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Info needed on thrustmaster t500rs pedals

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by psittacus, Oct 16, 2014.

  1. psittacus

    psittacus Rookie

    I'm looking at getting the Thrustmaster T500RS but can't find any info on whether the pedals have carpet grippers or if they have to be bolted down, if anyone has any experience of these pedals I'd really appreciate it.
    I have a G25 & their carpet gripper works no problem on a carpet tile fixed to my desk base.


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  3. Steve32

    Steve32 Simracer

    The T500RS pedals weigh a hell of a lot more then G25 pedals as pretty much everything is made from metal they wont move anywhere, I know the T500 pedals have rubber grips cant remember if has carpet gripper im in the office so cant check on my ones atm.

    I have mine on my GT Omega cockpit which has a metal inclined pedal tray, and mine are just placed on that and dont move anywhere.

    EDIT - Weight taken from specs of pedals

    - 100% metal, for optimal stability, weight (more than 7 kgs) and resistance
    Last edited: Oct 16, 2014
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  4. Skazz

    Skazz Racer

    There's no carpet gripper (so far I've only ever seen that on the G25 pedals).

    I am fairly sure the T500 pedals will stay where they are put on carpet, since they have a bunch of big chunky rubber feet, but I've never tried. On the flat metal plates of my Fanatec Rennsport v1 wheelstand the T500 pedals do slide a little, but that is a smooth metal surface. My clubsport pedals slid on the wheelstand but are rock solid gripping a carpet, so I am pretty sure the T500 pedals will do likewise. But I can't give you a firm guarantee.
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  5. psittacus

    psittacus Rookie

    Thanks for the replys guys, I'm sure I could bodge something together if needed. Guess the old G25 will be getting a much needed retirement.
  6. MrPix

    MrPix Racer

    My T500RS pedals moved under heavy braking all the time on carpet (very short pile though)... I put a piece of wood between them and the skirting board in the end... it was bad. I've had to bolt down the CSR v2's too.
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  7. psittacus

    psittacus Rookie

    Ye think I might have to do something similar, I'm going to strengthen the shelf the wheel will be on as well, my old G25s rattling has weakened it quite a bit.
    Thanks all:)
  8. Skazz

    Skazz Racer

    If your G25 weakened it, the T500RS will pulverize it....

    To quote myself from a post in a different forum:
    "Did lots of wheelcheck testing on my own T300 and T500 yesterday. So if you want to know how powerful the (speed limited) motors are, I can give you an idea in terms of rotational capabilities.

    Wheelcheck attempts to see how far a wheel rotates over 300ms from stationary with different levels of force %. This gives a maximum number of degrees rotated in 300ms, which can easily be converted over to rpm:
    • The T500 will reach a peak spin speed of around 133 rpm (GTE rim) = 800 degrees of rotation in 1 second
    • The T300 can hit around 100 rpm (PS rim) = 600 degrees of rotation in 1 second
    • The G25 can hit around 70 rpm = 420 degrees of rotation in 1 second
    • The DFGT can hit around 60 rpm = 360 degrees of rotation in 1 second
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  9. psittacus

    psittacus Rookie

    :eek:Looks like some major joinery work needed on the shelf then! thanks for the info:)
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  10. DaveC

    DaveC Rookie

    the T500rs pedals are so heavy you wont have any issues with them moving around on a carpet (7+lbs) they can also be bolted to a rig with m6 bolts

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