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Insufficient privileges to post/reply

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by kidmaciek, Feb 13, 2020.

  1. Dani_Chechum

    Dani_Chechum Rookie

    posting here for privileges haha I need to fix g29 problems with the game :(
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  2. spiderdaddy

    spiderdaddy Rookie

    Darn, there was no advice on how to get started on posting to the forums anywhere.
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  3. Senor Teflon

    Senor Teflon Rookie

    Im having the same issue. I can only post. How did you fix it?
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  4. What is your issue, can you elaborate it.
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  5. Maxi1500

    Maxi1500 Rookie

    I just started playing AC yesterday, and am having trouble trying to find the right settings to for my wired 360 gamepad. I decided to try this forum, but I couldn't post in the relevant sub-forum, because I'm not privileged to do so. :eek:

    If this is the only place I'm able to post I've got nothing to lose by trying my luck here. The default gamepad settings were rotten. far too twitchy. I've tried a few different recommended settings that I've found online, but nothing feels right. Car is either far too twitchy, or not responsive enough to do anything except drive around very slowly. I would also like to set the glance left/right/behind controls to the right stick (instead of the d-pad), but I can't do that in the gamepad settings for some reason.
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  6. gutibroker

    gutibroker Rookie

    Posting here in order to post a bug.
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  7. Raoulemilian

    Raoulemilian Rookie

    Mhaaa posting herrre
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  8. Littlefysh

    Littlefysh Rookie

    Posting here for new account reasons
  9. Littlefysh

    Littlefysh Rookie

    So it's been a day and I still can't post anywhere but here and I don't understand why.
  10. Ennis

    Ennis Rookie

    Same :-/
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  11. Tom Meakin

    Tom Meakin Rookie

    Same here!
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  12. Tom Meakin

    Tom Meakin Rookie

    Still no joy
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  13. Kishanp

    Kishanp Rookie

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  14. bhamx2

    bhamx2 Rookie

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  15. InHartWeTrust

    InHartWeTrust Rookie

    Testing here because I also can’t seem to post anywhere for months now?
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  16. InHartWeTrust

    InHartWeTrust Rookie

    Posting here as well, as I haven’t been able to post since joining months ago.
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  17. Is there something I need to achieve here in the forums before ACC let me add text or pictures to my signature?
  18. Even with associating my Steam account, I still can't post a message in the troubleshooting forum. :confused:o_O (And this post is now waiting for moderator approval.)
  19. G.Lau

    G.Lau Rookie

    Testing the theory that you need to post somewhere before you can create a post ‍♂️
  20. thuno0r

    thuno0r Rookie

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