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Kers and drs

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Octane, Aug 10, 2015.

  1. Octane

    Octane Simracer

    I've searched the forums and tried web searches but can't find any kind of comprehensive explanation of KERS and DRS in Assetto Corsa. Is there anyone out there that wants to explain which cars have these features and how to use them (properly with the biggest performance increases)?

    Yeah, I'll be "that guy" :p. I'm naive/ignorant to the KERS and DRS features.

    From what I gather KERS is built up energy that when applied is like a shot of NOS and then it slowly rebuilds as you brake. DRS could be nothing more than dropping the rear wing to reduce friction in long straightaways. Maybe its as simple as that and I'm trying to complicate a simple process. Maybe I'm not as naive as I think, maybe I am.

    No, I haven't tried these so I deserve scolding for asking from some, but I would like to know if there is a preferred method to get the most out of these features.

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  3. zaratul

    zaratul Hardcore Simmer

    @Octane, thanks for starting this thread. Even I want to know this as I have no idea if anything is happening when I try to press the DRS and KERS buttons which I assigned to my wheel. I don't know what visual cues to look to check whether they are working or not. I see cars like P1 and La Ferrari having red, green, blue bars in the Gear app but I can't seem to figure what they mean.
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  4. SuperBobKing

    SuperBobKing Racer

    The P1 and LaFerrari have kers. The kers in the LaFerrari is automatic so you don't even have to be aware of its presence to use it, but I am not sure about the P1.

    DRS in f1 just lowers the down force of the rear wing. Other adjustments are possible (I don't think f1 rules allow them though) but I have never heard of them being done. The f1 cars in AC are all too old to have drs systems, so I don't know any cars in the game that do. There were people complaining about drs only being able to be turned off by braking and not with the button so I am assuming that something has it, but I don't know what. It could just be mod cars though.
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  5. The Mclaren P1 uses DRS that you can activate on and off...to see it in action just use chase cam when going down a straight and watch the rear wing when you activate it on and off.
  6. flyingpig

    flyingpig Hardcore Simmer

    LaFerrari and the McLaren P1 have their own version of KERS. It`s automatically built up and used too, so no need to worry about "activating" it in any way. In the LaFerrari, you can see vertical blue bars on the dash extend showing how much of the HY-KERS system you are using at any given time, and the horizontal green bars showing how much you have left.

    The Lotus Exos S1 and the Mclaren P1 both have DRS. When activated the rear wing flattens out to allow more speed (but less downforce). DRS is activated/deactivated manually, although it will also automatically deactivate when you brake. The P1 has a set of blue lights on the left side of the dash which is full when the wing is working normally, and shows less lights when DRS is active. It also visually moves the rear wing when activated. The Exos does not show when it is active in any way. DRS on both cars can be seen to be working by using the Electronics app (although it may only be available if you have activated the dev apps).
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  7. Octane

    Octane Simracer

    Wow, thanks SuperBobKing and flyingpig. Very helpful info here!

    I only have one question though...
    What's the purpose of mapping the KERS button? It looks like KERS is hands-off for these two cars. Maybe its for future cars or maybe the mods.
  8. flyingpig

    flyingpig Hardcore Simmer

    I can only assume the button will be of use sometime. There are still a few buttons we can map that don`t do anything at all :)
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  9. mau92

    mau92 Hardcore Simmer

    But what about the IPAS on the P1? It should work like in F1 cars, an instant boost of power.
  10. zaratul

    zaratul Hardcore Simmer

    Thanks All. Really helpful. First thing to do when back from work tonight :)
  11. flyingpig

    flyingpig Hardcore Simmer

    Our P1 is in permanent Race Mode, so IPAS release is done via the loud pedal, not a button.

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