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Generic Kunos, will you share the love with console owners in ACC?

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by RhythmMachine, Jun 2, 2020.

  1. When I got my Thrustmaster TX so I could race on my XBOX and get what everyone said was the most realistic experience going, I was really excited. I read about the work that had gone into it, and how to manage the settings, adjust the damper/gyro... it sounded fantastic. Then I got the game.

    No advanced settings. No per-car settings. Not even calibration! In fact, I can’t even save my field of view. So, AC has killer customization on the PC but not XBOX... must be a platform limitation, right? Well, Project Cars 2 seems to have found a way around it. So it’s not the fact that it’s on the console...

    Kunos, I’ve put my money where my mouth is and pre-ordered ACC. Are you going to step up and give console drivers our money’s worth? I want to support the franchise, but like any healthy relationship it takes effort on both sides to keep moving forward.

    Are you in?

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  3. Wtf lol... well, that is console for ya.
    Console users will complain if they had "too many settings" too.

    PCARS 1 and 2 are a mess and run poorly on console... not the same game engine or developer.

    If you want to talk about relationships, how bout SMS... take your money, break promises, troll their own forums, provide lackluster support, then abandon both games while they are in bad shape shortly after release just to announce a 3rd.

    Not the best choice to support your point.
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  4. Gevatter

    Gevatter Alien

    If you had a bad experience with Kunos last console release, why on earth would you pre-order their current one? Why not wait until a few reviews are in so you know what you're getting into?
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  5. In part to get the DLC content, but probably mostly because I’m hopeful. Maybe ignorantly so, but that’s the core of it. If ACC is as piecemeal on the console as AC is then that will go away and I’ll have learned my lesson (and be in search of a new franchise/developer).
  6. Well, I’d have a hard time saying because I didn’t need to seek out a support site to figure out how to calibrate my wheel. Maybe they’re terrible, but the game runs well enough for me to not need to find out.
  7. For a good while the best FFB within PCARS was via custom tweak files only available on PC.
    It wasn't until many patches later that users enjoyed the refined vanilla FFB.
    So if you got the game later, that would explain it.
    I no longer felt the need to use tweak files after the FFB patching.
  8. I was late to the game with all three. Got PC1 when I bought my used XBOX (and PC2 was already out) and just got both PC2 and AC a few months ago. So all were mature by the time I saw them, but AC was by far the best feeling and least developed, not only in terms of interface and options but also single-player value.

    I feel like a teacher with a brilliant and apathetic student. “You could be great” I say, to which he replies... “yeah, so just open your .ini file with notepad...’
  9. Do you not have a gaming PC?
    Both of these on PC would be the obvious choice.

    I have not tried the console version of AC that I recall but had considered getting it a few times... problem is I have multiple cockpits and gaming PCs so I cant justify the console version.
  10. I don't have a gaming PC... mine works fine for general use and a media server, but would require lots of upgrades to run games well. For iRacing, I don't have any expectations... I know it's PC-only, so I don't have it/can't get it. For AC or ACC, though, if they're releasing it and selling it and I'm paying for it (just like I would for the PC version), it should be complete.
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  11. Gotcha...

    iRacing is a waste of money and you do not get offline access to paid content without paying for the membership.

    ACC isn't even complete on PC so there is no reason to expect it to be complete on console.
    Afterall, it is 2020... no game is complete.

    you may want to review the many ACC threads about ongoing issues.
  12. It’s a dilemma...
    Carrot: pre-order
    Stick: cancelled pre-order

    I was hoping to have a moderator at least pipe in with “it will be better this time”, if not with specifics. Win me over!
  13. Gevatter

    Gevatter Alien

    All the information about the game itself is already out there. There is weeks's worth of ACC racing videos on Youtube, there are hot takes of pro sim racers and real reacing drivers. Aris' streams go very much in-depth about physics, setups and game mechanics: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2P9GUUfFXhq-hiAxC1FTPQ

    Regarding the console version, there is nothing to know as of now.
    Best course of action is to wait a week or two after it releases and look at reviews of people you trust. Kunos is not responsible for not meeting your expectations you know ;)
  14. And then you miss out on the Intercontinental DLC. They're trying to entice pre-orders, but have released no actual details or footage of the game.

    It is a bit odd that there has been no mention of any specifics regarding the console version, considering there are only 20 days until release. No specifics, not even a video clip of someone actually playing it on a console. Which would lead you to believe that the same thing will happen as did with AC, the console version will be a cut down version. Be nice if they just came out and said that though, kind of deceiving really.
  15. paul linton

    paul linton Rookie

    i believe the console trailer is console gameplay, well i hope it is.
  16. PHA7VTOM

    PHA7VTOM Rookie

    That's not really 'gameplay' in the true sense. Unless the game is delayed or something and they're just waiting to announce, I don't understand how Kunos expects to get pre-orders with a release strategy bereft of any info. No way can I pre-order this until they release bona-fide footage, what's the hold-up?!
  17. That is on you then, don't come ranting to the devs when you aren't happy with your preorder.

    Console versions are almost always cut down to make it console-friendly. Again, dont come ranting to the devs when it isn't like the PC version.
  18. PHA7VTOM

    PHA7VTOM Rookie

    Don't be so combative -- it's a fair observation, and no one is/will be ranting! I just think from a consumer perspective that they could be gunning for far higher sales numbers with the console crowd if the game was appropriately marketed.
  19. I wasnt talking to you o_O

    If he/she takes risks then he/she needs to take responsibility.
    If he/she wants a PC experience then he/she should get a PC.

    That itself is a fair observation... so who is being combative now?

    I didn't say anyone was/is ranting... I said don't come ranting to the devs after release.

  20. Yeh, definitely not combative. Deary me.

    So, what your saying is games should just be released without any specific details or any footage of what is in them, and that's just cool? People should just "take a risk", stop whining about it, and get on with it? Interesting observation there.

    Some people can't afford to just go and "get a PC", just like that you know.

    But thank you for all your really helpful comments though, you've been a delight.
  21. mike reynolds

    mike reynolds Hardcore Simmer

    To me it is fairly obvious there will be some compromises compared to how a top end PC can run this game compared to a what is now fairly old technology in the current gen consoles.

    The game is not particularly feature rich from a gaming perspective, so the console version will probably be in line with the PC version but i’d guess graphics will be cut back, the number of cars opponents (real or AI) will be reduced...I guess the big questions is will the console version support all of the physics calculations for the AI...i5 processors are a bottleneck for the PC version...not sure how my old Xbox will shape re an i5?

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