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Generic I beat the actual recorde in Paul Ricard circuit, but the game doesn't show my time.

Discussion in 'Bug reports' started by Tiago Felipe Cerri, Feb 20, 2019.

  1. I beat the record, without any fault, the game said that my lap was my record and was better than the world record for the game, but the time was not saved in the space my laps or is appearing in the loading screan. Below the photo of my screan with the time, I think it's not possible to guarantee by that that a doesn't comite a fault, but I'm sure that I didn't.
    I think I could do this time again but I will not try if the problem was not solved.
    My time was 1:58.182 and the showed record is 1:58.192 The time a breaked it was 20/02/2019 13:37.

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  3. Absurd1ty

    Absurd1ty Gamer

    Hmm, well I know that's not really close to the WR, real life or ACC.

    Somewhere around 1:52.xx is alien/wr time, so I'm not sure what the game told you.

    also, wrong forum. You want the ACC forums for this stuff

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