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Generic How can I set CSW V2.5 FFB to be more realistic?

Discussion in 'Steering wheels discussions' started by TK-PRO, May 12, 2018.

  1. TK-PRO

    TK-PRO Rookie

    Games: AC
    Vehicle: McLaren 650S GT3
    Controller model:FANATEC CSW V2.5
    I have tried a lot of settings before this, but I always feel powerless.
    Because I haven't touched the real GT3 car, I can't correctly tune out a more realistic FFB. :(
    Who can provide complete FFB settings? thank you very much!
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  3. le Bluem

    le Bluem Gamer

    maybe you found some, but also for my doc;)
    Fanatec system control: 900 degree rotation
    Use "Content Manager": (important are "soft lock" and "damper gain")

    on a fanatec-wheel (current driver 3.10, firmware 4.46):
    SENsitivity: AUTomatic
    ForceFeedback: 80-100
    SHO: off
    ABS: off
    DRIft: off or -01..-05 for more auto-dampening
    FORce: 100
    SPRing: 0 or more if you like it
    DPampeR: 0 or more if you like
    FEI: 0-100, default 50; 0-very smooth, 100-very sharp

    edit: forgot SHO
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2018

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