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Hardware changes

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Red Or Dead, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. Red Or Dead

    Red Or Dead Racer

    Hi guys.. Red here. Long time AC happy gamer
    FX 9590, RX 480, an AOC 27" 75hz monitor and a G27 a bit moded for more power.
    Nordschleife!! Zonda!! Love. Lets learn the track and go fast.. Well.. I did. I had the best moments of my gaming career there. My system was fast enough, my wheel was ok, so enjoyment level was at its best..

    HTC Vive... Hmm... Why not? Lets buy that, plug it, setup everything, start AC. WOW!! Nice! It feels... strange.
    But its gooood! I like it!!
    TS-XW racer.... Hmmmmm.... How much better can it be? Well... Lets find out..
    Buy, plug, setup, start AC. LOL. OK.. Yeah. Thats better now.
    Same with the pedals.. Fanatec CSP V3. That brake is realy a game changer
    And with that, AC felt like a different game. A lot better then before

    ACC time.. Download, start for the first time, and...... hmmmm... mixed feelings
    I have very low fps. So low that i can't understand how good the car feels to drive. Ok put everything on Low. Start again and boom! Yeah!! That feels goood!! The feeling is much better than AC! I can feel the weight of the car in a much different but better way. It is good. Too bad that my system can't handle the new graphics. Everything on low is not good. But ok.. i can live with that (as it turned out i couldn't). Maybe it will get better with the updates..

    One day i got home and i found my self standing still in front of my PC and in my hands i had a big box. What is that??? C32HG70?? How did that happen??? Why did i buy that? My system is gonna fall apart. 1440p? Lol. no way!.. Oh well... lets try it.

    Love. The best monitor i ever had. And now my system is so angry with me.. Some games play good but ACC that i want to play more then anything is unplayable.
    I need 2k for a new PC. I got all these new and good things and i can not use them.. I felt so bad that for the last 5-6 months my time gaming has hit all times low.

    Yesterday i woke up in the morning with a strange feeling. The feeling of spending some money :)
    But on what? Graphics cards right now are a waste of money. My CPU is old and slow for new GFXs and also i should wait for the new Vegas. Should i go for just a new CPU with a mobo and some DDR4? Will it make any difference? Will i come back gaming? And most importantly, will ACC be playable? I think not.
    Ohhh.... What the heck? Lets go for it!

    9700k, Z390-F and a pair of b-die ddr4. Yeah.. I know.. Night and day compared to my old system technicaly speaking. But will it make a difference???? After all my RX 480 is responsible for what i see on screen..

    I'll try to make it simple.
    Old system: all low, 1440p, resolution scale 80%, alone on track around 80fps. 31cars + me 25~30fps and some times 20.
    New system: a combo of low, mid, high and epic settings 50~75fps and most of the time stays at ~60. LOL WTF??? Realy now??? Was my CPU that bad??
    As it turned out, for many new games it was that bad. I tested some others and the difference was big.
    One more example is AC Odyssey. It went from almost unplayable on all Low settings to finaly i can play and enjoy the game with HDR at 1440p on a compo of low to very high settings.

    Happy. Realy realy happy. And relieved that it was money well spend. Future proof CPU side upgrade. All games playable, with graphic compromises yes.. but playable. Now i can wait for the new Vegas while enjoy driving my favorite Sim :)
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