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Introducing Web based AC Server Manager from Korean AC user group!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by bravejhl, Mar 25, 2017.

  1. bravejhl

    bravejhl Rookie

    Hi, AC Users!

    We are a community group of AC in Korea. In order to make server room easily, and as many as AC users be able to enjoy multiplay easily, we developed web based AC Server Manager. This kind of service is already provided by user groups commonly, so this would be very familiar with you AC players.

    BTW, we are preparing MULTI REGIONAL service, for instance, users can create own server room nearby his/her location, so that they can enjoy multiplay under fresh network environment. Currently, we do provide EU and Korea Server only, but it could be expandable if there are some users out there who are willing to use our service globally, so this is kind of test stage. Please feel free to use this and give us any feedback or comments.

    스크린샷 2017-03-25 오후 7.19.39.png
    Region selection

    Also, we opened a time attack event now, named SideBySide Time Attack. You may see the room named 'SideBySide Time Attack - EU' which is operated on Ireland AWS Server. Once you finished your clean lap, the record will be loaded up on our RESULT page,

    So Anybody, who wants to play AC with his colleagues in the world, please use our server room. This service is just FREE OF USE, and we don't have any plan to charge any fees in the future. (we are receiving Donations ;) rather than service charge) Currently, several members are developing our service overnightly and still have too many things remained to make SideBySide complete. Please help us with your responses and feedbacks. We are fully opened to listen AC users' voices!

    See below attached pics for glimpse of our service. If this posting is not proper or it has some issues whis is not suitable for this room, please let us know. We will delete this right away. Please don't ban account ;(..

    Hope you enjoy this! Let me hear you guys!


    Site Name : SideBySide - Let's race together
    Site Link : http://sidebyside.co.kr
    Supported Language : Korean, you may use chrome translation for English, but almost of contents are supported in English
    Services : Lap time record, telemetry analysis, server room creation
    Supported Games : Assetto Corsa (now available), Project Cars (preparing), Race Room (future)

    You may create your own server room with full detailed properties / options
    스크린샷 2017-03-25 오후 6.45.49.png

    You may select track, if there is some track you want, don't hesitate to ask to load up, we will do!
    스크린샷 2017-03-25 오후 6.46.12.png

    You may select cars and skins. You can ask to upload any modded car and skins.
    스크린샷 2017-03-25 오후 6.46.41.png

    Your results will be gathered automatically, but if you don't want automatic record upload, you may check off 'Record Update' check box shown as below.
    스크린샷 2017-03-25 오후 7.04.46.png

    Hope you guys enjoy my posting and our service! :)

    Attached Files:

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  3. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    Really cool, thanks!
    bravejhl likes this.
  4. bravejhl

    bravejhl Rookie

    Any comments or feedback would be appreciated! ;)
  5. anything-but

    anything-but Guest

    How do you delete a created room?
    bravejhl likes this.
  6. bravejhl

    bravejhl Rookie

    If the room does not have any activities for certain period, it will be deleted automatically. Sooner or later, we will add delete button.
  7. anything-but

    anything-but Guest


    I've been running a AWS based server myself based in Frankfurt ,you need a wider range in fuel consumption and tire wear rate,up to 400% in both.

    Also, is the password setup for the admin or room access?
    bravejhl likes this.
  8. bravejhl

    bravejhl Rookie

    Thanks for reply. If you fill out user information completely, the "advanced" button will be activated, then you may configure details as show below.
    that password for room currently, we will add admin password soon.

    Evenif 'loop mode' is checked and created, if there is no activity on that room for certain period, it will be deleted automatically after some time.

    Any questions are very welcomed!

    스크린샷 2017-03-25 오후 9.42.13.png
    스크린샷 2017-03-25 오후 9.42.31.png
    스크린샷 2017-03-25 오후 9.42.47.png
  9. anything-but

    anything-but Guest

    Your fuel and tire wear rates only go to a maximum of 200%, it needs to be at least 400% for both.
    bravejhl likes this.
  10. bravejhl

    bravejhl Rookie

    ah.. ! okay! will modify that soon. Thanks!
  11. anything-but

    anything-but Guest

    Plus, having the ability to upload a car setup to enable fixed setup races would be a good option to have....or a place to cut/paste the setup at least.
    detoit and bravejhl like this.
  12. Wooho.yang

    Wooho.yang Rookie

    Thank you for your idea. I am one of developer from korea. ;) That would be necessary. We are preparing some granting / previliges for certain actions. Upload stuff expose systems weak point. So considering safe way to adopt user mod or configurations by users easily. Currently user can ask upload user modded files.

    Btw, will check the way to upload car setup! Thanks!
    Last edited: Mar 25, 2017
  13. myimac

    myimac Alien

    How do I get English language option?
  14. bravejhl

    bravejhl Rookie

    Currently, we support korean. but most of contents are described in English. We will support all of contents in English soon!

    myimac likes this.
  15. bravejhl

    bravejhl Rookie

    BTW, last night, one of AC player, named Jakub Charkot, beat 1st place on our Time Attack from EU Server, anybody knows about him?

    Who is Jakub Charkot ?

    His record, is just crazy....

    스크린샷 2017-03-26 오전 9.41.04.png
  16. kofotsjanne

    kofotsjanne Alien

    Wooho.yang likes this.
  17. MrKubool

    MrKubool Rookie

    It's me. Not the best time tbh, I don't drive much on street tires in AC ;) Great track/car combo btw! Super fun to drive.
    ALB123, Wooho.yang and kofotsjanne like this.
  18. Wooho.yang

    Wooho.yang Rookie

    "Not the best time" LOL, what did we do... haha.
  19. bravejhl

    bravejhl Rookie

    스크린샷 2017-03-29 오전 9.55.48.png

    we updated for above settings. Thanks!
  20. bravejhl

    bravejhl Rookie

    We have added admin password input.

    스크린샷 2017-03-29 오전 9.56.12.png

  21. bravejhl

    bravejhl Rookie

    we are now preparing for fixed car setup. will get back to you with updates soon

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