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I've got to do a test for my confidence? (for making video's)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by william1141, May 13, 2016.

  1. william1141

    william1141 Simracer

    everyone please read atleast till the end of the ''mail'' part before commenting what the heck the title meant!

    okay Friday 13th you won this time.

    previous week we all got an question from the teacher to fill in our most favorite video game or tv show
    ofcourse I blindly filled Assetto Corsa since i love this game/simulation!
    this week (today) I've got in my mail box a mail from my teacher that told me this.
    (this is translated from Dutch, terrible English incoming)
    Dear William,

    from your answer to our question previous week i have to announce you a test!
    It is an test based on your confidence on your video editing skills and your rhythm feel,
    your game you have chosen was Assetto Corsa and it seems that this is an racing game.
    You have to make an video based on this music track
    (Battlefield 4 OST, Stutter theme)

    I know this music does not fit the video game you've chosen but since this is a test based on your confidence in video editing skills and since your confidence is really low we are gonna put you under pressure with this test, don't worry everyone gets a test based on it's weakest skill point.

    - throw everything that fits in this video into this video
    - make the video atleast 1 minute long
    - no resolution lower than 720P 30FPS
    - post it on your youtube channel (if you have one) and set it to PUBLIC
    but you can tell everything about this in the description)
    - make it feel epic!

    you have this till Tuesday to make this video

    I know you can do it William... or do I have to call you Spyro? c'mon! use your fury rage of skills to complete this test! defeat this one!

    good luck!

    well i gotta say the mail somehow got me pretty pumped (especially the last sentence) do you guys think i can make an video epic enough with this music? I really hope so because I am confident and scared at the same time. I know this all sounds fishy but it really isn't! (study course: ''mediavormgever'' i can't translate this)
    Q: why did he mention the name Spyro in the mail?:
    A: my nickname is Spyro! you can literally call me Spyro if you want! (yep, Spyro the dragon)

    Q: what does he mean that you have low confidence in yourself?
    A: I made a few video's but the quality wasn't that great and it kind of got worse over time so i completely stopped making video's only when big updates come or something else great i will make something short just for fun, or when someone wants me to make a video. (they want to convince me that i can edit really well)

    Q: why did he chose this theme?:
    A: they want to test my rhythm skills and my extend of ''video editing'' skills (I assure you I am not that good)

    Q: what happens if you deny this test?
    A: i will have an permanent BAD grade on my report/write-up for the rest of the year
    (this has an great impact)
    video info:
    name: Assetto corsa - Adrenaline
    theme: glitchy/epic
    music: BF4 Stutter theme
    video length: about 1 minute and 30 seconds

    wish me luck guys! let's do this!

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  3. Protoduct

    Protoduct Hardcore Simmer

    Ik had verwacht dat je dan zelf de bijpassende muziek mocht bepalen, maar veel succes!
    william1141 likes this.
  4. william1141

    william1141 Simracer

    ik dacht het ook, maar het was een ''verrassing'' dus ik kon niks bepalen
  5. Horus

    Horus Alien

    I cannot help you with the video, but I am right behind you in your endeavour If this is to help build confidence in your self belief then be careful how much help you really require. Have fun, mess about and don't worry as anything you create will show you have pushed yourself to do your best.

    Good luck and don't forget to post the video up so we can all cheer you on.
    william1141 likes this.
  6. Ody

    Ody Racer

    This song seems perfect for a trailer like video ,where in the first 30 or so seconds you show slow-motion scenes (showcasing the unparalleled realism of the game, like a car hitting the curb etc), and when the music escalates you show fast paced, pumped up scenes (racing, drifting, flames spitting etc). I think kunos has some trailers of this style where you can get the idea.

    Maybe something between this

    and this

    So, to answer your question, yes i (just a viewer, complete noob with video editing etc) think you can make a pretty bad *** video with this music. This song has a lot of aggresiveness , and motor racing is an aggressive sport. Good luck with your project, best wishes.
    Seria17hri11er and Horus like this.
  7. Mr.Mugel

    Mr.Mugel Alien

    Pretty much what I thought, when I watched that video. At the stuttering in the beginning, some varying speeds would be nice, like a car passing coming at you very fast, than turning in and coming by you in slowmo detail with the video speed accelerating and decelerating with the tunes of the music. Could include some "breathing" vignette effects.

    I think the music is pretty good for this, good luck with your project!
    Seria17hri11er likes this.
  8. william1141

    william1141 Simracer

    i am already past the beginning part (i do not know how but it went 80x faster than expected) but that ''fast passing car'' is certainly going to be in the middle part of the video!

    oh and the video is going to look/sound really aggressive and glitchy but the glitches are edited in ofcourse! :)
    Seria17hri11er and Ace Pumpkin like this.
  9. Sweet. Look forward to seeing it. :)
  10. Mr.Mugel

    Mr.Mugel Alien

    Sounds good! Have fun!
  11. Poguinhas

    Poguinhas Alien

    The guy asked for a game and you put in the name of a Simulator? How dare you? :eek:

    But yea, the music sounds good, I'm looking forward to see the final result.

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