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Is AC playable with a gamepad/controller?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Aplam, Jan 8, 2019.

  1. Aplam

    Aplam Rookie

    I tried playing with a controller when I got ETS 2 a few years ago and the experience was horrid. Couldn't and still can't afford to invest in a wheel so I had to stick with keyboard and mouse.

    Is it possible to play AC on a xbox 360 controller without having the car jerk left and right every time I move the analog? If not, then is AC playable with a mouse steering?

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  3. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    Since you're posting this here in the Competizione subforums I assume you mean ACC, not AC. Not sure why the thread is marked as bug... but anyway. I'd say from experience both AC/ACC are definitely playable with a controller (without any assists and even somewhat competitively) - with some adjustments needed depending on personal preferences, I personally can't drive well with the standard settings - though you'll obviously never get the same feedback, feel and control as you'd get with a good wheel & pedals with Force Feedback. But with enough experience the driving itself isn't an issue. The biggest issue IMHO with using gamepad controllers is that it's just too tiring for your hands to be consistently fast over, say, a whole hour stint/race. Also in ACC there's no button binding for gamepads yet.

    (Btw. I would like to mention graphics performance, as that - latency first and foremost - has quite some impact on your ability to drive well regardless of controlling method used, better lower some settings and keep the frametimes low and any potential larger dips above a certain framerate. Stutter - not having a consistent frametiming - would be another concern.)
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  4. To be honest, this licence without a wheel and pedals is quite unplayable. If you want to play a game with controllers of 360, it is better to go for Forza 7 (I have it).

    I tried to play it with the 360 controller, and I can say it is a “meh”. And I tried with a mouse and it felt even was worse.

    To conclude, if you buy AC (or any sim) include the wheel in the budget. Or buy another game.
  5. Vel

    Vel Racer

    I absolutely love AC with a 360 controller. I can't imagine using it with a steering wheel. Perhaps for drifting with pedals. But for normal driving, and racing? 360 Controller all the way.

    The controller provides an acute sense of absolute control and insanely extreme precision (driving is like a zen experience with a 360 pad - you delicately touch the controller and merely think about the direction you want to go. The controller does the rest), as well as the rumble - a great faux-wheel/driving feedback which reflects the engine's RPM using the legacy-code assetto_corsa.ini option. The current 'default' set up is... less than ideal and lacks engine rumble (which doubles nicely as a faux road-feel as you would otherwise sense in an actual car's steering wheel)
  6. Cote Dazur

    Cote Dazur Alien

    Definitely playable.
  7. Alistair McKinley

    Alistair McKinley Hardcore Simmer

    AC is easily playable with a gamepad. (edit: I didn't have to calibrate or set up my xbox 360 controller. It worked just right out of the box.)
    Sometimes - when I want to test something (e.g. a mod) and I am too lazy to set up my wheel - I use a gamepad. And it works fine - even though I prefer the wheel.
  8. Ok. 2020! Which is your best xbox one controller settings for the game? some values ive seen does not work with the controller sliders in the game - do you change the values in some other way?
  9. Skybird

    Skybird Alien

    Playable with xbox controllers? Maybe .

    But you miss the best of what ACC is about by core and essence. And it has no chance to bring these its core qualities to your perception where you would indeed be able to take note of them.
  10. Epistolarius

    Epistolarius Alien

    Can't agree with that.
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  11. Vel

    Vel Racer

    Have never wanted to play AC or ACC with anything but a 360 controller. ... After 1700+hrs of play in AC, using the "Legacy" setting in the AC config files... it's been nothing but blissful. Extreme precision, wonderful illusion of road-feel. ... Great game with a 360 controller.

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