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Kunos announces new Licensing Agreement with the NISSAN Brand

Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by AC Support, Apr 4, 2014.

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  1. Herman Prosje

    Herman Prosje Rookie

    nice to have some Japanese cars in de game, hope that other brands will come soon.
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  2. diegostop

    diegostop Gamer

    when new content? thanks
  3. Polishe Tuurd

    Polishe Tuurd Rookie

    10 gtrs at the ring , let the mayhem begin.....
  4. lpmlol

    lpmlol Gamer

    thank you very much for all your work Kunos!
  5. bikkits

    bikkits Gamer

    gatdammmm, those renders are beautiful. I'm a sucker for Nissan GTRs in sims, can't wait to find out how they feel in game, going on the high expectations I have for Kunos to make 'em brilliant.
  6. Atrax

    Atrax Racer

    Oh man, thank you thank you thank you!!!! My favourite car manufacturer next to BMW.
  7. Snow24

    Snow24 Rookie

    Can you add a F1 cars? There is only a fake Lotus, but i'd like a Ferrari F14T, or another F1 car, but a real F1 car with other track like Monte Carlo, Suzuka, Montreal, Catalunia, etc..

    Thanks for the great work
  8. PhenOm

    PhenOm Alien

    First of all:
    Wrong topic to request stuff, go to the correct topic:
    The Lotus Exos is a real car.

    Tracks aren't easy to make by the way, takes a lot of time and since Kunos is going the Laserscanning route for their tracks you can store your hopes for tons of other tracks in the near future.
    You can expect Spa (current & historic(?)) version, Trento, Nordschleife, ... all laserscanned so you'll be having the best experience.
    Check this page for the stuff you can expect:
    (that's all we'll be getting at the 1.0 release if I'm correct ;)
  9. Tom O'Connor

    Tom O'Connor Rookie

    I know the GT-R is specifically mentioned in the official post, but I would love to see the NISMO 370Z in the game as well!
    InebriHATED likes this.
  10. InebriHATED

    InebriHATED Gamer

    Nissan all day. Happy to see Japan represented. GTR will be awesome. Gimme the Z though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2014
  11. gord

    gord Rookie

    91 or 98 skyline would be nice, besides that everything looks great!
  12. Name User

    Name User Rookie

    Come on Kunos, throw us a curve ball over here. Yeah yeah yeah R35 blah blah blah, oh engineering and whatever whatever whatever. Who cares about the R35? It looks like a cubist hippo in a Busta Rhymes video. Anything but the R35, even a goddamn Micra.

    Ken Mary, R30, R31, S30, Pulsar GTI-R, Fairlady Roadster, so many incredible Nissans to choose from. Wonderful, charismatic, beautiful cars. Imagine a Fairlady Roadster with an Assetto Corsa "Stage 3" SR20 swap.

    Last edited: Jun 6, 2014
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  13. Martyn

    Martyn Racer

    Wow Name User, that is some serious car pornography right there. *drool* Great work!

    Love that old Skyline! Love 'em all.
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