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Insufficient privileges to post/reply

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by kidmaciek, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. Thomas Fun

    Thomas Fun Racer

    You have to link your steamid to get access rights for the game you own. It is mentioned somewhere, but i didnt see it first as well.
    Richy.C likes this.
  2. Me too.... have a fun day...
  3. Kenan79

    Kenan79 Rookie

  4. Bob Pearson

    Bob Pearson Rookie

    And another test
  5. SteelOak

    SteelOak Rookie

    What if someone have game on console? Still need to create Steam account in order to get help?
    Maybe someone here knows if PS4 version of ACC will have polish text language? I know Steam version has it but there is no info for console.
    Dewald Nel likes this.
  6. paul linton

    paul linton Rookie

    me too cannot post in console section for advise and opinions
  7. GreenSixty

    GreenSixty Rookie

    Posting here to test if this is my issue
  8. Marcopolo

    Marcopolo Rookie

    Test to get privileges. I'm the same here. I'm new to this forum but am unable to reply to any post or ask a question on any existing post.
  9. have the same issue.....can't answer or write new posts in many sup forums here
  10. coderMaff

    coderMaff Rookie

    Me too, hi all!
  11. Brocky05

    Brocky05 Rookie

  12. coderMaff

    coderMaff Rookie

    Well that failed, still only access to some forums :(
  13. Rayaarito

    Rayaarito Rookie

    Did anybody ever solves this?
  14. FUBARxv

    FUBARxv Rookie

    Can I haz post?
  15. GuS00007

    GuS00007 Rookie

  16. coderMaff

    coderMaff Rookie

    Yup, as soon as you link your Steam account (for PC users) the appropriate forums popup with in 24 hours..
  17. Qualmdudler

    Qualmdudler Rookie

    Just posting to get privileges. Cheers
  18. sscuster21

    sscuster21 Rookie

    Here for privileges as well.
  19. Sandro Maroni

    Sandro Maroni Rookie

    Regarding new GT4
    I join in the joy of all those who love simulation and can not help but make the biggest compliments for this latest great job ..
    Among the many peculiarities, what struck me most is the "lightness" of driving that they have managed to transfer to all the cars.
    I also join the previous post to congratulate the great Aris and the fever he transmits ..
    Yes, please .. don't stop
  20. palendrone

    palendrone Rookie

    associated accounts still no joy, will posting here allow me?
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