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Insufficient privileges to post/reply

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by kidmaciek, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. Dommeke

    Dommeke Rookie

    fixed, thx =:)
  2. Boonatix

    Boonatix Gamer

    Is it working?
  3. Hi There

    I have ACC on the PS4 , and would like to know if its possible for us Console Peasant to be able to post on the PC Forum.

    There is VERY usefull article etc there, but makes it infuriating if we cannot comment anything there ?

    Any ideas ?
  4. psone

    psone Rookie

    1st post
  5. duckingfick

    duckingfick Rookie

    trying to get privilages
  6. Boostluke

    Boostluke Rookie

    Posting to get privilege
  7. andyc709292

    andyc709292 Gamer

    Need to link your steam account to post in the PC forum, but I also liked a few posts and that seemed to do the trick...
  8. Victor Mateos

    Victor Mateos Rookie

    Just posting here in order to post a bug.
    ortazel and Joshua/A like this.
  9. Privialage test?
  10. Nielles

    Nielles Rookie

    same ehre
  11. Joshua/A

    Joshua/A Rookie

    same here
  12. Kumiankka

    Kumiankka Rookie

    Testing for privs
  13. Lowjack

    Lowjack Rookie

  14. Been trying to figure this out for 40 minutes now.

    Signing up should give you privileges. Stupid.

  15. Well, that didn't work either.

    WTF with this forum?
  16. Stocky 2

    Stocky 2 Rookie

  17. Sunhead

    Sunhead Rookie

    Anything? There should some kind of message to let users know when and how they can post
  18. -chilli-

    -chilli- Rookie

    Hello everyone
    I am the new one here.

    I also have the problem that I cannot post in all forums.
    Sometimes it's better ;-)

    But still; How can I get authorization?
    Without a Steam account?
    (I am one of the console players who has no major problems, so I do not switch to a PC version)
  19. Middle Clash

    Middle Clash Rookie

    Testing the theory:)
  20. Wynarator

    Wynarator Rookie

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