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Jaguar E-Type Zero - a classic car reimagined as an electric vehicle.

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by mantasisg 2, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. mantasisg 2

    mantasisg 2 Alien

    What do you think about this ? Does it make electric vehicles more attractive now ?

    Is it terrible, or is it wonderful ?
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  3. I feel like I should be shot for saying so, but I kinda like this... (as a one off, I'm not suggesting we remove all those wonderful straight six's and V12's!)
  4. Like it or not, the world will eventually be free of internal combustion engines.
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  5. mantasisg 2

    mantasisg 2 Alien

    Yeah gotta prepare. Personally I wish that something else will be discoverd, something what would create noise too.

    But it is fact that, sadly, resources are limited.
  6. aphidgod

    aphidgod Alien

    Why bother? For one, depending on where you live and how your electricity is generated, an EV is less green than an efficient IC vehicle. (Break-even point in my part of the US is 35mpg - plenty of IC cars that do better.) And for two, we're already past the tipping point climatologically speaking, even if we'd adopted electric cars 10 years ago it would probably have been a futile effort. Probably should've been listening to the smart people in the 70s who were talking about this stuff, but western society seemed (and largely still seems) content to mock them as tree-huggers, communists, and likely homosexuals.

    For three and four... let's talk the environmental impact of nuclear power and nickel mining on the scale necessary to convert the world's transportation energy consumption to electric. (Actually let's not, I have sh-- to do, but it doesn't hurt to have a little bit broader perspective about IC vs EV. A lot of this is left out of the marketing materials, oddly.)

    Jag sure does know how to sculpt a car body, though. :)
  7. chakko

    chakko Alien

    Not if the people don't buy those. But, you're right, just mind that your reply involves the possibility of something completely different than electrical engines. ;) I think many forget that electrical engines are as old as the automobile itself. And what do we have nowadays, over hundred years later? Cars which cost double the price of a car with combustion engine, weigh 200-300 kilograms more, because of the weight of the accumulator, and travel a distance of about 100 km's, if you drive the car like you would drive a combustion engine powered car. It's called "progress", i guess. Just as a rule of thumb: An accumulator which weighs 250 kilos can hoard the same energy which is in 2,5 liters of petrol. You know, accumulators are a good thing. For smartphones, laptops, and other small devices. Not for a car. In fact, it's ridiculous. Especially when you consider that the energy you get from a socket most likely originates from fossil energy sources anyway, because it comes from compensating power plants anyway. At least in Germany, where we have the highest amount of alternative power installed of all the European countries (about 50 gigawatts now, i think). As the sun doesn't shine from the highest point of the sky all day (and in the night, not at all), and it's not sunny every day, and it's not windy every day, all year long, the most times, the power will come from gas-, coal-, or nuclear power plants. It's all a big, not finalized thought, swindled mess. But, it's something you can sell to people. Not because they would really want it (the amount of approved electric vehicles here is 0,1 %, mostly bought by companies, or cities, to advertise electric vehicles), but, because everyone feels better, when he does something allegedly good for the environment, when he consumes. And, it's a big thing for companies too, because they can advertize with being green. Even automotive companies.

    Anyway, to get back to the topic. It's a nice vintage car. But, i wouldn't be interested in an electrical version at all. But then, i'm not interested in the Formula E at all, either. It's not what i associate with motorsports.
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  8. henri

    henri Hardcore Simmer

    Terrible. Original car is very environmental-friendly. Not very practical car and used max few thousand (km or mile) in a year. Without engine it's just a soulless shell.
  9. Sleeper Service

    Sleeper Service Hardcore Simmer

    So is Hydrogen completely off the agenda now ?

    No matter what the eco-mentalists say, as long as they continue to complain about carbon emissions and yet still find the time to drive to protests about wind farms etc, they'll get no slack from me and I'll still be filling my tank with 98 RON for the 8000 miles a year I do.... well.... as long as it's available ;)

    Edit: The electric Jag is just sooo wrong
  10. Berniyh

    Berniyh Alien

    Not really, but it's certainly pushed into the background.
    Nevertheless, if anyone is going to push hydrogen, it's going to be fuel cell and not internal combustion.

