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How to start ACC on 2nd screen

Discussion in 'ACC Hardware Discussions' started by Ferr1s, Jan 31, 2020.

  1. Ferr1s

    Ferr1s Rookie

    Hi guys,
    I just bought ACC via Steam and I d like to start the game on my 49" Samsung with 3840x1080 res.
    My main screen an the desk is a 24" FHD .
    I usually drive iracing and there you have a config app where you can declare the screen that should be used for driving.
    Is it possible here too? When I start ACC right now I can only set a resolution of 1920x1080 which my main screen supports. And then I have to move the game window to the 49" screen in my rig. Thats not acceptable.
    Thanks for your help...

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  3. Jempy

    Jempy Simracer

    I also have 2 screens, one for desktop (2560*1080) and for the rig a 34" 21/9 curved ( 3440*1440 ) ... and no problem, using simply the usual Windows commands ( right-click on desktop for the display parameters ).

    ( NB:my Win10 is in french ... so not sure now for the right words ).

    You have 3 choices:
    - duplicate ( not interesting in this case )
    - expand ( the one you seem to use if you can move the game window to the other screen ): the important thing is: for your 49" check the setting "Use this screen as main screen" or something like that in english
    - use only screen 1 or 2 ..... that's also possible and I think choosing only the 49" might also work ( but not sure this needs the same setting as the expand possibility here above or if it's automatically done )

    Doing that way ... the resolution will appear in the choice in ACC options.
  4. Rawmaster

    Rawmaster Racer


    This is not what he wanna achieve. He wants to keep is 24" as the main windows screen and start ACC on his 49" screen.

    Unfortunately there is nothing to achieve this in ACC.

    What i recommend you is to use a small software like Make Primary Monitor or anything else similar. This will allow you to switch monitor quickly before launching ACC.
    Drop the desktop shortcut icon on the monitor you want as a primary (the 49") and double click the icon... and voila :) Your 49" is the new main monitor and ACC will be launched on this one.

    When you have finished, click the icon again to make your 24" primary again.

  5. Ferr1s

    Ferr1s Rookie

    Thank you for the Information. That's so sad. It's year 2020 and the developers of ACC dont realize that, especially simracers, ppl have more than 1 screen.... I will try the software. Thanks!

    Gesendet von meinem MI 8 mit Tapatalk
  6. Günthar Rowe

    Günthar Rowe Rookie

    Set the screen you want the ACC to run on as 1 and set the other as 2. Then set 2 as "Make this my primary display. With "Extend these displays"
  7. raymondw

    raymondw Rookie

    Same issue here, found SWRE and really love it!

    Created a profile to move it from main screen to triple race screens and works wonderful!
    In ACC I did set triple settings.

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <SRWE Version="1.0"><Profile><Window ExStyle="20040800" Style="140B0000" Height="1080" Width="5760" PosY="0" PosX="2560" HierID="1"/></Profile></SRWE>
  8. TonyP

    TonyP Rookie

    Even easier, start steam in Big Screen Mode, adjust the display setting within Big screen, tell it to use the 2nd monitor, job done!
  9. Rawmaster

    Rawmaster Racer


    Make primary monitor is way simpler as you don't have to set anything and it works for full screen mode. Simply double click the icon and launch ACC.

    SRWE need your application to run in windowed mode and never worked on my PC :/
  10. raymondw

    raymondw Rookie

    Then you assume I just have 2 monitors ;)

    In fact I have 4, and due to other software I can't run Nvidia surround.
    SWRE worked really great, I can stretch across 3 three monitors mounted in my rig.
  11. Rawmaster

    Rawmaster Racer


    I did not assume anything, i have 4 monitors too but run ACC through surround. Your case is more specific as you can't run Nvidia Surround for some reasons...
    I am more lucky than you as i never came accross any software refusing to run on the Surround setup :)
  12. domidomi

    domidomi Gamer

    Such a simple, and awesome solution! Thank you!
  13. Hurri

    Hurri Rookie

    I found a nice and easy way on the steam forums:
    -Start Assetto Corsa on your main screen
    -Press Alt+Enter to make it windowed
    -Press Windows-Key + Arrow Key into the "direction" of your other monitor(s)
    -Then press Alt+Enter again

    Works flawlessly for me.
  14. Rawmaster

    Rawmaster Racer


    It works for single screen and if they have same resolution and not for triple screens of course as they have a different resolution.

    In the case of OP he has 2 different screens resolution so Alt+Enter will not solve the problem because resolution will not match on second screen 3840x1080.

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