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Jaguar's Potential

Discussion in 'ACC General Discussions' started by SimGuy_1, May 22, 2019.

  1. SimGuy_1

    SimGuy_1 Simracer

    I absolutely love this car and it has very good handling characteristics which i like.Thing that's troubling me is that whether this car is able to match lap times of other faster cars(lamborghini and ferrari)? Because if i do my best in one lap i will always be faster than jag in lamborghini or ferrari.The tracks i'm talking about are nurburgring,zolder and hungaroring.

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  3. fnegroni

    fnegroni Racer

    From my experience so far, the stock setups need tweaking to get the most out of it. Not massively but IMHO they do.
    Unfortunately I am no alien so won't be able to answer the question whether it can match the times of the 'better known' rivals.
    In my experience though, I have no reason to doubt it would.
  4. SimGuy_1

    SimGuy_1 Simracer

    I always go for aggressive setup then tweak it according to the car's weakness to make it quick on every phase of corner.As long as it can get close to 0.150-0.200sec to other faster cars(on above mentioned tracks)i'm satisfied.Thats why i'm asking all good drivers of these forum.
  5. I continue to be impressed.... I keep discovering that the cars I "hate" are actually pretty good... that is, it's not the car's fault, it's mine. I'm pleased with myself (both even more with Kunos) that I've figured out that several of the cars need to be driven at least a little differently to get the same rough results (lap time). All the basics stay the same, but the rewarding part is sensing the subtleties (sometimes not so subtle) between the cars.

    Jag is fast, just different. I'm going to keep working with it.
  6. fnegroni

    fnegroni Racer

    I meant to write that even the aggressive setups in the Jag aren’t that aggressive I found. I think it’s a really well balanced model in the sim.
  7. SimGuy_1

    SimGuy_1 Simracer

    Yea infact all other cars aggressive still has some understeer in them.IMO aggressive setups is for one stint(40-50 min race)not hotlap.The thing is that jaguar may have some initial turn in understeer compared to other cars but i'm a heavy trail braker so i don't mind that what i do mind the most is that when front tyres are gripping then even at 30-40% throttle the car will understeer so you have to back down but that's not the case with jaguar and even lamborghini.
  8. trasgu

    trasgu Simracer

    Right now, before of the release of the 1.0 it is my favourite car. The car is quite fast, at least in Monza. In the qualy session of the Monza SRO event one guy did a 1m46.5 or .6, and if I recall correctly he did the pole position or started in the first row. But the aggresive setup is way too oversteery to my tastes (weird because I tend to like balance from neutral to slightly oversteer), I don't even like the default setup. My personal experience is that I barely can do low 48s-very high 47s, but with few adjustments I can get into the low 47s, but don't misunderstand me, in the event the setups where locked up. It is just that the balance of the aggresive setup doesn't suit my driving style and I failed to adapt to the car handling, the fact is that the default setup isn't any slower at all than my own setup, my own setup just suits me better.
  9. SimGuy_1

    SimGuy_1 Simracer

    I know that jag is fast on monza but personally i don't like monza at all.
    I like tracks where there are good amount of fun corner and good elevation changes etc like zolder,hungaroring and nurburgring.
    Monza is basically 3 chicanes and 3 straights i don't find it challenging and fun.I prefer paul richard over monza.
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  10. From what I feel, the car's pretty good at tracks with point and shoot corners. Not the best at long high G corners where tons of downforce is a must.
    The car also burns through fuel quicker than most others, so that's another disadvantage.
  11. I dunno...i find the Jag way too nervous and slow, to be honest...i almost despise this car in terms of competition, i have no fun, by pushing it hard and my laptimes are not very good with it. In the case of "liveness", it's pretty nice, because it isn't this "on rails" experience, like all the other GT3 cars...
    I don't think it is the fastest one with downforce-dependent corners, but it can do it's job by accelerating very well.^^
    Maybe not the best for longer races, because it's tiring, but a hot shot for sprint races on less-DF tracks.^^

    P.S.: man, this car sounds GREAT...especially from the outside.
  12. SimGuy_1

    SimGuy_1 Simracer

    I don't think it's slow on high G corners it just doesn't feel as stable as bmw but it's still going at nearly same speed also i like how it doesn't feel understeery on high speed corners like other cars.
    While i agree that it will do way better on point and shoot corners especially one with late apex followed by straight.
    Fuel is not an issue i'm only asking for one hotlap
  13. SimGuy_1

    SimGuy_1 Simracer

    Recently i did a 1:44:9xx on hungaroring with jaguar and 1:44:7xx with lamborghini,jaguar may feel slow especially on turn in but as you said it can get job done while accelerating once the front tyres have gripped there is very little understeer on throttle.
  14. I don't find it to be understeery at all, it likes some good ol' slip angle :D (what i meant with "no on rails experience"^^)...also it is very punishing for its front tyres, it seems to rely a lot on them, yeah.
    Last edited: May 23, 2019
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  15. SimGuy_1

    SimGuy_1 Simracer

    by understeer i meant that on corner ENTRY the car is not as agile as ferrari and lamborghini that's typically front engine characteristics but just before apex i start to accelerate then it's just joy no understeer at all.I prefer car that are agile and adjustable on throttle so lamborghini and jaguar are my current go to choice.Btw i just did 1:44:6xx with jag on hungaroring nearly 0.100 faster than my lamborghini record but i'm 100% sure lamborghini will destroy it again.
  16. On corner entry it's totally fine for me personally...the front-mid-engine characteristics are there, but nothing horrible.^^ It's sometimes just too alive while cornering...

    I have tested it a little bit now...i get similar results with the Lambo with a slightly tweaked safe preset in terms of time...something around 1:44:7, but i can't get NOWHERE near it with the jag yet...i just don't like driving it, it seems.

    Okay...aaaand i don't like Hungaroring, it's like a Go-Kart track for everything over 300 hp :D

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