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Hardware for Play with ALL OPTIONS IN MAXIMUM VALUES with constant 120fps or higher

Discussion in 'ACC Hardware Discussions' started by Rico Race Driver, May 31, 2019.

  1. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

  2. Stekelly1980

    Stekelly1980 Rookie


    I never said buy my monitor or a 4k tv instead, I meant the amount of pixels are the same so I could test my pc at the same resolution / pixels so you can see if a pc of today is good enough.

    I have a z390 Asus motherboard, an Intel 9700k at 5ghz, 2080ti overclocked, 16GB of 4400 mhz ram, m.2 ssd so if mine can't do it, it can't be done.

    I will try when I get home from my girls house later to see if it can do the resolution you stated at the settings you said at 120 hz and if not then I will reduce settings and report what is needed to get 120hz.

    Do you understand what I mean about the amount of pixels being the same?

    You multiply the pixels in height and width for the 3 monitors and you get the same amount as 4k.

    My monitor on my sim is 144hz at 1ms but that resolution is only the equivalent to two 1080p monitors as its 3840x1080 and is a 49" chg90 super ultra wide monitor.

    Ps I prefer it than my last setup of 3 40" 1080p monitors that were great with assetto corsa but garbage with competizione due to no real triple screen support.

    The chg90 is the monitor that you see at all the best driving sim places now and is definitely the go to screen for driving simulators.
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  3. Thx1137

    Thx1137 Racer

    In SP I get 90+ FPS. See my specs in the signature. I figure I am GPU limited as it is considered mid range now. Next rave I’ll do some logging.

    I don’t know if it would be worse in MP but I don’t know why it would be so I think now.
  4. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

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  5. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    Also interesting would be the ACC Benchmark thread, where an AI scenario with mixed GPU/CPU stress is tested. Unfortunately, it hasn't been very popular, recently. But back with v 0.3.4, the GTX 1080 Ti couldn't even achieve AVG 60 FPS in that benchmark. I doubt that an RTX2080 Ti will be able to.

    @Stekelly1980 you might want to run that test. It's the friendliest benchmark because you don't have to change your settings, at all. It's really fast and gives a good performance insight for @Rico Araujo

    Edit: forgot the link:

    Last edited: Jun 1, 2019
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  6. Thx1137

    Thx1137 Racer

    Edit. A couple of settings weren't at max. I got 75 average around Monza at max settings.
  7. Stekelly1980

    Stekelly1980 Rookie

    Time trial I get:

    On absolutely maximum with 100 percent resolution scale I get 60fps minimum at 4k.

    At 200 percent resolution scale I get 15fps lol.

    At 1080p I get 144fps average.

    I get 500 fps on minimum settings at 1080p and 250 at 4k minimum settings.

    To get 144 fps at 4k or the resolution that your 3 monitors add up to which as I said is the same resolution I'd recommend everything on low or mid apart from the AA options as this game has rough AA on screens lower than 1440p height in pixels.

    The game actually looks unbelievable at high resolution with low or mid settings, but so much that I will change my simulator graphics to match so as to achieve 144hz.

    I'd really need a side by side comparison to be able to tell.
  8. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    Why did you test time trial? Those numbers will drop a lot when adding more cars, regardless of AI or MP. Strong GPUs will be bottlenecked because the rendering of other cars hits the CPU, hard.
  9. I'm running wired and do not intent to use wifi for this PC

    Sure, Z390 is the best, but I'm note sure if the suppliers have it in Brazil.

    I'll check the possibility.

  10. That's nice, mate.

    Thank you very much!

    BTW, does your 2080ti has 11GB?
  11. Nice, Dude!


  12. Coanda

    Coanda Alien

    The ROG comes in a wifi and non wifi version ;)
  13. Good to know ;)
  14. Stekelly1980

    Stekelly1980 Rookie

    Races do knock off some fps but the cpu is the biggest factor on the other cars.

    I have to have maximum 7 on my sim with its weak i5 7400.

    I honestly think this game looks great on low to mid so a 2080ti and great cpu will get this game looking amazing at 144 fps on a mixture of medium to high and epic quality at over 8 million pixels.

    But absolutely maximum settings with the full grid will have to wait for future hardware.

    Rico yes all 2080ti are 11GB of ram.
  15. luxxx797

    luxxx797 Simracer

    Pichau tem no estoque
    e toda RTX2080Ti tem 11GB de VRAM
  16. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    That sounds about right...all of it.

    Expecting "all maximum" at 120 steady won't work right now. But it's not needed - ACC looks very good with mid, actually even low, except for AA, view distance, Textures.
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  17. As I can not run ACC in my current notebook, I do not have the idea. At least, ACC works fine with all in maximum at, at least, constant 60 fps or higher?
  18. Já vi versões da 2080ti com menos.

    Valeu pela dica!

  19. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    Someone wou
    I reviewed the ACC Benchmark table and there is one RTX 2080 (non-TI) result in there. At 3440*1440 and with a mix of high/epic settings, an AVG FPS of 61 was achieved (minimum: 51, maximum: 84).

    Now the guy "only" had an i7 7700k, his GPU is a slower than a 2080 Ti and it was on 0.3.5. CPU performance was improved since then and NVIDIA has been working on their drivers with some users reporting gains.

    Bottom line: The most taxing options (high mirror resolution or epic shadows for example) you might have to leave on high but then I guess you wil be able to achieve steady 60, always. Just so.

    Don't quote me on this - it's just my best guess.
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