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Generic Hi, Lord Kunos! Please read and forward this detail to the relevant person. Very important!

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Ayrton Senna da Silva, May 2, 2017.

  1. Hi, Lord Kunos

    We are console players;

    Please read and forward this detail to the relevant person.


    We now want to do serious and official races. For this you need to have the following options on the custom lobby creation screen;


    1-) Option to lock all pilots into the cockpit camera

    2-) Option to turn green road line off for all pilots

    3-) Option to turn off car setup for all pilots


    Project CARS 2 console version custom private lobby / custom public lobby admin screen.

    REALISM tab

    Very successful. I like the special options very much. Designed with every detail in mind.

    See the third screenshot;


    Very nice.

    Assetto Corsa should be these three options in the online lobby settings

    "Quality is hidden in detail."



    A few major shortcomings;

    - Custom button maping
    - Seat distance adjustment for cockpit camera
    - Downshift limiter bug (All vehicles have a downshift problem. Engine braking is not possible)
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  3. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    1 force cockpit view, cockpit is the view that gives most feel and feedback to what the car is doing. Any other view is harder to drive in, some that use bonnet to maybe see more are only going to make it less likely they will hit you not gain any speed. Same with someone using an external view they will see other cars better making them less of a hazard but will effect their own feel for what the car is doing being slower for this reason. An option is fine but has zero effect on good drivers and only makes poorer ones less poor in traffic.

    2 gives no advantage, any reasonable driver would never use the racing line as they will find their own better one using proper reference points. Anyone that uses this is at a disadvantage as they limit their ability to properly learn a track, having the option to force it off is ok but would make zero difference to anyones actual pace. Sure the guys used to the line will be even worse but they cant be very good if they need it. ;)

    3 Forced setups is an option on PC and will likely come with the console server options at some point. Again proper drivers can make setups but having a fixed setup has no effect on actual racing. Our league ran fixed setups and gaps to most drivers is much the same as with open setups. Ive also tried fixed setups on my public servers and it doesnt make lesser drivers any closer to the quicker ones.
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  4. SlimCharles

    SlimCharles Alien

    You mock the game saying is past generation tecnology and the next day you beg the team for features...?

    Dude, be serious.
  5. ohjeah

    ohjeah Simracer

    Still not the console version. Only pc version of Project Cars 2 has dedicated servers and those screenshots are from that..
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  6. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    Hello Ayrton,

    we are serious forum users and your posts have serius shortcomings:

    1) They have been repeated and discussed a perceived 1000 times with the same result each time.
    Please stop.

    Kind regards
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  7. TheRealJuralumin

    TheRealJuralumin Simracer

    This is just false, I use engine braking all the time. In cars like the Porsche 935 and Maserati 250F it’s necessary to properly slowing down.
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  8. kunos

    kunos Alien

    lol, this gets me all the time :D
  9. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    It gets me more how he wants the dedicated server setup from pCars' PC version on AC's console version.
  10. Darera

    Darera Gamer

    The problem is related to brake pressure. If you are fully on the brakes, no matter the engine speed. The speed does not pass. Maybe you brake not hard enough to realize the problem. But there is a problem.
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  11. Torcano

    Torcano Alien

    Everytime I read "We are console players" I get this image in my mind which is completely unrelated for no reason and it just cracks me up. :p


    I feel bad for this guy though, will prolly get PCars2 on console while chanting "We are console players" and it will be too late before he realizes that there are no dedicated servers planned on their console version (confirmed by Ian himself, afaik), just that he was too silly to understand the difference between "admin console" and "admin for console". ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  12. What does it have to do with dedicated servers? Even the console version of Project CARS 1, F1 2016 and Drive Club offers these options.

    Thank you for your alerts. I do not have a bad purpose. I want to get it to the person in question. Because, as console users, we want to do the races on equal terms.

    I have a company related to these issues and we organize online championships in the Project Cars PS4 and F1 2016 PS4 version which is more than 1 year in my countary.

    These two productions offer us this flexibility. To be fair, we compete pilots on equal terms.

    We are a crowded team. We now want to upgrade to the Assetto Corsa PS4 version.

    Unfortunately, Assetto Corsa console version does not offer us these options and this flexibility.

    In fact, very basic and very simple features.


    F1 2015 console version has these options.

    F1 2016 console version has these options.

    Project CARS 1 console version has these options.

    Project CARS 2 console version has these options.


    Why are not these options available in the Assetto Corsa console version? It is a very sad situation.

    Best regards
    Thank you
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  13. Darera

    Darera Gamer

    Always the same question, Very important !!!
    I think Kunos has already answered, more than once.
    They will give the details, of the update, when they will be near to do so.
    Impatience is an ugly defect. Insistence, repetition, in this case, is also a real lack of respect for Kunos.
    It is not to trust them, in that they have already answered several times.
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  14. Graveltrap

    Graveltrap Alien

    @Ayrton Senna da Silva the screens that you are so fond of posting (4th or 5th time now I think) from Project Cars 2 are for PC players to set up dedicated servers and have nothing to do with the console version of the game.

    So it is you that brought dedicated servers to this thread. o_O

    Project Cars does not allow he host to turn off the racing line either if memory serves. It has been a while since I setup a lobby in that game...

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