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How to get a 4º place or similar in ACC?

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Brujomagoloco, Jul 27, 2019.

  1. Brujomagoloco

    Brujomagoloco Rookie

    How is possible that in this terrible bad game called Assetto Corsa Competizione we can´t finish a race? I am talking about multiplayer mode. We can´t get for example a 4º place because the race ends before we reach the goal. Or that is just bad servers configuration?
    But, how the hell we can see the rivals laps time of the race?
    Where is the races information?
    All that does not exist, you just playing in the wilderness, everything is ephemeral and meaningless... ACC haven´t basics things that simulators and games more than 10 years old already had.
    I ´ve played little ACC because is the worst I've seen about simulators.

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  3. Lord Kunos

    Lord Kunos His master's voice. Staff Member KS Dev Team

    pretty much.. I think the desire of the admins is to keep the driving going instead of having drivers who have finished the race sit and wait for everybody else.

    For a more "in-depth" approach you might want to join a private league.
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2019
  4. swigaffu

    swigaffu Racer

    and what good is this information for us?
    Maybe you should first read through the forum, before you write meaningless.
    If you don't like it, play something different.
    But spare us with such nonsense.
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  5. Ecnelis

    Ecnelis Hardcore Simmer

    What do you mean? It's all there. What are you missing? Be more specific.
  6. Timberwind

    Timberwind Racer

    It should be a mandatory server setting to allow at least the average lap time after the leader crosses the finishing line.
  7. Yeah private leagues are the answer but current rules in the forum section are a hindrance to creating new groups and other drivers with common needs/interests driving days.
  8. Tim Wilson

    Tim Wilson Simracer

    Why did you guys decide to not put in Voting? AC1 had it and everyone who wanted to skip the session could call for a vote. At least then you knew it was a democratic decision.

    I'm a little bit bothered when the answer to all ACC problems seems to be "Join a league". Don't like bad drivers- Join a league! Don't like short formation laps- Join a league! Don't like empty servers- Join a league! It goes on and on. Don't like the weather forecast- Join a league.

    I always finish up front- But If I never got to actually finish a race because everyone I race against was just too impatient I'd be here posting a rant titled "Does the word- accessibility- ring a bell?"

    Do people in the back quit races early because they're a minute down or because they know they won't reach the chequered flag in time? Server admin set this up to keep people on the server, but it can also do the opposite.
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  9. trasgu

    trasgu Simracer

    Yeah, it is frustrating. But the rat-kids brain is incapable of stay out of stimulus or not being the center of attention for 1 and a half minute, so the server admins give them what they want in order to make the server popular, even if that pisses off the rest of the server.
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  10. Timberwind

    Timberwind Racer

    And that is why I feel Kunos is required to step in and mandate a proper minimum race time. Battlefield has limited as certain server settings as well with newer installments, although I am more slightly critical of the decisions taken there.
  11. romandevision

    romandevision Simracer

    I don't care about the standing among random players. What about saving replays?
  12. henkjansmits

    henkjansmits Simracer

    The original post is not very polite but I agree with the sentiment. Like Minolin said in some thread: you have to feel like a race matters. In ACC it really doesn't feel that way: even if you have done fairly well often you don't get to finish and save your replay.

    My suggestion: all cars on the lead lap get to complete their lap, so a timers consistent with a decent laptime for the track. That's how it works with qualifying and there server settings cannot change that I think.
  13. Kefuddle

    Kefuddle Gamer

    Bad server configuaration. There is an end of race countdown. It obviously has to be long enough for the longest reasonable.
  14. trasgu

    trasgu Simracer

    The problem is that some other people care about standings and they want to finish properly their race. What is the purpose of racing if you can't even be able to drag your car to the finish line and have a chance to take a glance of the leaderboad?, it feels empty, feels like a meaningless succesion of pick up races with no purpose. If this would be AC1 as the multiplayer is only a playground to do track days, drift or pick up races I would shut up, this is the MP purpose in that case. But ACC even has competizione on its name, they went a long way focusing on unprecedented realism in all fronts, they even created a long and boring start procedure that is completelly accurate and realistic to the real thing, but in a online race is just a waste of time waiting to the start line while praying that other cars don't crash into you. While at the same time they give to the server admins the chance to do something as unrealistic as to automatically end a race session without all the cars crossing the finish line just to keep impatient people on the same server.
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  15. Neilski

    Neilski Hardcore Simmer

    I also find these issues very frustrating, and while I accept that server admins are (presumably?) able to adjust the config so that a decent interval is allowed for slower people to finish the race before the next session starts, this doesn't address the other point the OP made about not being able to see the lap times of the other competitors.

    On MP servers, on the occasions when I have looked at the results screen (before it vanishes with the next session starting), it has shown me NO information at all on the best laps of my rivals. I really miss this hugely useful info (which AC of course has).
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  16. CarbonTNT

    CarbonTNT Gamer

    Hi, is this the "sessionovertimeseconds" variable? I have this set to 400 seconds in the server configuration and it does not seem to be functioning properly.
    The qualify ending was still on a countdown for 4+ minutes and the server skipped by itself to the race, similar on the race ending when the last driver has crossed the finish line (small drivers field we were close) there was still supposed to be plenty of overtime but instead the server jumped straight back into qualify without letting the set time run out.
    This is on 1.06 server.

    Thanks in advance.
  17. XettMan

    XettMan Hardcore Simmer

    Guys, even if you have enough time to finish a race, the result table only includes the times of the drivers thst not already left the server, and there are no detailed information available and when the next session starts the (incomplete) results vanish forever in the deep dark void.
    So it doesn't matter if one can finish a race or not, because you can see your result only for a few seconds and if somebody left the server the result is not correct.

    So just relax and enjoy the driving experience, because it's not a real "race" experience with lasting results.
  18. MonzterPixel

    MonzterPixel Gamer

    I completely agree with this point because it seems to me to be the most important in terms of competition, currently ACC needs to put the drivers to compete properly as it is quite addictive and satisfying at the end of each race, but to get to that point you have to analyze why it is not working now.

    (I leave you my personal opinion, feel free to comment what you want about these points). :p:p

    1. Programmed races

    I am aware that scheduled races are a subject that some like and others do not, but it is important to say that entering servers where there is no regularity of drivers makes it difficult enough to find serious and important races, if you take more than 20 minutes to look for a possible race and in the first corner in less than 1 minute the car is destroyed becomes frustration, after 3 attempts better and you start to play another game.

    A good solution for not wasting time looking for servers is a website with scheduled races every 2 hours, where you can see how many people have signed up for the race, what track and what time it is held, the website is important for drivers to sign up at any time of day from their mobile phone.

    It is also practical because you sign up throughout the day and at night or at the time you have free time you can do the race, this for the official servers of Kunos,

    2. In the middle of the race and after the race.

    Something that displeases a lot in ACC races is that you don't really feel like you're competing and that's because no matter how much you're the last of the race you want to finish it and see the full results, also very likely to see much of the repetition and much more if you came in the top 5, don't force the drivers to move to a new race because people want to see what happened in the race or compare with other drivers or just see the accidents and usually see the best moments in the race, it is very common that after finishing a race you do not want to do another one so it is important the list of drivers registered on the website of point 1 that I wrote above, at the end new drivers will enter to make a new race, if there is someone who wants to participate can register minutes earlier without problem.

    3. Winners:D:D:rolleyes:
    As the competition is about ego you can give the first 3 places of each race a cup, at the end these cups will be statistics in your driver profile, for example.


    1nd place 72
    2nd place 211
    3nd place 425

    only in official Kunos server races.

    sorry for google traductor:oops::oops:
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