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Hardcore racing expirience(visual and mechanical damage) POLL

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by D.Jankovic, Mar 9, 2018.


Would you like to get stuck in gravel trap or have tire`s punctures during your racing in ACC??

Poll closed May 9, 2018.
  1. Yes

    79 vote(s)
  2. No

    11 vote(s)
  3. Option to toggle it on/off and chose your damage(mechanical, visual etc.)

    90 vote(s)
  1. D.Jankovic

    D.Jankovic Alien

    So after Watching the Pt.2 of the interview with Stefano and Marco from racedepartment they were talking interesting point about damages in endurance races etc.

    (can be seen here)

    So developer said that they are not fan`s of punishing players.
    What are your thoughts? Would you rather have punctures and damage or you would go for more casual option where there is no tire damage or no possibility to crash widouth repairs etc.

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  3. Typer

    Typer Simracer

    Just to clarify, AIUI Stefano wasn’t saying that there shouldn’t be punctures or mechanical failures, just that he didn’t think that they should occur randomly without some player action causing them e.g. cutting corners or running off track could potentially cause tire or suspension damage.

    I think that sounds like a pretty good compromise and would have the additional benefit of encouraging good behaviour. Random failures through no fault of your own, while realistic could just take the fun out of the game.

    Also you might want to tweak the wording of the poll a bit, I don’t think anyone wants to get a puncture or to get stuck in a gravel trap.
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  4. D.Jankovic

    D.Jankovic Alien

    Yea i got the same idea after watching it 2nd time :D and reading some comments on other thread... But i was to bussy to edit my post appologies :) But i do totally agree Driver error should be causing the damage... engine blowouts randomlly is a no go also... But also if you run your tires to the limit should couse the punctures not only driving off the racing line...

    EDIT: Sadlly can not edit the polle now but hopefully people will read or watch the video and figure it out
  5. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    Kind of flawed poll. My answer would be yes to getting stuck in a gravel trap (already possible with very low cars in AC so definitely a yes anyways, but a bit more 'hardcore' dynamics on that side - depending on how hard you put it into the gravel trap and also lower traction if it's wet - could be interesting) and obviously mechanical as well as visual damage options should be implemented (and were in AC, but again more, finer options would always be nice).
  6. mantasisg 2

    mantasisg 2 Alien

    Have a tow function, and lets go.
    D.Jankovic likes this.
  7. Whitestar

    Whitestar Hardcore Simmer

    Not sure about this poll. I mean...could someone explain the reasoning for not choosing the last alternative (option to toggle on/off)?
    Why would you choose option 1 or 2 which basically forces realistic damage on or off?
  8. D.Jankovic

    D.Jankovic Alien

    Maybe and option if you get stuck you get CGI video that you are being towed and you get TP to garage and than idk like Repair time penality

    Appologies for it... i messed up lol i wanted to ask people question that Marco asked Paul on interview.. and than i went with including damage lol. You are right about option 3 but i was going with it optional because in AC you can also chose settings you want and how you like it...so i thought people dont want it Hardcore(yes) and maybe want to have choice.
    Kristaps likes this.
  9. mantasisg 2

    mantasisg 2 Alien

    I don't know, I dislike being a back seat forum dev. But this sounds very arcade. Developers would sort those things out. I watched A Blancpain race at Nurburgring and one driver got towed out. It was a 1000km race afaik, so it made sense.

    I remember LFS had tow function in cruise server I used to drive. Also had an accident in iRacing not long ago, and I was offered to be towed. Simply having a bit of time in pits, and then continued racing, did the trick for me. Same goes for many other possible issues, not only stuck in offtrack or having a tire punctured (though you still can drive with punctured tire). But you can't continue driving if you burn the clutch, break suspension, run out of fuel, ruin the engine....

    Basically tow has always existed in AC - it is called "reset to pits" :D
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  10. LeSunTzu

    LeSunTzu Alien

    Like if you don't have any other hazard in simracing (lags, freezes, connection lost, wife using netflix, BSOD, cat entering the room and showing close interest in your pedal work, and so on...). People ragequit for a spin, I can only imagine what they could do if the car is stuck in the gravel trap.:D
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  11. hristo1026

    hristo1026 Racer

    Would you like to get stuck in gravel trap?This has happened to me many times in Live for Speed,every time to my fault and I like that realism.
    Or have tire`s punctures during your racing in ACC?If it is implemented on a realistic simulation in the tire model my answer is yes.
  12. hehhe it's like those equally useless polls "would you like to have track X?" without offering a real alternative position :D
  13. pippo10

    pippo10 Hardcore Simmer

    Getting stuck in the gravel would suck. It is a game after all and not a job, I couldn't think of anything worse than qualifying for 30 minutes then getting stuck in travel on the first corner at the start of a race. An on off option would be a must if it is implemented.
  14. mantasisg 2

    mantasisg 2 Alien

    Thats true that there are many frustrating things in simracing. As just now I was crashed out in early 90s F1 SRS race, as it was just beginning to get really heated up. I gone out to gravel trap at Pirelli curve in Red Bull Ring, and I thought that it was a mirracle not to get stuck there with Jordan F1 mod car, which is lowest thing ever. I managed to regain ~4 positions anyway.

    And I just thought that how it would be frustrating to experience that in sprint races. But I actually have a different opinion about endurance races, because time scale is so much larger, being stuck in a gravel and loosing ~minute would be so much less frustrating, but it also would add as an interesting event. Because, I think that driving many hours lap after lap might become monotonic, and such extra events could add more variety into action, and would provide some positive stress, which is called "clutching" in sports. Otherwise you lets say you would leave the track, reenter in a few seconds and quickly simply forget that it happend, while it should be a meningful event. Maybe not so much for sprint race, but for endurance race for sure. So I think it "hardcore" should not be in, or be optional.
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  15. Rudski

    Rudski Alien

    Couldn't this sort of option just be another "pro setting" and have servers enable it or disable it at will?
  16. pippo10

    pippo10 Hardcore Simmer

    Yes it would certainly make more sense in a endurance as that is not strictly about racing. Also not just anyone would be will to do endurance races, those that are would surely enjoy the real life downfalls more.
  17. AC_RAF

    AC_RAF Hardcore Simmer

    Having those kinds of racing hardcore experience randomly would be a terrible idea... However having a puncture after having chosen the soft tyres on a 1h race would make sense
    LChaves likes this.
  18. dermonty

    dermonty Hardcore Simmer

    I think, if they could toggle off gravel stuck in RealLife, they would.. LOL
  19. mantasisg 2

    mantasisg 2 Alien

    I think if RL could toggle no rain, then they also would. :rolleyes:
  20. bgil66

    bgil66 Alien

    I wouldn't mind getting stuck but even if that happens in real life dont they tow them out to continue? Also wouldn't mind the puncture because you are abusing the car like Stefano said just dont want random scripted punctures. But a damaged suspension due to abusing like he said sounds better to me. I'd also love to see the AI screw up:spin, blown engine, suspension damage and crash into the wall etc...[sorry if this is turning into a hidden wishlist :)]
  21. SlimCharles

    SlimCharles Alien

    I agree with what Stefano said on the racedepartment interview. Any kind of damage produced by yourself, should be there. But not random mechanical issues.

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