    Apart from other pros and cons, the electric cars do have one significant advantage, when it comes to renewable energy: they can serve as an energy storage, so they can be used to smooth out the energy flows.
  11. Solmyr

    Solmyr Racer

    I think it's just crime against humanity, and that the guys who did that should be scared from LaHaye' International Criminal Court. :confused: :D
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  12. chakko

    chakko Alien

    So, we have energy storages of 50 kWh's then. Wow. We need megawatts, even gigawatts of those (not to mention, if you really have that large amount of electric cars, how do you want to manage all this?). Seriously, every single "advantage" of electric cars is a lie. The only "advantage", if you will, is that it doesn't burn fuel. Anything else is utter nonsense. And even this advantage isn't one, as, as i stated above, the electrical energy will come from fossil energies in most cases anyway.
  13. mantasisg 2

    mantasisg 2 Alien

    Where is this info from ? P.S. I know that you understand electronics, you must understand electricity too, I suppose.

    What about renewable energy sources ? And how electricity is less green then ? First of all, my guess is that the main reason why electricity is the future is that there are more resources of it. Renewable energy sources is one of the most important subjects at the present, and it will be even bigger thing in the future. I agree that we were a bit late, perhaps few decades too late. Funny enough, IIRIC, cars used to be electric at first, and people used to hate the first IC cars for their noise. Ferdinand Porsche was all about electricity too at the beginning.

    However, I feel like one day the racing will look like this:
  14. Berniyh

    Berniyh Alien

    Sorry chakko, but please stop talking bull****.

    Take Germany alone, there are currently 40 million cars, that's about 1 car per two persons. Most of those are just standing around.
    If you replace at least half of those within 20 years of time and each one has a storage of 100 kWh, then – even if you calculate with only 50% of them to preserve energy for the users – you have around 100 GWh of storage capacity.
    Of course that is not going to be enough to keep all of Germany running over night, but then it really doesn't need to. It's just one factor within the whole concept that you require.
    The advantage of the electric cars is that you have storage close to where you might need it. During work hours most likely at places that have a lot of workers.
    It home closer to where people live. In addition, it's a flexible storage that can be used to bridge small changes in the power usage, like we do see it from time to time.

    What is right is that currently the energy used by the electric cars is in many acquired by fossil energy usage, but who on earth said that this should go on like that?
    There are many concepts where you can drive your car to work, plug it in and then the solar panels charge it during the day.
    We do have such installations over here, one is right in front of the house where I live in.
    The solar panels don't have to be on your own house, there are many installations elsewhere that can and will deliver the energy.
    Sure, not every day will give enough energy to charge the car, but you usually don't need that. Most people use their car only to drive maybe 5-10 km per day.
    For that, you don't need to recharge it within a week.
    Oh and chances are high that on a day that is not sunny, the wind mills will very likely be running.

    In the end, it is of course clear that those two technologies cannot fullfill the whole requirements on their own.
    Hence there are many researches working on solutions to bring everything together, both from an ecological as well as an economic point of view.
    It will be worked out, you can rely on that, because there really is no alternative.
    (Don't even start dreaming about fusion reactors. As a physicist I can tell you that it won't happen within the next 50-100 years and even then I wouldn't hold my hopes up high. Until then, it's been either resolved or humanity is in big trouble.)
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  15. chakko

    chakko Alien

    Just shaking my head here. :) But, let's get back to the subject. BTW, even if i had an electric car, i surely wouldn't want the very expensive accumulator to serve as a energy save source, basically making 2, 3, 4 times as many cycles as it would, when i'd just charge it for using my car. Germany is really hopeless, when it comes to thinking about the reasonable use of technology.
  16. mantasisg 2

    mantasisg 2 Alien

    Either you are bad in geography, or IDK what it is. Oh wait... you are from Germany, thats weird.

