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Hi there fellow simracers

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by PuffTheMagicBelgian, Aug 21, 2014.

  1. PuffTheMagicBelgian

    PuffTheMagicBelgian Hardcore Simmer

    Hi all,

    I got bored with my regular games (Battlefield series) mostly First person shooters, and didn't really know what to play online anymore, so a friend suggested a Simrace game to me (GTR2) because they where giving it away for free :thumbsup::).

    I started driving GTR2 with a Xbox360 wireless game-pad and quickly got frustrated by the lack of control it offered me compared to my friend who was using a wheel (Logitech momo racing force). Even though driving with the game-pad didn't really gave me the feeling of being in the car or actually controlling it at all, i did like the fact that u need to drive it more like a real car compared to the other racing games i had tried by then. (Need 4 speed series, GRID series, etc). The need for caution and car knowledge by tweaking and test running is very interesting to say the least.

    After a good week of trial and error i decided it was time to take it a step further and go look around for a Force Feedback wheel. So off to the media market it was.

    First time around i came home with a TX Racing wheel Ferrari 458 Italia Edition with a rotation of 270° i believe. I really liked the look of it and it was cheap :thumbsup:. After 2 days driving it and getting used to the feel of the FFB the brake pedal gave way and broke off completely inside the plastic cover. But i was hooked on the FFB feeling :D.
    The friendly people from the store (Media Market Belgium) recognized the cheap construction errors and let me replace it with another wheel of my choice ---> Driving force GT Logitech was my next bet. This wheel was so much better with it's 900° of rotation and shifter on the side of it. Sadly this wheel had some major problem's, it was wrongly calibrated and none of the buttons worked, it twitched uncontrollably from left to right, long story short, this one needed to go back also.

    I convinced myself to spend a little more cash and get the G27 instead, the previous pedals that came with the wheels felt really weak and i was afraid of braking another set. To be honest i am glad the other wheels gave me all those problems, because it kinda forced me to get the G27 and it is a great wheel, and offers so much more feedback compared to the others i used.

    So here i am :sneaky:, armed with a G27 and a couple of Sim Racing games ( GTR Evo, GTR2, Assetto Corsa.) Loving every second of it, and learning more about car's and racing in general every day. I had no interest in these type of games before and absolutely no knowledge about cars at all, except how to start my own every day ;).

    I must confess that the Simbug infected me and now i am hooked, wanting more every day, like a SimRig, 3 screens, some of the Fanatec stuff, basicly simgear is the new search quest on the internetz these day's :geek:. And i can already tell this new found hobby is gonna set me back a couple of €'s :cautious:.

    In closing i would like to state that i found the SimRace community to be a lot more welcoming and patient compared to the FPS community where i come from. Over here people actually give good advice and the "modding" is absolutely awesome, this is something the FPS genre completely lost! So again, Hi all and hope to beat u in a race some day;).

    Greetings from Belgium,
    Puff The Magic Belgian

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  3. Hi and welcome to the sim racing community. :)
    I'm sure you won't regret this. Many great ppl. and very good online racing possibilities too ;)
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  4. PuffTheMagicBelgian

    PuffTheMagicBelgian Hardcore Simmer

    Thx m8 :)
  5. Blame

    Blame Alien

    Besides all these wannabe trolls crashing into others in Online races, its great, with everyone having an oculus rift and the best simracing gear, it would be very close to real life, Simracing also allows you to learn how to drive a car before you start working on your license in real life and buying a car, atleast that's how it went for me.
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  6. PuffTheMagicBelgian

    PuffTheMagicBelgian Hardcore Simmer

    To be honest the online experience hasn't bothered me yet, mostly because i only play offline or create a private server for me and a buddy.
    But i read this a lot and am aware of the public server trolls, mainly for that reason i decided to work on my skills before going online and being just another out of control idiot ;)

    My main goal is to be a consistent pilot, this is what pulled me into the simracing world, the need to treat it like a real situation. I don't use other drivers in real life to brake into corners and stuff lol :p
    Some of the videos on you tube show this way of racing, respectful for the rules and other pilot's, mostly the Iracing vids though. therefore i hope AC Multiplayer will eventually offer a similar way of racing or as suggested on this forum a Premium service for a monthly fee (5 - 15 €/$). Free would be better, com on Kunos Simulazioni show us that there is a way without cleaning out our wallet's :rolleyes:
  7. Ozcanuck55

    Ozcanuck55 Racer

    Love the name......welcome.
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  8. Fred Joseph

    Fred Joseph I'm watching you ! Staff Member

    Another Belgian :)

    Welcome to Sim Racing world Puff :)

    If you want to join a league and learn some serious stuff, don't hesitate to click my signature ;)
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  9. Dionos

    Dionos Gamer

    Hi and welcome to AC! (I'm also Belgian btw)

    Nice to read your story about how you got into racing sims. Your steering wheel upgrades over such a short time are quite impressive :)
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  10. Kalinin

    Kalinin Rookie

    I only race online (last AI race was about 3 years ago) I drive GTR2 on keyboard :p not bad but not perfect either, I don't win races but I can have fun.
    When AC gets its final version I'll get a wheel I think if EEC move its leagues from GTR2.
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  11. PuffTheMagicBelgian

    PuffTheMagicBelgian Hardcore Simmer

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