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How many hours have you put into ac so far?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Midnightclub, Sep 4, 2014.

  1. Midnightclub

    Midnightclub Simracer

    Just wondered how many hours some of you have put into playing the game since purchase?

    Currently sat at 157 hours and purchased December last year.. way more than I thought?! Can't get enough of it though.

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  3. Phil64

    Phil64 Simracer

    733 since December though some of that was spent eating food.
    Probably about 5 minutes a day :D
  4. Midnightclub

    Midnightclub Simracer

    Damn, and I thought I'd put in a lot of time! :D I don't feel so bad now haha.
    Phil64 likes this.
  5. bondyboy

    bondyboy Alien

  6. Tberg

    Tberg Alien

    277, says Steam. And I've had breaks lasting a month more than once, I tend to play in clusters :)
  7. Dori

    Dori Hardcore Simmer

    Over 900, but more than half of that was just the game left running in the back ground or watching replays.
  8. djkostas

    djkostas Hardcore Simmer

    Recently hit 1k....... :rolleyes::rolleyes:
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  9. Jos_theboss

    Jos_theboss Hardcore Simmer

    Leaving just the launcher on gets registred as playtime by steam.

    So a 1000+
    silicijevadolina likes this.
  10. Turk

    Turk Alien

    292. I haven't been playing much for the last week or two, busted up my hand. I'll be back racing this weekend and practicing for the race tonight so might be 300 by next weekend.
  11. 696 currently
  12. 313 so far, not looking to stop accumulating anytime soon.
  13. Spider

    Spider Gamer

    ~60h according to steam.
  14. DarkRaven

    DarkRaven Racer

    424 that's like 18 days non stop wow, do I have an addiction? thanks Kunos I'm gonna need therapy ;) But I guess its spaced over the last 12 months so its alright :)
  15. Guys. Have you done anything else than AC after the December? ;D

    I have "only" ~300 hours so far but my girlfriend thinks there's already 200 too much. :)

    Been there since the 1st 15 minutes of Early Access.
  16. silicijevadolina

    silicijevadolina Simracer

    Holy Moly :eek: My steam profile says 174 hours:rolleyes:
  17. plaid

    plaid Alien


    I got 1336 hours, cause I often let the launcher on, cause I dont play much else and I set the PC in energy saving-mod instead of turning it off.
    No idea how much I played but probably just a part of that time I actually played, while currently I had to make peformancetesting most oft the time, cause stuttering and maybe systemissues.

    BTW: I know why I stopped playing Arma 3. At midrange the game looks 10 years older and you can spot soldiers as easy as an pink elefant in a football-arena.
  18. donShere

    donShere Hardcore Simmer

    672 hours.. probably over 600 on track since half december.
  19. Turk

    Turk Alien

    Well clearly she's wrong. :p
  20. Steam says that I have notched up 82 hours to date, and I purchased the game about two months ago. That timespan includes three weeks when I didn't have a working PC, so it has kept me occupied :)
  21. KevinM

    KevinM Gamer

    I've logged about 289 hours since January.
    I feel pretty good about my progress because before that I just did drifting.

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