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How to change the third person view with Triple Screen ?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by BearCooling78, May 31, 2014.

  1. Hello !
    I've a triple screen setup, in the Settings I've selected the "Triple Screen" configuration.
    When I'm in the cockpit, I can adjust the Seat Position so it's perfect.
    But when I switch on the "third person view", the "exterior view" the camera is focused on the back of the car and I can't see the track and even the car.
    So how can I change the views settings ?
    Screenshoots :

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  3. Steve32

    Steve32 Simracer

    Being a triple screen user I find it a little odd you would want to use the 3rd person camera view as the way i see it triples in sims is to give you more immersion / realism of seeing your cockpit as you would in real life but hey ho :p

    You can try F5 this camera view can be adjusted with the mouse, mouse wheel for zoom in / out, holding left mouse button to rotate the camera around car where you want it.

    Other then that maybe there's a way to modify the 3rd person camera via a config file.

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