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Have fun with the controller!

Discussion in 'XBox One Discussions' started by Laurie Shepherdson, Sep 4, 2016.

  1. When I first got this game I thought......I'm going to have to buy a wheel to truly enjoy it..........WRONG

    Having spent quite a while fiddling with the controller settings I've got an idea on how they all work. Mostly going from one end of the spectrum to the other trying to understand how each bit works. Some of the settings are self-explanatory and some aren't.

    First of all, let us figure out why the heck my car is pulling to the right......it turns out that the gamma setting is too low.

    Secondly, why can't I correct my car when it oversteers too much and spins out.....turns out my steering filter is on.

    Why are the dudes hands so damn quick LOL......ignore this fix it'll slow you down if you mess with the steering speed so his hands mimic real life. Best thing to do is change your view because those hands are distracting in my opinion.

    Why is my car locking up and continuing to go straight even at slow speeds? The Speed Sensitivity setting is too high.

    Deadzone............this is an enigma to me....although I've tried both extremes 100% feels best.

    Here are my final settings.....the game actually feels like a ton of fun on the controller now.....

    Speed Sensitivity = 40%
    Steering Speed = 100%
    Steering Deadzone = 100%
    Steering Gamma = 400%

    Hope you get the same enjoyment I'm currently experiencing because having initially found disappoint when this game arrived on console and now feel like I won't be returning to Forza.....EVER again :)

    If someone can shed some light on the deadzone thingy I'd be very grateful....I've used 0% and 100% and both felt great however I find 100% more enjoyable.


    Fallen Angel AKA lozpots

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  3. Horus

    Horus Alien

    Welcome to the forum Laurie, Brilliant post. Have fun racing.
    zelimper likes this.

    EMW SMILER Hardcore Simmer

    I have asked the same question on Deadzone and my guess is that 100% in game represents a smaller percentage on the controller - like 3%? 10%? .......
    There was a bug ( not happening to me now ) where adjusting steering gamma causes car to veer right ( check in car view ) to reset - if affected - simply swap between controller and wheel then check again.
    I really struggled at first but when I found settings that suited me the game came alive - I love the physics - and with the content I'm sure will come, I look forward to some fantastic racing.
  5. Squeak_D

    Squeak_D Rookie

    Am I missing something? I've seen a few posts about controller settings now, but maybe I'm the oddball. I've been using the default settings since the games release (Tuesday of last week), and I've not had a single issue. I drive with no assists, and I find the default settings to be quite good.

    I watch the vids on YouTube, and a very common thing I see from controller users is "slap/tap" steering. This type of steering isn't as forgiving on real SIMS. Not saying that's what the OP is doing, but I find that proper steering, with accurate progressive braking and acceleration work quite well with the default settings (with assists off).

    Were there issues prior to the US day one release patch reported by those in Europe?

    EMW SMILER Hardcore Simmer

    Ya got me - I'm a tapper - there's no hope for me it seems.
  7. Squeak_D

    Squeak_D Rookie

    There's always hope :) Titles like Forza and GT are way more forgiving with this type of steering because of built in filters, and a less complicated physics engine.

    SIMS tend to not be so forgiving here. Tap steering on a SIM., well the best way to explain that is next time you drive a real car..., try to tap steer it around a corner :)
  8. V8_KB

    V8_KB Alien

    If anyone would like to understand what each setting does and how to set it all to your personal preferences, here's a great guide by frikky2:
  9. BearNVa

    BearNVa Gamer

    does anyone know how to reset controls to default settings???

    EMW SMILER Hardcore Simmer

    Go to settings and switch control method from controller to wheel then back - hey presto
    talby71 likes this.
  11. BearNVa

    BearNVa Gamer

    thank you....
    EMW SMILER likes this.
  12. BearNVa

    BearNVa Gamer

    so I just watched a replay... and just let me say I'm a tapper when I play Forza... and to watch me driving in AC I look like I've got Parkinson's disease....

    How do I slow that input down?
  13. Retro-b

    Retro-b Rookie

    One way to slow down your steering is by rolling your steering inputs - keep a forward pressure on the left analogue stick at all times, so that when you steer left or right the stick is actually sweeping through an arc, rather than flicking across a linear axis.
    Alternatively, if rolling isn't for you, just make sure you keep your thumb on the stick at all times, which should instantly smooth things out, and try to slow down your inputs (smooth, gradual movement to the desired steering angle, rather than getting there almost instantly with a sudden, abrupt movement of the stick).

    I see that you use the Elite controller - do the stick sensitivity settings in the Xbox Accessories App. affect AC at all?
  14. BearNVa

    BearNVa Gamer

    Hmm haven't tried to adjust them in the app.... I'll give that a try

    EMW SMILER Hardcore Simmer

    Bear, check out post by V8_KB six posts above gives full explanation of settings - also wondered if stick extenders might help?
  16. Matt Beers

    Matt Beers Rookie

    Wish you could customise buttons for gas and brake. I always used a for gas x for brake.
  17. BearNVa

    BearNVa Gamer

    well I just got a G920 wheel and wow what a difference... just need to get it properly configured...

    EMW SMILER Hardcore Simmer

    Did the same with cheap wheel - same reaction - I can't repeat what I actually exclaimed...
  19. Plato99

    Plato99 Simracer

    I was a "stick extender sceptic" until I tried them in Project Cars.
    That little piece of rubber sure makes a huge difference!
    EMW SMILER likes this.
  20. I'm curious to try the settings from the OP, but the default settings have been a pretty good baseline. I've only had that pulling to the right problem occasionally but would love to make it go way.
    My biggest complaint with the controller is the ultra subtle vibration/feedback I'm getting - even at 100%. It's much less than FM6 and nowhere near as good as Project Cars. When driving in AC with the XB1 controller, I don't feel connected to the car. It just floats around the track. Has anyone else with controller driving experience in Project Cars or FM6 noticed this difference?

    EMW SMILER Hardcore Simmer

    Does your virtual steering wheel go to the right in neutral position whilst in cockpit view? Is it worse when you reduce Steering Gamma? I had to reset by going to control method and change to wheel and back - this, I found clears it, but further adjustment may cause it again but I did and didn't get it again. This is a bug that is known I believe. I hope this helps.. Good Luck

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