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Is there anybody feel Porsche 781 cayman not real?

Discussion in 'PlayStation 4 Discussions' started by Jacky Chou, Dec 8, 2016.

  1. Schnipp

    Schnipp Alien

    13.7s for 400m isn't an AC problem.

    2016-12-19 13_46_12-Assetto Corsa.jpg
  2. LeDude83

    LeDude83 Alien

    Beautiful mate. Thanks for making these guys look stupid just like they should.

    The complete absence of reason with some people impresses me again and again: "Hey let's just claim stuff, right?" You can do that if you're a politician maybe, but not if you want to achieve something or if you want to be taken seriously.
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  3. Schnipp

    Schnipp Alien

    Well, I don't do it to make somebody look stupid, but if they quote numbers that are way slower than possible, then it's time to correct them.

    Also it's way easier to use measured data then something that (may) have other variables in it.

    My time was set with stock setup, around 20°C temp, no TC, manual H-Shifter and manual clutch.
    And 12.3s was the time I found for the 718 Cayman S PDK.
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  4. liakjim

    liakjim Alien

    But but but...he....feels....

    Στάλθηκε από το m2 note μου χρησιμοποιώντας Tapatalk
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  5. Markim79

    Markim79 Gamer

    Well I have a LaFerrari I drive to work and back every day and I "feel" my actual one is 0.000001 quicker to 100km/h than in the game. I demand a full rewrite of the code for this car. Also, I can't show you any pictures or videos because my phone battery is dead at the moment.
  6. Blamer

    Blamer Hardcore Simmer

    I don't develope racing games, but if I had to reproduce one car I'd surely do one thing: make the 0-100 km/h, 400m and 1000m match the real one.
    And if I had data from the mother house that checks even the pixel of my replica...
  7. Markim79

    Markim79 Gamer

    What's the real time of 0-100? Maybe for me on a 20 degree day and half a tank of fuel will be different for you on a 10 degree day etc etc etc. Way too many variables to get a spot on time.
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  8. Donnced2

    Donnced2 Hardcore Simmer

    Honestly, Kunos Simulazioni works with Telemetry, with official data of the car that Porsche has given to Kunos development team and thy work together receiving feedback from the Porsche ingeniers..

    It's also imposible to match a car 100% real in a comercial simulator racing game.

    Lot's off things can influence in a real car that even difers from the official numbers on a document..

    Atmosferic presion, altitudes, type of tyre, degradation of them, presions,ambient temperature, track temperature, no one single engine es 100% equal as an other...

    So you see that there's quite some things that can Make the performance of a real car different of what's writed in the official documents of the car..

    So it's logically dificult to make an digital car in a simulation 100% equal into it.

    I really think that Kunos Simulazioni do a good job, and specially with Porsche, thanks to the special agreement they have and that Kunos makes the simulators for the Porsche experience centers.
  9. Schnipp

    Schnipp Alien

    With no launch control in AC there isn't a really basis for a complete comparison though.

    Let's say 0.1-0.2s improvement myself (did 3-4 runs on stock setup), and then add 0.2-0.3s if launch control and PDK would be added, then AC would be around 12.4s compared to 12.0s to 12.3s for the PDK real car.
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  10. Bob Peirce

    Bob Peirce Racer

    Agree and then some. I have a Cayman R (330 HP), which on a track I know, is faster than the 718 sim. On a long straight I have seen 122. The sim only gets to 118. There is a high speed kink where I also get over 120 and have to brush the brake. The sim will go flat out at something less. I wouldn't have the testicular fortitude to try that in real life. OTOH, acceleration is comparable, although the 718 should be faster. The sim does brake better than the real life R, but I don't know how it compares to the real life 718.

    I can live with that. It is only a few mph. Where I am having trouble is keeping it from spinning on street tires. I have never spun the R, although I have understeered off track on more than one occasion and I have gotten the rear end loose from time-to-time. The 718 will spin in just about any fairly sharp turn when run at speeds I know the R can do. I have tried to cure this with tire pressure and camber changes and it is better than before but still not what I expect. It is also beyond my ability to control, although figuring it out will help on the track.
  11. Bob Peirce

    Bob Peirce Racer

    I need to add that I am using Michelin PS4s, which are particularly good street tires and compliment the Cayman very well. It is possible the AC tire model is more generic. I have no idea how it is derived or what assumptions are made. I have found, while the R uses the same pressure front and rear, the 718 benefits from 1# more in the rear.
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