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Generic Helmet Camera View

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by River Ruckus, Sep 11, 2016.

  1. River Ruckus

    River Ruckus Simracer

    As this is the suggestion sub-forum for the console versions, I guess my request is most likely to be noticed in here:

    I really really want an adjustable helmet camera that looks towards the apex and along the racing line. And let me freely adjust the degrees of head rotation and lean into corners. I have heard that the PC version has helmet view, but I reckon it is an unofficial mod, the only thing I found was this video on YouTube, and that looks highly modded:

    Almost like I imagine it to be, although the head rotation could be even more pronounced for my liking.
    This would be especially usefull in Drift Events, as in reality you would look out of your side windows to see where you´re going most of the time.
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  3. ashasha

    ashasha Rookie

    One of the best parts of PCARS is look to apex. Its really high on my personal wish list.
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