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Kunos announces multiplayer date

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Benjamin Joel, Apr 24, 2014.

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  1. Darren Marsh

    Darren Marsh Racer

    I hope they have some US servers as well. Preferably AU servers down the line. 350-400ms pings from Aus/NZ to EU isn't going to work.

    Wonder how much it will cost to book a server.
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  2. Dan253

    Dan253 Gamer

    This is exactly what I was thinking..multi user races such as endurance where two guys drive the same car, much like RFactor hot-swapping!
  3. sherpa25

    sherpa25 Hardcore Simmer

    A newbie question, as it might be common to MP... what is Refresh Ping for?
  4. Bean0

    Bean0 Gamer

    It will re-ping each server without refreshing the whole server list.
  5. sherpa25

    sherpa25 Hardcore Simmer

    Thanks. I presume to check if it's at an acceptable speed? If so, what then should be a minimum, acceptable speed, for reference?
  6. dr.solveberg

    dr.solveberg Racer

    You always want the server with the least amount of ping, everything below 100ms will be fine though.
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  7. Bean0

    Bean0 Gamer

    I'd say anything under 150ms is ok, but lower is better.

    As an example, from the UK to iRacings US servers is about 130ms, from UK to iRacing AUS servers is about 400ms.
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  8. meyo

    meyo Rookie

    All mentioned are multiplayer online games. It may be pointless to rejoin a race where you lost 2 or more rounds, but imagine you're racing with friends, you get a disconnect after few laps and you have to wait until they are finished. Better to have an option to let him rejoin then, so he can still go on, enjoying the competition with his mates though he has no chance to win anymore (would be different with a slightly slower bot taking his position). I still think its a good function, maybe with the option to turn it off for guys like you. What do you think about those guys in F1 competing for ranks 18 and above? "Don't race, you'll end up with +3 laps anyways"?
    It's not only about winning, it's about the enjoyment. Don't ruin it.
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  9. Majnu

    Majnu Racer

    hurry up with the update so I can feel the


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  10. Jason Madigan

    Jason Madigan Simracer

    The rejoin feature is brilliant imo, iRacing uses this feature and on a few occasions I can recall rejoining and continuing on to take podium positions after loosing 2 whole laps in endurance races, Daytona 2.4 and Daytona 500 for example, very long races that go on for several hours ... my greatest result in the 500 came after some 3 hours and 45 minutes of driving ...

    Imagine putting in many hours, weeks of practicing even to enter a long endurance race only to have your internet provider to fail you at a critical time ... then this option is like a silver lining on a grey cloud in your simracing career :)
  11. Jack_NL

    Jack_NL Simracer

    yeah release it after 17:00 eu time as usual :)
    @ work now till 16:30
  12. bigbawmcgraw

    bigbawmcgraw Alien

    Again you are using speculative examples. F1 drivers are not on track to have fun with their mates. The team gets paid per lap by their sponsors, so the more TV airtime they catch, the more money the team receives. They also may use the track time for testing because of the testing restrictions imposed by the FIA. These things have nothing to do with sim racing.
    Please don't misquote me by suggesting I'm trying to ruin your fun. I was sharing my opinion and suggested KS allow an option which could restrict when a player can join a session. A simple tick box would be suffice.
    As for endurance races, again speculation. Considering Kunos has already said they have no plans for pitstops in the immediate future, don't hold your breath for 4 hour races without using some form of workaround.
  13. Roland Osza

    Roland Osza Simracer

    I don't really like the UI, to be honest. Seems a bit complicated, with all that booking and waiting time, pop-up window and then joining. Why can't it be as simple as LFS' solution? ->
    I really hope it's not the same story as it was with NkP, that you have to disconnect to be able to change car, track, weather, etc.... Then rejoin, wait for another session...
    Last edited: May 2, 2014
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  14. wildstyle

    wildstyle Rookie

  15. icemanpolo

    icemanpolo Racer

  16. Angelo

    Angelo Racer

    Argh!... Can we bend the very fabric of space-time to shorten the waiting?
  17. GrimDad

    GrimDad Racer

    Can we please have some info on the ports required to host server
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  18. CTR69

    CTR69 Racer

    Just seeing a server without knowing when the race starts is very useless. Booking is the best way to ensure many players join the same race before the start.
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  19. MattyB

    MattyB Rookie

    Breath my friend...
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