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PS4 Issue list ACC on PS4 after few hours

Discussion in 'Bug reports' started by RaceEddie, Jun 30, 2020.

  1. RaceEddie

    RaceEddie Rookie

    After first few hrs spent with ACC on PS4 standard system I just quickly wanna give some feedback about found issues (guess most of them were reported already):

    - Wet race in carrer mode/Hungary: Q1: Almost all cars sneaking around circuit very very slow, sometimes in cues of several vehicles. White flags everywhere. Cars being finaly qualified 180 sec or so slower than P1.
    - Headlights in night race. Well, there is in fact no headlight.... Just 2 candles.
    - Pit lane and pit lane exit : Cars are able to drive "through" your own car.
    - Virtual rubber on race line in some cases doesn't increace at all during race and stays clean (dawn race, Misano).
    - 2nd race of race weekend in carrer mode: Physical fuel consumption as well as monitored consumtion per lap in dash board was frozen. Race finally ended with full tank :)
    In 1st race, same location, all was fine before.
    - During start procedure cars sometimes crash into own car

    To me some explaination of many in-game funtions and menus are not just a nice-to-have.
    Even for me, having run many many different race games over the years since F1GP early 90s,
    many topics here are simply hard or not to understand what the idea of some functions is.
    There's no booklet and also no way to find out anything online easily. Extract:

    - How should the many different car control functions be set/changed without using an additional keyboard or 2nd controller?
    - Explainations of FFB menu?
    - drivers rating/classification system + appreviations and how it works. Reset of CC to 00?
    - many more like: Violett lights on engine speed indicator (car: AMG SLS). Lost car control, drift, TC active?

    Anyway thanks for the nice game, I'm sure it will be perfect in some time.
    It's clear, it can't be perfect at the initial release.

    So far

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