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interest in SRS like, iRacing like Multiplayer website?

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by dosenfleisch79, Jun 24, 2019.


Is there enough interest in such a service?

  1. Yes

    75 vote(s)
  2. No

    3 vote(s)
  3. Depends on how it will be made

    11 vote(s)
  1. Hi together,

    as the title says, i am really thinking about, to start a own website service with a multiplayer service similair to that what srs did and what iracing is doing. The basics given from the Game itself are there. Automated Server configuraiotn with Entry lists etc. would be also possible. Question is, would there be enough interest.

    My plans are:

    - Making a website where you register with your steam account, to get your steam ids matched.
    - Scheduled Championships (week 1 monza, week 2 misano, week 3 brands hatch etc etc).
    - Races every 2 Hours where you have to book your place via the website. Race length 45min to 1 hr?
    - You can race how much you want in one week. Points will be calculated like this: If you race 1 race, this is the counted race for the championship week, if you race 2 races, the best result counts. if you race 3, the average of your 2 best races counts, as racing more than 5 races, always the average of your X best races will count for that week.
    - Own rating (like iRating) depending on your race finishing position and the rating of other racers in that race.
    - Later with enough racers with that rating we can split them depending on their rating in different splits to match skill levels.
    - Single car choice (you choose 1 car for the whole season - to get it pretty mixed up)
    - Races go only official with at least 12 players. Under 12 players, the race does not count in your ratings and championship. (this is adjustable, just some numbers out of my brain).
    - Leaderboards for rating, Fastest laps etc.

    Team Endurance Championship:
    - fully automated with team management via website. You organize your team and other players can join your team if you invite them, or provide it with password, whatever. Team leader register then for the Team Endurance races and all team members are allowed to join the race later.

    - 3 hr, 6hr, and 24hr races would be fully automated possible.

    What are your thoughts? let me know :)

    Maybe Kunos @Minolin @Aristotelis would like to support this? Or are they planning this themselves somehow?
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2019
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  3. Conath0

    Conath0 Gamer

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  4. LuisMercury

    LuisMercury Racer

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  5. Conath0

    Conath0 Gamer

    I hope so! :) But we're gonna need some help from @Minolin as well (the results json needs to save results after session, not session change + we need the drivers who quit to also be listed in results).
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  6. yes :) i didnt know that something like this already exists. nice
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  7. There is a thread over at the SRS forum about supporting ACC. They said they would like to support the game, but there doesn't seem to be much interest in the general population thus far.
  8. chakko

    chakko Alien

    I totally would be interested. Hopefully, there is just one site though, i don't like splintering. Rather join forces, and then do something really good, than have 3 or 4 sites doing the same, snatching players from each other.

    I really like the points you made in the OP. Sounds great.
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  9. DzelRacing

    DzelRacing Racer

    I could not agree with you more !
  10. LuisMercury

    LuisMercury Racer

  11. ears

    ears Hardcore Simmer

    @dosenfleisch79 @chakko I'm doing some dev work on the accracing.club website, services, database etc. but there's way more to do than I have time for.

    There are so many ideas but so little time!

    If you'd like to join and contribute, you'd be very welcome.

    There are all kinds of things in the pipeline - website event scheduling with online signups which will automatically spit out and send entry lists, config files etc.

    We already have Steam integrated so logged in users see their own laptimes / results highlighted etc.

    The website link is above, or come direct to our Discord if you want.


    It's still very early days, but it's starting to feel like this could really work.
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  12. LuisMercury

    LuisMercury Racer

    This is the way to follow

    I totally adhere ... we must act together!

    go go go !!
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