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Help - drift settings for logitech g27

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by FONS, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. FONS

    FONS Gamer

    I am going mad, i can't find settings for the G27 for drifting in AC out there, and don't get it touching by my own, so i feel forced to create a thread requesting some help.

    When i turn the stabilty control off, yes i know the wheel will start to spin like crazy, it is normal, but i can't manage to control it and the counterrotations since i think the wheel is insanely stiff. This are my actual drift settings, Just touched the "Force Gain" and the "Slip effects" in AC from 75% to 60% and from 35% to 15% respectively, from the settings i use to race and the one that always liked for racing...

    Hope any G27 Drifter out there can help me, and i want to state that i want settings for stability control off, because with it enabled yes i can drift, but it doesn't flow as if i have it turned off since the car always tries to straighten up... Thanks in advance.

    Logitech Profiler Settings:

    AC in-game settings:


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  3. Qwaribo

    Qwaribo Alien

    I've almost the same settings and drifting goes pretty well.

    Maybe it's the car setup?
  4. ears1991

    ears1991 Alien

    Remove damping, road and slip effects, kerb shouldn't need to he that high on g27, I think I have mine on 5
  5. FONS

    FONS Gamer

    The car i am using to learn is the M3 E30 drift version, with the default drift setup but with Street90's tyres. But as i see people drifting pretty well with that setup and G27 i think it is might be because of the wheel settings... don't know...

    Thanks, will try that and see how it goes... what about the AC FFB Gain?
  6. Vital-Blurs

    Vital-Blurs Gamer

    But how much stability control were you using?....it goes from 1-100%. I find about 30% makes it easy to drift without the stability control trying to correct the car too much.
  7. ears1991

    ears1991 Alien

    I'm using 78% gain, no stability control but I hear some is useful for learning
  8. reerac

    reerac Gamer

    Try setting the center spring strengh to around 10-15 %. I was using almost the same settings as you are with my G25 and did find it very hard to drift, mainly because the wheel did not want to turn itself when initiating a drift, which made it difficult to know where the front wheels should be at. Since I activated the centering spring in Logitech Profiler that changed dramatically - now I just throw any car into a turn and when the back steps out I can let the wheel countersteer on it's own - just like a real car will do.

  9. that video i made has some pretty good settings for drifting,not too good for racing tho.Just set the sliders in the windows settings to 100,150 will shake the wheel like crazy.
  10. Kade

    Kade Hardcore Simmer

    I'm using pretty much similar settings than you. I just move the "damping" slider to 0 from car specific FFB setup. With damping on the wheel is too slow to rotate and sometimes even damping off I have to help the wheel rotate faster by giving it more speed.
  11. FONS

    FONS Gamer

    Yeah i saw your video, but since i feel the wheel so hard with 100% - 0% - 0% in the logitech profiler, i didn't tested it... i have to give a try to all yor suggestions when i have a moment because i am a bit stressed with an exam this weekend. Thank you all.

    I have learned with 50% because i simply didn't know that i had that enabled. Yesterday i set that to 25% and felt very uncomfortable... but i didn't sept much more than 45 minutes training... will continue during this week.

    This sound very interesting, will give it a try for sure. Thanks dude

    I forgot i could touch that in the pits, thank you dude it will be usefull.

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