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Hori Xbox One Wheel and lap time

Discussion in 'Steering wheels discussions' started by Bambgnance, May 19, 2020.

  1. Bambgnance

    Bambgnance Rookie

    Hi there!
    I play ACC on PC and have the Hori Racing Wheel for Xbox one, the same of Hori Apex for PS4 (planning to change it very soon). I was wondering if anyone can get decent lap times, let’s say, for example, in Monza. Anyone can stay below 1:50? I’m new on sim racing but actually I’m more fast with pad than wheel. Is it a 270 degrees wheel problem or it’s just because I have to do more training? I have 1:1 steer ratio, 270 hardware and 270 (tried every kind of settings found on YouTube) in game but sometimes I feel as the car can’t turn efficiently! I’m sorry for my poor English and thanks in advance for your replies

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  3. civico117

    civico117 Rookie

    Hi, I've the same problem; I've tryed any kind of setting of the steer, but nothing... doesn't turn on the tight corners... it seems that when I change the steer ratio nothing change, and the whells doesn't turn all way, but only the half..
    I've check on internet, but doesn't find any solution. With Horizon Forza 4 the steer works great. Somebody can help us?
  4. I know in other games where there is a calibration function and I wanted a tighter turning ratio I would just calibrate the wheel, but instead of turning it all the way to left and right, I would only turn it 3/4 of the way. I've heard that if you just turn your wheel and push your pedals when AC starts up that it does a calibration behind the scenes (don't actually know if that's true, though). The other things you could do are to adjust your setup so you have more responsive steering (not my area of expertise, so I don't have specifics, but there should be lots of setup/tuning info out there for the car apart from your wheel), and when you drive it can help a lot to downshift an extra gear to get a sharper turn-in.
  5. Garchigarchi

    Garchigarchi Rookie

    Hello everybody.
    I bought ACC for PC and I have a HORI RWA
    The game apparently recognizes the HORI RWA but I can only move the wheel.
    I enter the game to test and when I press the accelerator, the car does not move a centimeter.
    I don't know what to do to configure this steering wheel.

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