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Ironman Racing League 2020

Discussion in 'ACC Online Leagues / Championships room' started by Stomp-N-Steer, Apr 9, 2020.

  1. Stomp-N-Steer

    Stomp-N-Steer Rookie

    The Ironman Racing League is now looking for drivers to join our league for the ASSETTO CORSA game...

    We are using the Ginnetta G55 Supercar 2017 (LHD) mod...

    Our 16 slot Race Server is up 24/7 for anytime practice...

    We race on Saturday Nights starting at 6:00pm pacific standard time...

    Official League Practice starts at 6:00pm pacific time, but you can join the server at anytime before to run as much practice as you want.

    Official 10 minute League Qualifying Starts at 6:20pm pacific time.
    (There is a 3 minute waiting session between the end of Qualifying and the start of the Race)

    Official League Race Starts at 6:33pm - ish pacific time.
    The number of laps will be determined by track size and pre announced in the forums.

    I will try and keep times as close as possible to the above format.

    Server Name =
    IronmanRacingLeague.FreeForums .net (GinnettaG55 Supercup)

    The password for the Race Server will be available on race day in forums, and sent out to registered members via e-mail... We also have a 15 slot TeamSpeak server for communication.


    Races are in laps but equal to around 25 minutes give or take a lap depending on your lap times...

    WEEK #1 - 3/28/20
    27 Laps @ Limerock Park 0.9:

    WEEK #2 - 4/4/20
    23 Laps @ Road Atlanta Short 2018:

    WEEK #3 - 4/11/20
    30 Laps @ Mills Metro Park Short:

    WEEK #4 - 4/18/20
    16 Laps @ Norrisring:

    WEEK #5
    - 4/25/20
    20 Laps @ Barbagallo Release_v1.2-RD:

    WEEK #6 - 5/2/20
    20 Laps @ Donnington Park National 2018:

    WEEK #7 - 5/2/20
    20 Laps @ Vallelunga Classic:

    WEEK #8 - 5/9/20 (Season Final Race)
    25 Laps @ Silverstone National:



    (must be registered in forums to see most threads)


    Last edited: Apr 9, 2020

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