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How to tell where you are in pace? Per track evaluation

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by Karsten Beoulve, Jul 9, 2019.

  1. Default

    Default Racer

    You don't have to take my comment literally. So from what you're saying, cold tyres on a green track is faster than hot tyres on a green track?
  2. martcerv

    martcerv Alien

    Cold and dry yes, you can get heat into tyres much easier then you can keep them cool. Plus you get more engine performance and better aero efficiency so cold and dry is usually faster then hot and dry in the same track conditions. If its wet its a different story especially with slicks on a damp track as you will have no tyre temp.

    If I am not meant to take your comments literally how am I meant to take them. :D
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  3. Loeki

    Loeki Gamer

    I think you mean Raidillon.
  4. trasgu

    trasgu Simracer

    I think that we are lacking something a lot more important than what it seems at a first glance: proper leaderboards and proper stats in a gplrank / or at least RSR leaderboard fashion. This thread is proof of the unsatisfied need to compare with others in a title strongly oriented to competititive racing. Personally, I consider that someone under the 19's is not an alien, not even if they lap in the low 19's consistently on the race.

    Just my personal opinion:
    To me an alien is someone that can do a hotlap from WR pace to +0.5s to the WR
    0.5 to 1.0s are terribly fast people that are almost there grasping with the tips of their fingers to become aliens
    1.0 to 2.5s are very fast drivers
    2.5 to 4s are normal people tending to fast
    4 to 6s normal people tending to slow
    6 to 8s slow
    8+s very slow
  5. Default

    Default Racer

    You know drivers like to say no grip/no power but it doesn't literally mean that.
  6. iVG

    iVG Alien

    Alien lap time is anything under 2:17 not 2:19... 2:19-2:20 is a race pace with high fuel load and worn tyres. I suggest you re-evaluate your scale. Here's a nothing special lap with the merc with a lot of mistakes and lost potential:

  7. There is no scale, yet.

    It's obvious we would need a static same for all weather setting and track conditions to compare laptimes.
  8. iVG

    iVG Alien

    Yeah sure I'm just saying 2:19 is a bit of a slow lap not exactly alien...
  9. DrSmile

    DrSmile Racer

    I think you are all way to brainwashed with "fastet laptime=best driver"
    This is a RACINGtitle and not a HOTLAPsimulator.

    The last 1hour "Pro" Multiplayerraces showed clearly that at least 70% of the so called "aliens" are very bad RACERS. Crash in the first corner(couple of laps)->whine->ragequit. If they dont ragequit and must work they way through the field - then the lack of basic racingskill really shines through. Just spamming the flashlights and expect that all other just drive out of their way- if not done, they just crash the slower cars out of the way....cause they are aliens and deserve a free pass or why? And they crash very often cause of overhyped selfishness and often lack in the most low level racing aspects - but of course: alone on a single lap they are fast.

    But yes, that all comes from the "simracing hype" where anyone can be a "star" and a "winner" and maybe become a real racingdriver.
    On the other hand, racing the ki in singleplayer for getting experience in racecraft just sucks cause the ai was getting worser and worser over the years that you are almost forced to play multiplayer cause otherwise you just deinstall after a couple of hours gameplay.

    But that would be good "competition" "school" where instead of just trying to stay on top of some leaderboards you had to overtake a slower car, or your in between a slower and a faster car and must drive defense to hold your place....but yeah much easier for the devs to just put a empty leaderboard excel sheet in the game then implementing race scenarios.....
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2019
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  10. geanmimi

    geanmimi Gamer

    That's right :)
  11. PhilS13

    PhilS13 Alien

    "sounds" "sour". Most of the so-called aliens I know also have pretty amazing racecraft when battling closely matched people.

    There is very little to learn or gain from getting by a whole field of massively slower, very unpredictable cars in a meaningless race after a crash. Attack their impatience or behavior but don't assume this is a lack of racecraft cause it's not.
  12. iVG

    iVG Alien

    It gets really frustrating when you catch a car 3 seconds ahead in 2 corners and somehow he think he can just park it on the apex to stay ahead. My advice is if you see you getting caught 2-3 seconds in 2 corners - just move.
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  13. Default

    Default Racer

    Yes if they're being lapped. If not it's your responsibility to get pass safely, you can't just expect the other driver to get out of the way just because you're faster.
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  14. F4celess

    F4celess Gamer

    Getting passed and getting lapped are two different things. If you are lapped, then yeah, it's your duty to minimize time loss for you and them by letting them pass safely. If you are ahead you have the right to defend, BUT, is it worth it to fight for that position. If you are being caught rather easily the person has no trouble finding a straight to pass. And so you might as well just get it over with and minimize your time lost battling that faster car. Choose your fights.

    As for the topic. I tend to just look at the current field when judging my pace. I tend to be within 4 seconds of the fastest driver in a typical online lobby. If you try to memorize world records and what optimal laptimes and stuff are for each track you won't get much of a relevant picture. Racing is all about adapting to a situation and with ACC having an emphasis on weather and conditions, comparing to anything but the best of the current session is inaccurate data.
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2019
  15. tjr

    tjr Hardcore Simmer

    Exactly. What matters is relative pace for a given session, not absolute lap times. Probably more so for this game than any other (due to the dynamic conditions). Consistency is king.
  16. [​IMG]

    Why do people lose themselves in sematic trifleness instead of focusing on the main topic?
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  17. iVG

    iVG Alien

    Yeah totally overtaking car responsibility to make safe pass. What I try to say is sometimes the defending car gets too wound up in closing the door on a car that is going to come and go. By weaving and parking it in front not only situation becomes dangerous but frustration takes place too. Some people have cooler head than others so they try again next corner or three but some people sort of lose it. If pace was withing 0.5s per lap then yeah, fight is worth it. When defending car is genuinely 2-3 seconds off and not being lapped, the faster driver already has eyes not on HIM, but the car ahead ... Sort of like a moving chicane. It's condescending, it's monkey brain, it's testosterone, whatever you wanna call it, we all do it. I've been in that situation but also I've seen hundreds of drivers online lose it too. You sort of know what's coming just by spectating them... And when the crash happens you say to yourself 'Yep I woulda done the same'. It's the sort of mentality that wins you races. Or gets you in the wall.
  18. Zanza21

    Zanza21 Racer

    But he actually can try to keep you behind, totally in its rights.

    I agree with you really, its just dumb, and makes both lose time.
    I rarely find peeps 2s faster than me luckly :rolleyes:, but i let pass or offer no resistence even with a car 0.5-1s faster really if there are still lotsa laps before the flag.
    No clue on wasting time and take the risk for so many laps...but if its like 2-3 laps to the race end ? :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: I'd even open the doors to defend more :cool:
  19. LeSunTzu

    LeSunTzu Alien

    Nobody has a "right" to defend in such an ugly way; it is not tolerated in any RL series.

    As to the core of the topic, KS is well aware of the AC RSR leaderboard. If they thought it valuable to have it in ACC they would have done it. It would be very simple with the hotlap session. I suspect they did not because the point of ACC is the multi-dimensional aspect of racing.
    Last edited: Jul 10, 2019
  20. Pani De Pani

    Pani De Pani Gamer

    For Spa in hotlap not cheat wheather, 15, low 16 is alien.
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