    Also what cycles ?? Don't drain the battery to the very bottom and you'll save those cycless and battery life, well at least thats how I understand batteries. I'm not good with electricity though, but my Samsung S2 battery is still original and works well lol ( I almost never drain it.).
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2017
  17. chakko

    chakko Alien

    When you use the accumulators as a energy storage, you will charge them, and recharge them. And that uses up cycles. Considering they cost thousands, bigger ones tens of thousands, i don't know how good of an idea it is to use them as energy storage. On the other hand, they're so expensive that, in many electric cars, they will be leased anyway, and they probably mean to use those as energy storage. Still, this is absolutely ridiculous. Everyone would need a special high voltage power connection for that, and we'd need big power lines into every settlement. It's one of those brilliant ideas some green people had, without even thinking what it means to execute the idea. I guess they're just absolutely helpless after they condemned nuclear power to death, and now, they're desperately seeking ways to substitute that. And fossil energies in general.

    BTW, as a last thought i'll contribute to the topic: There used to be economical consideration with almost everything, back in the days. Nowadays, economical considerations less and less play a role. Wind wheels are financed by subsidies, the owner and operator gets revenues partly from subsidies, solar panels, and the revenues get subsidized, and the whole electromobility branch is subsidized beyond all measures. All from the tax payers money, no matter whether he is ok with that or not. That was never the case. Yes, power plants got subsidized, but, at some point, it had to be economical. I don't see that with the renewable energies, or the electromobility branch. Anyway, enough from me. Guess some may already be well fed up with my drivel. :p
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2017
  18. mantasisg 2

    mantasisg 2 Alien

    Are you from East Germany ?

    I've heard that they are still behind their further developed western side, which is more advanced because of obvious reasons.

    Do you understand that accumulator, or battery is MEANT to store energy and then give it away when needed ? And the technology is moving forward, rapidly. Also @Berniyh wrote an excelent post, have you even read it ?

    For me it would be abolute dream to have a little solar power plant and power geothermic heating system with it and an electric car (though I don't understand perks of charging electrical vehicle, but I suppose it is perfectly possible to do at ordinary house), while having a proper internal combustion sport car for some fun weekends at motor circuit, or on snowy winter evenings.
  19. chakko

    chakko Alien

    No offense, but... :D And, no, i am not from East Germany, i wonder where you gathered such totally wrong stereo types though. In fact, a lot is more modern in East Germany, simply, because they built many things up from scratch, after the ****ty communist regime.
    If YOU had any idea what you're talking about, then you knew, that an accumulator can only do a limited amount of discharge/charge cycles, which is why i was talking about cycles. And if you had further knowledge on the subject, then you'd also knew that lithium, the stuff the accumulators use, is already the light metal with the highest energy density on earth, so, the "rapidly forward moving" technology is actually at a halt, limited by the laws of nature, in that case. They might be able to improve what we have in the 30, 40, maybe 50 % area, but, they will NEVER be on the level of petrol, let alone radioactive material. Laws of nature. Unfortunately, not much worth anymore these days, with all the daydreamers in charge.

    And that REALLY is the last thing i have to say to this. I'm sorry if i got a bit offensive, but, it's really a topic which is quite enraging, because there's so much BS, and, especially, wide spread BS, that it's really difficult to stay calm, especially when there's people who should know it better, who just swim with the stream, and talk like everyone does, just because it's "good", and anything else is "bad".
  20. mantasisg 2

    mantasisg 2 Alien

    Electricity can be generated using wind, water, sun... and that, IMO, is enough to know.

    I also know that electricity is way less exciting and perhaps less comfortable to use as car power source, so no wonder there is so much opposition.

    And you'd take care of your batteries as well as you take care of IC engine.
  21. iannixxenakis

    iannixxenakis Hardcore Simmer

    I like it.

    If Jaguar said I could have either car for free I'd much rather have an electric E-Type than an IC one.

    The new electric one should be far more reliable and cheaper to run.

    I think having electric versions of old classics is a good idea. (Edit: not if all the old cars are converted though, replicas would be better, leave the original cars as they are).

    Obvs the issues with the metals in batteries and electricty generation need sorting out, but with enough political will (which is partly our responsibility as citizens of democratic countries) those challenges should be overcome.
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