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January news

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by AC Support, Jan 3, 2014.

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  1. AC Support

    AC Support Official Support Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Hello and happy new year to everybody!
    We are getting back to full activity after the holidays and we are working hard to prepare the next update that will go live on next Friday 17th. Our top priority and objective at the moment is to optimise the AI and have it working at least on some special events.
    We would like to thank everybody for their support and looking forward for an exciting 2014!
  2. Very cool. Thanks for the info. :)
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  3. paulieGTR

    paulieGTR Alien

    Indeed worth the full quote.:cool:
    Happy new year to you to Kunos.

    I'm absolutely ecstatic here. :D
    AI(partly)... oh my, this is brilliant news.

    Thankyou so very much,
    live long and prosper mafrien's.:)
  4. Happy new year to you too.
    This is indeed very good news, thanks so much to all the devs :D
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  5. Rui Santos

    Rui Santos Hardcore Simmer

    So, if you're focusing on AI, MP must be ready to go ;)
  6. Madsen

    Madsen Hardcore Simmer

    yaay no more alone on the track :D:cool:
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  7. rhs

    rhs Gamer

    Happy newyear to you all!

    It's Friday january 3rd 2014, 14 days ago AC released their latest update so I was under the impression to welcome a new AC update today...
    Now I read we have to wait till the 17th? I'm a bit confused here...
  8. Rui Santos

    Rui Santos Hardcore Simmer

    AFAIK AI will only be released in final version of the game, what we need in short time is MP to start helping with optimization and bugs, and honestly that's what a "sim" is all about...
  9. Happy new year and thanks for the fantastic work!
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  10. AC Support

    AC Support Official Support Staff Member KS Dev Team

    Sometimes it's Christmas for us too. :)
  11. phil

    phil Alien

    Thanks for the info .....

    And keep going the same way in 2014 ......... Best wishes for your success !!!
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  12. rhs

    rhs Gamer

    ;) Sorry I though you guys worked far ahead to be able to keep your promise, I quote;

    'As part of the early access program, an update with new cars, tracks and features will be available every two weeks, adding new contents and improving the existing ones.'

    I was not aware you closed shop for 14 days - Looking forward to january 17...
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  13. pablo resch

    pablo resch Gamer

    Que tal... no quiero pecar de demagogo ni conformista. Pero les pido que no hagan comentarios molestos a la gente de Kunos. Necesitamos que se concentren en seguir trabajando por nosotros de manera excelente como lo vienen haciendo hasta ahora. Ya salio Luca a hablar la mitad de su discurso perdiendo tiempo en comentarios negativos pudiendo hablar más del futuro de AC...
    Si una actualización se demora unos días lo unico que genra es más espectativa y ansiedad y como seguramente lo que viene es mejor que lo que ya hay (tarea muy dificil) esa espera extra va a valer la pena.
    gracias Kunos por la noticia!!
    abrazo grande!

    Hello!...I do not want to sin demagogue or conformist. But I ask you not to make annoying people Kunos comments. We need to focus on continuing to work excellently for us as they have done so far. Already Luca came to speak half of his speech wasting time on negative comments can talk over future of AC ...
    If an update is delayed a few days the only thing that generates is more expectation and anxiety as surely what comes is better than what is already (very difficult task) that extra wait will be worth it.
    Kunos, thanks for the news!
    big hug!
  14. I wish lucky new year 2014 and thanks for Info and the great Job for a great Sim danke.png
  15. Madsen

    Madsen Hardcore Simmer

    ehm sorry who said that it will be only in 1.0 im sure i red somewhere it comes before 1.0... just wondering
  16. SimMan

    SimMan Racer

    Welcome back

    .....2014 here we come, we look forward to the 17th :)
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  17. bigbawmcgraw

    bigbawmcgraw Alien

    It's unlikely MP will be released before AI.

    From the OP it implies AI will either be in the next release or very soon after; "Our top priority and objective at the moment is to optimise the AI and have it working"

    MP will have to be tested before v1.0 otherwise it won't be v1.0 (finished product) as it is advertised as part of the game.

    I am actually looking forward to AI even though I never play it in any other game, but MP is the daddy for me :D
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  18. Faran

    Faran Gamer

    Looking forward to the update! I've had this game just over a week and enjoying it a lot! Keep up the good work, Kunos! :)
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  19. Rui Santos

    Rui Santos Hardcore Simmer

    I'm not sure where i read it but i remember read it "officially" from a tweet or something that AI and career mode will only be out at 1.0...
  20. BanjoMaster

    BanjoMaster Racer

    Are you serious??? Really??? Unbelievable.

    I shouldn't bite, I know, I know...
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