better performance and have no doubt that someday it will happen. I completely understand the neccessity to prioritize newbies first.
    Especially car control is an interesting rating as the input is solely based on your inputs whilst driving a car.

    With the consistency rating I find it a mixed bag to be honest:
    Besides measuring/comparing your corner speeds in,-out, sector and laptimes whilst driving , it seems also effected by restarts, changes of setup during a session, wheather, trial runs, early quitting, program crashes and so on. For me it has resulted in not taking this rating too serious as I want to have the "freedom" to restart, change setup or simply quit without worrying about my rating perse. Maybe the consistency rating could only be "activated" after 1 or 2 full laps?

    In SP, the safety rating (SA) is just a gimmick imo. If you want to have a "good, fair" race with AI: don't bother about the SA rating, usually my fastest clean overtakes and fastest laptimes result in lower SA rating (while having the most fun:) and no, I don't mean wreckfest.

    Still don't quite know if SA rating is only applicable for races or not, but it surely seems like that, hence my dis-interest whilst in SP mode. Based on its current implementation I am not convinced how usefull this rating will actually be. I know it's intended purpose is to have a certain level of "quality" enabling access to servers/groups with more stringent requirements and so forth, trying to fence off "less serious" participants in MP sessions. The problem with this is the same time you want to encourage as much particpants as possible in the quest to become a main stream sim whilst protecting the integrity and quality of races in general , causing a conflict.
    I really believe that the SA rating will fail in that respect. A fair amount of agresiveness / silliness is always to be expected when in MP mode, whether in ACC or any other sim for that matter. Groups (teams) with dedicated servers seem to be a far more efficient way to ensure an enjoyable driving experience with fellow sim racers. Would it not be possible to have something like "erratic driving behaviour rating" automatic resulting in expulsion when a treshold is reached? (it's so nice to "drum up" ideas without being restrained by programming / algorithm knowledge:D).

    About the MP status at this moment, I have nothing to say what hasn't been said already. Just don't expect an enjoyable experience at this point, but according to the roadmap the next release will be interesting for MP especially. So lets see. Really look forward to some serious racing online.

    Talking about EA and its roadmap: what an awesome job the dev team is doing by abiding to their original roadmap release dates. Really remarkable in a time where promised deadlines seem to be an excuse for further delays. Kudos Kunos.

    All in all: great sim and we're only half way....
    On a personal note: 2018 has been the worst year of my life but the release of ACC wasn't one of them as it re-invigorated my appetite for sims.
    Thank you.
    To all: Best wishes for 2019 and let it be a fast one.....:)
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