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Generic Implementation of saved lap times

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Yaterade, Aug 29, 2016.

  1. Yaterade

    Yaterade Gamer

    I used to think that hot lap leaderboards were the first thing that we needed in the console version of AC but then I realized the game doesn't save your own personal best lap times locally on your own saved game.

    There is currently no way to save your best lap times and thus no way to easily track personal improvement within the game's main use (as a hot lap simulator). As of right now there is no sense of accomplishment because of this, and thus every time you exit a session you're basically "starting over". This is the first thing that needs fixing. Get a personal leaderboard before expanding it outward. Thoughts?
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  3. GT_Davy

    GT_Davy Gamer

    I fully agree, would like to be able to quickly view my own previously set lap times and pick a ghost to hot lap against!
  4. Tlimp

    Tlimp Rookie

    I'm with you as well. It was quite a strange surprise to realise the game does not save any times.
  5. AceVice

    AceVice Rookie

    I totally agree...
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  6. John g

    John g Racer

    I have only just got a PS4 and AC is the only game I have - basically I bought the ps4 specifically for this game as I'd read about the physics and FFB. I wanted a very realistic game to enjoy just purely driving - and generally I do enjoy the feel of driving the cars.

    In particular I just like hot lapping, seeing how quick I can get my laptimes, and comparing times to my friends (or online randoms around the world).

    As above I find it utterly bizarre that a pure racing game doesn't save your lap times!! They even disappear if you restart the session say after you crash. I like to race nordschliefe - but if I crash in the first corner I either have to tool around for another 7 minutes to start the next lap, or if I want to restart for another go, I have to accept I have lost my record of best lap time so then I lose my delta's and splits until I set another lap, I have no idea if I'm up or down.

    What I find even stranger is that the game does save your replays from before the restart. So if you crash a lot (like I do when I'm purely chasing fast laps) the replay includes everything from the start - which for me is useless, you only ever need to see from the latest restart. However this does suggest that if it stores the replays from the start then it should also inherently know your laptimes from the start.

    It's bad enough starting from scratch every time I turn the game off - but to start from scratch every time I restart the lap is just incredibly frustrating and actually ruins the game for me. I have no idea if I'm improving or not!

    I feel local saved timing per track is a must have feature. First a local lap board for each track. Also you should be able to choose to save a detailed chosen lap timing to load at a later time to race against (with splits). Even 3-sector split times instead of 'live' split times would be massively useful.


    There are then a few nice to have features related to timing I'd like to see (as a lower priority).

    The first is shared global leader boards to upload your (clean) time for each track. When comparing you should be able to filter either by exact car or vehicle group and filter by tweaked set-up / assists. I understand this is not available for PC - but maybe with no modding this could be possible on PS4.

    The second is local saved ghost car. I understand this is available on PC. Live split is ok but ghost is more useful to compare different racing lines.

    The third is I would like to see a rolling list of at least my last 5 lap times so i can see how consistent I am and how much him improving.

    The last thing I would like to see is dynamic racing line which changes with your speed for learning a new track.

    Thanks for a good game - the above would make it great for me.
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  7. Silvio-zgb

    Silvio-zgb Gamer

    I agree, its a basic thing what game shlold have by default !!!!
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  8. Leandrobatex

    Leandrobatex Rookie

    Hey guys,

    Any updates on this? I feel like this is an easy must for racing games. The data is already there (local times). Just save it and it show us.


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