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How to setup 21:9 display (and 32:9)

Discussion in 'ACC Hardware Discussions' started by Nahkamarakatti, Feb 16, 2020.

  1. I bought an ultrawide monitor and I've been trying to make it look natural with ACC.

    What are the setting you're using and is there a "mathematically correct way" to set it up?

    My issue is that if I treat it as a single monitor the image looks a bit "tunnel like". You can make it better with the projection correction tool but still by far the best results I've had is by treating the single monitor as a triple monitor setup. For example: 34inch 21:9 1500R 45cm away = 3x ~250mm wide displays, 0mm bezel correction and side monitors at ~10 degrees. That way the image looks natural BUT there are two vertical gray bars inbetween of the imaginary main/side monitors.

    Edit: Is there a way to get rid of the gray bars? That would be the best solution.
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2020
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  3. Nao

    Nao Alien

    Seconding. It would be really useful to not have them.
    Also if possible it would be amazing to have the ability to control where the monitors are "cut" for people like me with non uniform triples, or to tweak them in applications like above.
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2020
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  4. I'm actually a bit surprided I haven't seen discussions on this subject. When you put wider curved display as close to your eyes as possible, the image is clearly unnatural.

    It is very much like triple screen setup but just more compromised and I can't see any reason why it shouldn't be treated the same way.
    Last edited: Feb 16, 2020
  5. Nao

    Nao Alien

    Yeah, panini is supposed to help i guess, but i don't think it is mathematically correct for a curved screen. (found this visual explanation on how it's constructed here: http://tksharpless.net/vedutismo/Pannini/ if anybody is interested )
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  6. Dewald Nel

    Dewald Nel Racer

    Can you describe what you mean in detail? I have a 21:9 screen and haven't noticed any unnatural tunnel effect. So not sure what to look for.
  7. ohjeah

    ohjeah Simracer

    Sounds like op is doing something wrong. 32:9 49" here, calculated the fov just like with any other monitor and everything looks as it should. In ac1 I use triple screen rendering with 13 degree angle but it's a small difference.
  8. I think it's easiest to see the effect if you try to run it as a triple screen. If you're used to separate screen rendering with triples you know how the dashboard on the passenger side looks like a proper 3d object. The closer and more curved the display is the bigger difference you should see.

    My setup:

    Edit: In my case horizontal FOV seems to be exactly 100 degrees. Vertical is ~40 degrees.

    Triple screen enabled:

    Treated as a single screen:

    Did more accurate calculations. There was a mistake on the display curvature so there are the correct angles. Everything still applies but to a little less extent. True hFOV for such setup is ~92 degrees.
    Last edited: Feb 17, 2020
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  9. Sorry, that wasn't the point. It was just part of "corrected" results. I actually use triple screen mode because that's the only way to get perfectly natural results.

    Kunos, are the grey vertical bars in triple screen mode necessary evil or is there a way to hide them?
  10. Nao

    Nao Alien

    Went to make sure if it's not some glitch with aliasing, and while it does not seem the case it does look like UE4 problem. For example: you say they are grey bars, i have black-white ones. And they disappear in when switching to 1920x1080 wide "triple screen" (as in 3 screens in one). So they might actually be the "necessary evil" :(.
  11. Well, maybe I am just way late to this party... Is this all saying that I can use my single 34" ultrawide LG 2560x1080 in "Triple Screen" mode?? And if so, is there an expected benefit/advantage in doing this (3x screen mode vs. single wide mode)?

  12. You will get non-forked up image when setupped properly. The bigger, closer and more curved it is bigger the difference. Downside is that you get couple of nasty vertical gray bars (only in ACC).

    Ps. Only applies to curved monitors.
  13. ohjeah

    ohjeah Simracer

    Try setting resolution scale to 75%. That seems to make the go away for me, any other scale and they appear again.
  14. maxcoslo

    maxcoslo Gamer

    I also have an LG 34" ultrawide and would try the perspective correction but I don't know how it works and what is the best adjustment
  15. You have to divide the screen for 3 imaginary screens/sections. Then you measure the distance from your eyes to the center screen and calculate the correct "side monitor" angle based on the curvature of your display. Then you enable the triple screen mode ingame and set it up via built-in tool. Watch post #7 for more info.
  16. maxcoslo

    maxcoslo Gamer

    how do I know the curvature of the monitor
  17. It's said on the spec sheet of your monitor. On my case 1500R means the radius of the curvature is 1500mm (3000mm diameter). I think most monitors are 1800R.
  18. Jarkko Torvinen

    Jarkko Torvinen Simracer

    I use 32 FOV on my 32:9, then move the camera far enough. works for me, looks ok
  19. Thank you so much!!

    You can setup curved monitors without those gray bars if you play with the resolution scale-option. For me for example 98% and 105% was working perfectly!
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  20. fvdheide1963

    fvdheide1963 Rookie

    Where did you set the 13 degree angle? I can only set the rendering to triple screens, but i have no option to enter the degree angle .. i do a lot of my simracing in iRacing and there i can set my 49inch ultrawide as triple screens with a 12 degreen angle. How to set that in Assetto Corsa (AC)?

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