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Hey guys, i have a little question...

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Luchoraptor, Mar 10, 2015.

  1. Luchoraptor

    Luchoraptor Rookie

    Hey guys, this is my first post :)
    I have a little question
    Anyone knows if the DLC of "Lamborghini" will be free?

    Sorry for my english
    Regards ;)

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  3. Quffy

    Quffy Alien

    No Kunos words about that yet.

    I think all the cars won't be free, who knows maybe 1 or 2 give aways, like for example the updated and licensed Miura. And some of those cars could be spread among Dream Packs.
    Temeter likes this.
  4. haxxx

    haxxx Simracer

    Why always thinking about things for free? I can't understand this people's logic and the sense of these questions.
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  5. Brownninja97

    Brownninja97 Alien

    such is the logic of "there is no harm is asking*cough* apart from social degeneration*cough*. I think people just dont understand that kunos are a small business, a clever and nice company but small and they have mouths to feed and in marcos case hair to style.
    Quffy likes this.
  6. djkostas

    djkostas Hardcore Simmer

    It's just a question.
    There have been free giveaways and there will be alot more.
    Take the stick out of your ... closet(?).
  7. SimonTek

    SimonTek Simracer

    let's try to be more clear... we could say that..dlc means payware content..
    about the release method nothing has been said.. but personally i think..that for istance if they plan for 6 models from a brand, they give one for free and others included in dlc (just my view)

    it's just a question
    Luchoraptor likes this.
  8. haxxx

    haxxx Simracer

    Are you the op's lawyer? Actually nobody killed him for his question. I just pointed out that i don't understand the sense of these questions. He's asking for an ipotetic Lamborghini DLC that Kunos never talked about(only announced license and cars), moreover if it will be free like if he paid enough money and now pretending to have all next stuff for free. We all know that we got and we will get also other many free content included in the main build of the game, so nonsense for me when i read such questions. It would have been different in case he had asked if Kunos had in plan to give us other content for free outside of the DLC argument. Its like if i'm building an home for a client and after i built the kitchen, he ask to me if i will build the bathroom for free.
    Quffy likes this.
  9. witoldinho

    witoldinho Racer

    Well will you?
  10. djkostas

    djkostas Hardcore Simmer

    Oh, dang, I forgot kids browse this forum too.
    I am sorry buddy, stay in school, dont do drugs!
    Luchoraptor and Aqib like this.
  11. Luchoraptor

    Luchoraptor Rookie

    Aah, man, It's just a question, I never said "I paid a lot of money for this game, we need to have free cars"
  12. Luchoraptor

    Luchoraptor Rookie

    I put "DLC" because I didn't find a better word
  13. donkey

    donkey Rookie

    Maybe next time the better course of action will be to just move on. If the question makes no sense to you why did you involve yourself in the thread?
  14. Delqvs

    Delqvs Rookie

    Because of this :
    Fear likes this.
  15. eSEA One

    eSEA One Hardcore Simmer

    The OP question was quite simple here!
    "Anyone knows if the DLC of "Lamborghini" will be free?" Well I can not give an straight answer and it is pure speculation
    But first lets put the facts down - from the official website "We are proud to announce the official license of Lamborghini Automobili in Assetto Corsa, with a selection of the most beautiful, powerful and iconic models of the prestigious Italian Car Manufacturer."
    My take on this is there will be several models and so I doubt that all will not be free, the KS dev team need to put some bread and butter on the table! but they are nice guys, they do have very reasonable prices and they have been known to throw in some content for free! So it is likely that you could get a Lambo for free (please don't take my word on it this is speculation) we will have to wait and see. Also things are not " free " you bought the sim in the first place, KS just is adding content to the original V1.xx package and it looks like the paid add on package, "Dream Pack #1" is a complete entity with future ones to come, hell at that price it is close to "Free" as you are going to get €9.99 for pre order and €14.99 standard price lets call it €1.50 (€1.00 if you bought pre order) per car and the track was for "Free"
    DLC = DownLoad Content
    In Fact It is all DLC ! AC has not been a package from a store product!
    DLC is not = Dollar Loaded Content
    Luchoraptor likes this.
  16. zamex23

    zamex23 Simracer

    Free DLC confirmed

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