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Hardcore Racers

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by kakusso, Mar 18, 2017.

  1. kakusso

    kakusso Hardcore Simmer

    Are you a Hardcore racer?
    Do you love GT2 and GT3 but still want more challenge
    Do you want to drive the fastest race cars in the world
    Are cars that require faster reaction times a challenge to you
    Do you want to be doing over 300Km/h on a race
    Do you know how to control understeer and oversteer with the accelerator
    Can you still control the car after braking too late in a corner
    Do you praise clean racing
    Do you understand that slipstream is essential for overtaking
    Do you concentrate on your brake points even when they are hidden by other cars
    Do you study your adversary before overtaking? (braking capacity, racing line)
    Do you consistently finish in the top 6 in online races
    To you a good and fair fight is more important than the result
    Do you respect blue flags
    Do you respect the white line when leaving the pits
    Do you still continue after being hit at T1 and manage to finish in the top 8

    If your answer is yes to at least 10 of the above questions, you are a hardcore racer
    Come and have hardcore races in a hardcore car on this server:
    • Server online 24/7
    • 15 min Qualify
    • 15 min Race
    • Main event everyday at 20H00GMT
    • Server Name: FIA Super Licence - Hardcore Racers - MR(AB) 20H00 GMT
    • Car: Porsche 919 hybrid 2016
    • Server location: Germany
    The following are great online hardcore racers that I had the pleasure to race against, there are many more but can't remember their names.
    They are formally invited to the Hardcore Racers server. Sorry for any spelling errors.
    • Roberto Olivetti
    • AKULA
    • FAK
    • Cheche77
    • Discovery.TV
    • Dominico Stradale
    • Fernando Deutch
    • Sabine Schmitz
    • Anti
    • Hydro13
    • Demetri
    • Beppe Robilotta
    • Max Verstappen
    Speed is nothing without control
    Gentlemen, Start your engines!
    Get your setups ready for the main event.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2017
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