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XB1 Impressions on base XBOX - not what I expected

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by RhythmMachine, Jun 24, 2020.

  1. So I was prepared for terrible frame rates but otherwise beautiful graphics, amazing feel, but possibly not being able to even play on my vintage XBOX One.

    No real issues getting my wheel (Thrustmaster TX Italia) working, but it would be nice to have a little guidance on what the settings do (thought it's nice to actually have settings, coming from AC). I didn't have any problems with the frame rate, either in single player or with opponents. The weather is cool, but driving in the wet is TOUGH.

    The graphics were super blocky for me at first, but turning down the sharpness on my TV helped.

    The only real issues for me at this stage (with only having scratched the surface of the game) are:
    1. FFB is terrible. In AC I can feel bumps, feel when the car is starting to step out. In ACC I have gain at 100 and played with the other levels but feel very little on the road/curbs and don't have a good sense of the steering. Weight is good, but detail is abysmal.
    2. FOV makes it extremely difficult to drive. I play about 1m away from a 65" TV and in AC put my field of view (at the beginning of every session, since it DOESN'T SAVE.... aaaargh!) at 42 degrees. I don't know what it's locked at in ACC, but it must be a lot wider than that, because I have no sense of speed, find it really tough to judge my entry into corners and, combined with the poor FFB, can't catch the car starting to slide early enough to catch it.
    So, will I keep it? If it felt like my system couldn't run it I wouldn't have much hope and there wouldn't be any point in holding on. If the frame rate bothered me enough, there wouldn't be any point. Neither of those would be likely to improve on my current setup.

    But since my primary concerns are weak FFB and no FOV adjustment, I have a sliver of hope that they may be able to (and may actually choose to) address those with patches since they are both better in AC (and yes, I know it's on a different engine, and in some PC games you can modify the FOV you can't do in the console version). So after a few hours at the wheel, I don't think I'll submit a refund request to Microsoft.

    It will be interesting to see if my faith is rewarded or if this is my last Kunos purchase. I guess time will tell.
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  3. Biganda

    Biganda Rookie

    I'm amazed you've got weight in the FF, I have absolutely nothing. The wheel is heavy and shakes when stationary in the pits, but as soon as the car starts moving all FF disappears.

    I really find it astounding the game had been released like this after such a long waiting time.
  4. Kevin Kirk

    Kevin Kirk Simracer

    I have next to no FFB also on a TMX with a OG xbox. Unfortunately this is the ugliest game i have ever played on my OG xbox one. It looks almost like how it looks thur the hud and cockpit rear view mirrors. I have made it work so far but im hoping it will get better thur some patches because the graphics are just awfull. I would even say its near below xbox 360 levels and im not exaggerating. In fact you cant even tell what make the car ahead is until you get right on its dam near its bumber.
  5. Rema84

    Rema84 Gamer

    I think, you have the wrong presets. I am using the same wheel (TX 458 Italia) at the same console and the FFB is pretty good. Use my presets and I think, you will feel better. Don't set Gain at 100, this forces Clipping and it feels weird. It's important to set 900°, the FFB is calibrated to work with this value! 20200701_113445.jpg
  6. Thanks - I'll give those a shot. I set up profiles for each group of cars based on their actual steering range (also discovered that there doesn't seem to be any way to modify and save an existing profile other than entering the same profile name manually every time I save). Have you tried that? Just wondering if the 900 is something I could set and forget in the game, or if it's better to change to the specific values in the game for each car. And if I do set a value other than 900 in-game, should I change the physical setting on the wheel to be lower as well? I haven't had problems with the steering feeling to twitchy/sensitive, but hate it when I'm crawling along in first at the first chicane on Monza and can still barely keep the car on the track coming out if it because it just won't turn enough.
  7. Rema84

    Rema84 Gamer

    Normally, the 900 degrees are a thing, that you setting up and can forget. At PC-Version it fits perfect for every car. The game did the rest for every car. But at Console it's buggy. I am found out, that at the Porsche 900° is perfect. At the Ferrari I must set 600° to can drive it and have the angle 1:1 for the Ingamewheel to the Thrustmaster. 900 are undriveable in this case. I hope Kunos fix this as soon as possible!
  8. Kevin Kirk

    Kevin Kirk Simracer

    gt3 cars dont have the same steering lock so you wouldnt set it at 900 and use it for every car. ACC doesnt seem automatically set the lock per car like Pcars did. In pcars calibration it told you to set full rotation and then set where your hands were at 12 and six. Then the game would auto set the steering lock for ever car. ACC doesnt seem to do that. Here is the correct steering lock for each car that you need to set it to manually since ACC doesnt seem to do it for you. https://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?threads/correct-steering-lock-for-cars.65343/
  9. Rema84

    Rema84 Gamer

    At the PC-Version, ACC do this! So at Console it is actually only a bug!
  10. Kevin Kirk

    Kevin Kirk Simracer

    at the moment the wheel recognizing issue on consoles make the wheels feel so wierd I cant tell if it does or not to be honest.

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