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I've created an advanced random combo generator to help some of us to enjoy ACC more

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by ilema, Jul 15, 2020.

  1. ilema

    ilema Rookie

    Racecombo BETA is a standalone ( useful_/_useless) windows desktop app that gives us unusual combinations of circuits/cars/weather/time through various parameters chosen by the users. This way users can better appreciate the simulator in use (graphic, races,etc.).

    The idea came to my mind when I discovered that at some point we sim racers are often at a loss for ideas about the choice of circuit and car combination especially when there is a lot of content like in AMS2. So if you feel a bit bored, this tool may help ( a bit / a lot ). In my case, it's my own creation but I will take the risk to say that it made me hooked to AMS2 a lot more.

    Racecombo is a project based on passion. I don't intend to get rich on it. However to maintain this and to avoid making embarrassing spammy non paid promotion...I need financial support to cover the working time and various investments (software licenses, games, DLC, etc) and the promotion. I hope this tool will help some simulator enthusiasts to unlock the full potential of simulators like ACC.
    To learn more about #Racecombo and or support the project, please follow this link https://gum.co/racecombo

    *********FREE DEMO VERSION**********
    you can try the app before buying it. You can download the demo version from this link https://gum.co/racecombodemo
    Best regards!

    I'm doing many quick racing session videos using Racecombo to show how this tool generates exciting races and funny moments. Please understand that it's not a driving skill showcase but a Racecombo showcase. So many combos (combination of track/car/time/weather) may be very new to me and my driving may be terrible on some or all of them...
    Link below


    - Support Assetto Corsa Competizione / Automobilista 2 / Raceroom

    - Beautiful and cool interface.

    - Generate combos from a chosen car.

    - Generate combos from a chosen track.

    - Generate combos from a chosen region (Europe, Asia,etc.)

    - Generate combos from a chosen car power.

    - Generate combos from a chosen track speed.

    - Generate dry only combos.

    - Generate beautiful scenery only combos.

    - Generate combos with DLC Contents only.

    - Generate combo with weather slots ( AMS 2 )

    - Generate combo with dynamic weather ( ACC )

    - Save created combos with personal notes.

    - Mark not owned cars and tracks.

    - Detect cars without headlights and pop up alarms ( AMS 2 )

    - Detect potential FUNNY races.

    - Make the app always on top so you can use it in-game.

    - Reduce the window app with an auto and a manual option for a non-invasive experience.

    **To avoid confusion, this application is not an add on or mod or extension for racing simulation software. It is a separate software that works with its own interface. Users will have to input the combo manually.
    **Like most of the supported simulators this software is 64bits only
    **Racecombo is still in BETA. Please only use this tool if you understand/accept that many minor bugs may occur and we plan to resolve them as they're detected.

    *********Racecombo Beta demo and manual*****

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