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How is your Rating today?

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Ecnelis, Jun 5, 2019.

  1. henkjansmits

    henkjansmits Simracer

    CC rating is very dependent on car you drive. I went from 67 to 93 from switching from Jaguar to Audi. For sure my driving didn't get much better. I think it's probably harder to overdrive non front engine cars as far as CC is concerned.

    This put me from silver to gold, just car change. I'm crap though, usually 3-5 sec off pole, and PC is 35.
  2. flihp

    flihp Racer

    I have a similar situation, but i think i have the answer to my situation. , I get good CC with the Lambo at Nurb, Good CC with M6 at Paul Ricard and good CC with the Jag at Zolder..... because that is the combo of the some EA releases that i drove the pants off month by month.... well that is my theory. :)

  3. Ricky Reject

    Ricky Reject Hardcore Simmer

    Had a few races with incidents mostly not related to me (was rear-ended 3 times in 2 laps, granted I was off pace like usual...), but it's nigh impossible to raise SA. I was down to 65 after those incidents, then did a few long and good races with good people and worked myself up to 67. I'm trying to get to 70 so I will be eligable to run on more clean, rated servers.

    Unfortunely I had two bad races with a few incidents - rear ended again cause I was avoiding an accident and then one through fault of my own and *baam*. In the process of 10 mins my SA was back to 65 again.

    Not sure what to do. I've heard racing AI also counts, but except it not being my cup of tea, but computer cant handle AI races. The CPU simply goes bonkers...
  4. Whipdiddywhip

    Whipdiddywhip Simracer

    my epeen is 12" long
  5. Ecnelis

    Ecnelis Hardcore Simmer

    My SA is at 86 level right now and I've noticed it is not so sensitive to big crashes anymore (and I've done some bad moves with AI and online). It looks like big crash in clean lap with fair, close battles overall has no big impact (visible to me, at least).

    You can lower AI cars on track and "farm" SA with 2-3 AI cars at low level (or it is too much for CPU, too?). Takes time, but it works...
  6. Si.

    Si. Simracer

    I think that’s because your TRUST vs OBWP is good, you probably have very little red on your graph. If you kept having accidents race after race then I think you’d start to see impact on your rating. Seems to be a good system that recognises a clean driver will still have the odd incident.
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  7. Madsen

    Madsen Hardcore Simmer

    Yeah just got demoted to Bronze again.... i just can not count how often that happened :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes::mad:

    Bronze annoying.jpg
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  8. PiretSS2000

    PiretSS2000 Racer

    You are too OP m8, the system is nerfing you
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  9. Rovlgut

    Rovlgut Gamer

    Was watching replay of my CP race and notice sticker on my car is says AM. It's really a nice detail. ;)
  10. From my experience from other games, most really fast guys don't have the best safety ratings. There in the thick of it all the time, and bumping each other here and there is all part of the game. I have a fairly good safety rating, but just getting around the track in one piece is my main goal.
  11. Ecnelis

    Ecnelis Hardcore Simmer

    Same thing with me, but justified. I was Gold, then got few bad spins in one race and got degraded to Bronze. After another clean race I'm Gold again.
  12. fabT

    fabT Alien

    Minolin confirmed an issue with CC.
    I think it's somewhat related to Spa, maybe to other tracks.

    For sure driving (almost) only at Spa my CC went from 90+ to 75, despite improving.
    Today i did a couple races at Misano, on exact same car, and within 2 hours CC went back to 89.

    Anyway according to Minolin post there's a chance the issue will be fixed in v1.02 final.

    See for reference:
  13. Deatroy

    Deatroy Alien

    The best way to improve the Rating are long Special Events or leagues races. Loving the wet Audi Event on Barca, first place wuhuuu.
    This really pushed my CN Rating to the Sky.

    Anmerkung 2019-06-09 155337.png

    Only CC drops under rain driving under 90. Thats not so good as expected.
  14. John Caetano

    John Caetano Racer

    Damn, over 200 hours into this sim alone and the competition is real. Need more practice :)
  15. Bogies

    Bogies Gamer


    Mine usually hovers around 9200-9400.
  16. Will we get an option to DISABLE ratings in offline mode? Or at least more than one driver per game? I would like to let my brother play, and of course I dont want him to influence my ratings ( better said, mess them up). Any solution for this?
  17. FJ Astur

    FJ Astur Rookie

    And that I'm indecently slow, 4-5 seconds from the pole :(

    ranking 1.jpg
  18. BEsnake

    BEsnake Racer


    shouldnt be to hard to keep it above 9k but only if i do long distance practice session's pure racing tends to lower it every time with CN
  19. Luciano Micale

    Luciano Micale Simracer

    did you notice any difference from the last patch?!?i mean i cannot farm easily SA...Any tip?!?
  20. upload_2019-6-16_22-3-5.png

    A bit intresting...
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