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Kunos announces new license: alfa romeo officially revealed!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by AC Support, Jun 24, 2014.

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  1. lpmlol

    lpmlol Gamer

    thanks Assetto Corsa, thanks Kunos!!
  2. GeraArg

    GeraArg Simracer

    Mercedes... :rolleyes::D

  3. oxmo

    oxmo Gamer

    Great News, since I have long been waiting for it!
    Alfistis dire grazie Kunos., Milano grazie anche!

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    Last edited: Jun 25, 2014
  4. Mechanix

    Mechanix Rookie

    Sounds great nice collection of cars. This game seems to have all cars I dream about
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  5. pigsy

    pigsy Racer

    We need the Alfa Romeo 184TB or 185T to compete against the Lotus 98T of the same era.
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  6. rfneves

    rfneves Racer

    Long time since last car was announced... We were needing news like this!!! Now only the Mercedes 190E 2.5-16 Evo II is remaining!!!

    Keep up
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  7. JoeNathan26

    JoeNathan26 Gamer

    The 1993 Alfa Romeo 155 V6 TI looks like plenty of fun, can't wait
  8. Doge

    Doge Simracer

    cool cool, can't wait to drive them.

    We need some jap cars now.
  9. bigbawmcgraw

    bigbawmcgraw Alien

    And corrosion. Anything more than 30 laps and the car will be a pile of rust lying at the side of the track :eek::D
  10. aarooon99

    aarooon99 Rookie

    I would really love to see some Lamborghini's in Assetto Corsa!!;)
  11. Orpheus

    Orpheus Rookie

    .....and the Classic Car`s from Alfa Romeo ala Tipo 33/2 and 33/3!
  12. j.k.QV

    j.k.QV Rookie

    You talk like someone who has never owned an Alfa :D If you want something that rusts, get a Merc (post1990)..
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  13. j.k.QV

    j.k.QV Rookie

    33 Stradale... mmmm... I wouldn't mind paying for a DLC with that car.
  14. Colt Rogers

    Colt Rogers Simracer

    This is why Assetto Corsa is the ONLY sim that I currently have installed on my PC. The passion and attention to detail together are second to none in this industry. What an exciting announcement and can't wait to drive the Alfa GTA right on the limit sawing at the steering wheel like drivers of old...

    Thank you sincerely to the DEVS!
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  15. Brakketto

    Brakketto Rookie

    now we need only the Autodelta buildings in showroom mode and Alfa's track in Balocco :p
  16. Jimmy'sGarage

    Jimmy'sGarage Rookie

    SUPER!!! But what about some other famous Italian cars like Lancia Delta Integrale?
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  17. antod79

    antod79 Rookie

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  18. Asked for it, and .................got it !
    Bellissimo AC,
    Thx for sharing these cars !!
  19. One thing that wasnt mentioned before about these Alfas that are coming, are what they will add up to the physics package, for example, for the Alfa GTA, Kunos will have to develop a new suspension type, the now obsolete Live Axle, Trailing Links, that were also used by Porsche until mid ยด60s. Currently there are only 2 suspension types available for the mod community, the double wishbones and the McPherson. For the Alfa 155 DTM, Kunos will have to develop (if not already done) all kinds of electronics, like active suspension, active differential AWD system, automatic gearbox... the active differential AWD alone is a big gift to the Rally fans as it was made standard after the 1997 season, opening up the possibility of a highly accurate community made 1997 Subaru Impreza WRC, just to name one example!

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    MAXCARS Racer

    A BIG Thank you to the developers. AC is shaping up to be a amazing game. If the devs keeps this up this game could become EPIC.
    We have Nissan, RUF and now Alfa licence. Next the Subaru Impreza??? please ... please. Subaru Impreza is like my favourite car ever.
    AC is such a good game i hope the devs support it way beyond the 1.0 release, not just with new cars and tracks but with new core additions like... weather, night time racing, working pitstops and the like, because Assetto Corsa is such a good game it deserves the push to become truly epic. I cannot wait to see what this great game is like in a few years. Keep it up Kunos your doing great. Thank You.
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