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How to create an ACC dedicated Server (Guide)

Discussion in 'ACC Screenshots & Videos' started by john oliver, Nov 15, 2018.

  1. john oliver

    john oliver Simracer

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  3. john oliver

    john oliver Simracer

    use "misano", "nurburgring", "paul_ricard" for track names
  4. Rummy1963

    Rummy1963 Rookie

  5. darktrooper

    darktrooper Rookie

    is there a good method to debug when I can not connect to the server via the lobby?

    I can see it in the lobby, it also updates, but if i click it in the server list it freezes for a few seconds and then returns to the list stating before that it can not connect - its the same issue for a friend that tried to connect from another home to the server in the list.

    The server is showing this

    Server starting with version 255
    Starting server Zocker Crew Deluxe
    FileToStruct cfg/eventRules.json
    Translated realtime interval hzToMiliseconds(18)=54
    SessionManager::randomizeGreenFlagTriggers: s:0.890000 e:0.950000 r:0.904145
    Track barcelona_2019 was set and updated
    Event changed
    Reading custom event rules
    FileToStruct cfg/eventRules.json
    FileToStruct cfg/assistRules.json
    SessionManager::randomizeGreenFlagTriggers: s:0.890000 e:0.950000 r:0.916231
    Significant change detected, updating lobby (1|1)
    Resetting weekend to friday night
    Reset time to friday night: 0 -> 0
    Reset time to first session: 0 -> 122400
    SessionManager::randomizeGreenFlagTriggers: s:0.890000 e:0.950000 r:0.926040
    Listening to TCP 9232 | UDP 9231
    Trying to connect to lobby (0 times, interval 10000 s)
    Session changed: Practice -> Practice 0
    Detected sessionPhase <waiting for drivers> -> <waiting for drivers> (Practice)
    TCP connect returns: -1
    ==ERR: RegisterToLobby TCP connection failed, couldn't connect to the lobby server
    TCP connect returns: 0
    Trying to connect to lobby (1 times, interval 13000 s)
    RegisterToLobby succeeded
    Sent lobby registration request for barcelona_2019
    Lobby accepted connection
    Lobby accepted connection
    TCPQueue now: 4
    New TCP incoming pakSizeMax, 0 => 2
    Updated lobby with 0 drivers

    There is an error, but then it shows accepted connection.

    I have set the firewall and the fritz.box (DSL Router) to let through the TCP 9232 and UDP 9231 Ports.
    I can not see any file or log where it shows me what is missing or going wrong. The Maschine is in a private network at home connected to the internet via DSL. Alternatively i might try to set it up on a "public" server.

  6. Thomas Fun

    Thomas Fun Simracer

    You have to connect to your own server via LAN in the server browser if you are running it within your own network, or your router has to support hair pinning.
    Also, you need your own public IPv4 address, many ISPs are running DS-Lite where you do not get one anymore and can not host games.
  7. darktrooper

    darktrooper Rookie

    Thanks, for the reply!

    I wanted to use it to play with friends via internet, not LAN only. I do have a public IP (costs extra, so i know :-( ).
    The Fritz Box can do hari pinning, but maybe that is a good point to look for it, as I recall now there was a DNS Rebind Protection and some options - maybe something is going bad there.
    Since it shows up in the lobby and also shows current Track and such, at least someparts seem to work, just not actually connecting - so i guess something is not communicated down the line.

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