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Kunos announces new license: alfa romeo officially revealed!

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by AC Support, Jun 24, 2014.

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  1. w_loh-ham

    w_loh-ham Rookie

    great news!!!!!! cant wait :D Quadrifoglio.png
  2. hugovictoria

    hugovictoria Rookie

  3. Bagabondo

    Bagabondo Rookie

    Hell yeah !!!
    Thank you so much Kunos.
  4. drsheva

    drsheva Rookie

    Good notice. Very interesting.
  5. AlgebraFrenzy

    AlgebraFrenzy Rookie

    Thanks Kunos, Im really looking forward to the live axle car and the potential it brings for people to mod in some american muscle. Keep up the good work, im also looking forward to driving the production version C7 Corvette and SLS AMG.
  6. SHINR4

    SHINR4 Rookie

  7. Zeną

    Zeną Gamer

    I'd rather Kunos finished what they started first.
    RedxDragon likes this.
  8. RedxDragon

    RedxDragon Racer

    I agree......can we release the full game before adding extras, i.e like finishing career mode and the modding section would be nice! :rolleyes::rolleyes:
  9. Fivizzz

    Fivizzz Simracer

    Additional licenses are not extras...
    Deleted member 18758 likes this.
  10. RedxDragon

    RedxDragon Racer

    So additional doesn't mean extra?

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  11. PhenOm

    PhenOm Alien

    I don't get the fuss.. It's amazing that Kunos is getting all these new licenses and cars. Instead of thinking they won't be finishing what they started look at it this way: the fact that they've already paid for these licenses makes sure they'll be working their asses off to be releasing the game and all these amazing cars included. ;)
    Oh, and announcing these licenses doesn't mean they aren't working on the game itself (improving modding tools, mp, sp, physics, bugs, ...).
    F430_458_F12 likes this.
  12. Fivizzz

    Fivizzz Simracer


    Or that is a pleonasm:
    Why should the licensing department stop doing their job?
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  13. F430_458_F12

    F430_458_F12 Alien

    I want to know how poorly the Alfa 8C competizione drives in all it's glory.
    PhenOm likes this.
  14. Matty28

    Matty28 Simracer

    Pretty sure Jeremy Clarkson said it was terrible.

    Edit: Just noticed you already said that... Damn it eyes!
  15. RedxDragon

    RedxDragon Racer

    Well for me is nice see to the AC community moders doing the 3d models, 2D skins and don't think that new cars to the game would be a bigger priority then release the other sections of game!!
  16. Fivizzz

    Fivizzz Simracer

    So, since it take too much time TO YOU not to rush out career mode and multiplayer, every other department in Kunos should take a vacation... Oooooookaaaaay.... Top-notch models, manufacturer info and experienced test drivers/physics guys/3D modelers are so overrated anyway next to a few passionate guys doing it on their free time with limited information...
  17. Mythbuster

    Mythbuster Rookie

    Really hope what they're meaning to say is that they'll do the 155 TwinSpark, 155 Q4 and/or 155 GTA too, the same way they have the E30 M3 Group A, but also the normal E30 M3... Would be such a shame to only include the racing version. AC would benefit from having a ton of 80's and 90's "performance" street cars, they're much more fun to trash around a track than full-on racecars are. Also, Alfa 75 Turbo Evolutione please. Glad to see Alfa making its way into AC though, they're left out of other games way too much.
    bobskype likes this.
  18. jjmaxxracing

    jjmaxxracing Alien

    To the devs, any word on progress for the July 18 update? Are things on target in terms of the original announcement for improvements and new content?

  19. beiacos_gr

    beiacos_gr Simracer

    as far the game is fantastic...but we need more cars and content as soon as posible...and i think the game need also more ordinary cars like VW R32s,impreza,evo,focus rs like this... hot hatches...it would be fantastic!:)
    Deleted member 18758 likes this.
  20. Kirill Fix

    Kirill Fix Rookie

    Yes ordinary cars very well;) And still absolutely usual Nissan Silvia there is a wish unusually to go sideways:rolleyes:
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