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Generic Kunos, will you share the love with console owners in ACC?

Discussion in 'Console Lounge' started by RhythmMachine, Jun 2, 2020.

  1. Informing someone that my response was not directed to them is combative...
    yeah, ok :rolleyes:

    Maybe you guys shouldnt misread everything or find a better translator.

    Read between the lines much?
    Did I say anything about what the game should and shouldnt be released with?
    I agreed with the point about marketting and sales so not sure where you misread.

    Did I say to "take a risk"...
    no, I did not.
    If anything I implied not to take risks and if you do to take responsibility for your choice...
    but that was "combative"

    You can build a gaming PC more than capable of running ACC basically maxed out at 1080p-1440p for the price of an Xbox ONE or Xbox ONE X was on release.
    (which was $500 USD, before taxes, without online membership, etc.)

    An example of the PC one could build on that budget:
    i7 2600k 4c/8t
    Asus deluxe board
    12-16gb ddr3
    GTX 970-1070
    700w 80+cert PSU
    1TB HDD

    Anyway... no need to carry on about it guys.
    Not intended to sound combative.
    Just pointing out some "observations."
    You guys may want to take more time to read before you respond.
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2020
  2. I agree - the question for me is whether the compromises will be in the (reasonable) aspects that you mention here, or the omission of things like wheel calibration, the ability to save FOV settings and so on... things that really aren't done because of platform limitations, but because of a lack of investment in delivering a complete game.

    Being new to the whole world of SIM racing, I've also been surprised by the characterization I've seen on this board that you can tell if someone wants a rich and realistic experience based on whether they buy a PC or a console to play on... that console users will just get confused if they have too many options. If I wanted an arcade experience I'd buy Need For Speed (or whatever the current equivalent is). The reason that I bought AC (and ordered ACC) is to get a good simulation. I think that what I'm looking for should be better illustrated by the software I choose, not the chip I run it on. I just hope that the console version is true to ACC, as far as is possible given the platform limitations.
  3. mike reynolds

    mike reynolds Hardcore Simmer

    Well you will definitely get that.....it's Kunos after all.

    Remember that when the day 1 release does not have everything you might expect or hope for in a released title though....it's Kunos after all.
  4. Mark Ryan

    Mark Ryan Gamer

    I am also sceptical about the lack of info pre release from Kunos / 505, i wont be pre-ordering and will wait for reviees about how it plays before the purchase... Something feels strange about the lack of info, but nonetheless what the original AC on console thought me was all the fluff really does not matter.....

    FFB is good and its the racing that counts..... For me at least, i dont need PC2 type menus or bells and whistles, i want too race. If i can get a virtual experience of whsts its like to drive a GT car in the Blancpain series and its solid, i will buy.
  5. CmdrCody

    CmdrCody Rookie

    Same here. Even though I have ACC with the DLC on a PC that can run it well, I'd rather play it on my TV/console set-up. However, the lack of information about the console version is very concerning.

    I want to know:
    • What resolution / frame-rates does it run at?
    • How many cars on-track does it support, in single- and multi-player?
    • Is the physics simulation quality identical to PC?
    • Is cross-platform multi-player support supported or planned, so that there's 1 big community, rather than many smaller fragmented ones?
    • Is PS5 support planned and will this be a free patch? (With "support" I mean not just being able to run it on PS5, but making use of the PS5's hardware and running at higher resolutions, frame-rates, etc.)
  6. If the yearbook videos are real the game looks good.
    I can't see it being worst than AC & people still play that on console.
    I will get the game on PS4 release date & will enjoy another game @ that price i sure I enjoy it better than F1 2019 & if I don't I spent only £34 & not £74

    PHA7VTOM Rookie

    The uploads from 'video game yearbook' on YouTube are all fake, they're ripped from PC gameplay and fraudulently titled.

    Also this is kinda mad imo, 2 weeks to release and not even a snippet of actual gameplay. Have never seen this for a non-indie/physical release title.

    It's unfortunate that no devs appear to use this forum, just to ask them what's up with the game.

    I said this before but surely someone at Kunos/505 knows that keeping so quiet is potentially detrimental to sales?

    I guarantee they'd have multiple times as many pre-orders for ACC Console if they had just shown gameplay previews and issued the most basic of information relating to FPS, resolution, MP features, no. cars on track... even if the answers are disappointing, people are going to find out regardless.

    Surely we'll get something this week? Hoping they send advance copies to some of the sim YouTubers.
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  8. pippo10

    pippo10 Hardcore Simmer

    You can save FOV in AC but you have do it in each car.
  9. If you've found a way to do it on XBOX please share the steps. I can set it, hit save, and race but next time I go into the game it's back to the default setting (same car/track/event).
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  10. Vítor Sousa

    Vítor Sousa Alien

    My guess? Performance is an issue and they are still trying to fix it. If AC was bad in consoles, I can't imagine ACC running good
  11. PHA7VTOM

    PHA7VTOM Rookie

    New trailer -- still doesn't offer up much to be honest:

  12. paul linton

    paul linton Rookie

    The gameplay shots must be console, otherwise why advertise as such?
  13. PHA7VTOM

    PHA7VTOM Rookie

    Oh yeah I'm sure they are, but without context (FPS, res) it doesn't mean much. At least rain and night time is confirmed
  14. rich1e I

    rich1e I Racer

    Today there was a post on Twitter by AC. They reminded everybody that soon ACC will be out on console. The post contained a link to the old announcement from March. :rolleyes:
    They must rely on influencers. They probably already have a copy and will be allowed to share content with the public a few days before launch. What about those who do not know or follow these influencers? They're kept in the dark. Completely.
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  15. m_box97

    m_box97 Simracer

    People this days have the bad habit of wanting pre release media content/gameplay and pre-ordering stuff. So many games have "in game footage" trailers that have little to do with the actual gaming experience, if you don't wanna take the risk then do not pre-order and wait third party gameplay and reviews to be released. If you know 100% you will try the sim then pre-order but stop requesting trailers and details. Pre orders and what comes with them is one of the worst trends of the industry imo.
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  16. m_box97

    m_box97 Simracer

    My guess is that the console version will use something like high-mid graphics settings and use dynamic resolution to target 60 fps. It will run full physics but with a much lower limit on AI grid size that's all. I don't see why it should miss features like night, rain, dynamic weather or car customisation. I don't think we'll have cross play but that's pure guessing.
    Anyway my post above is more important than this.
  17. rich1e I

    rich1e I Racer

    It's not about pre-orders, it's about basic information. It has nothing to do with bad habits, it's in their own interest. It makes me really almost regret having pre-ordered because if you have a great product you want to showcase as much as possible. The lack of all that lets me just make a very easy and basic logic assumption.
    Pre-orders work, I pre-odered, they know it works. That's why it's being done. I would've bought it anyway for various reasons. The International GT pack is a welcome present.

    That's the point. We should'n have to guess.

    Edit: Apparently the CM for ACC is also the lead on 2 other games that are about to launch, so, I understand. It's not her fault. Working for 3, beautiful. Not.
    Last edited: Jun 9, 2020
  18. m_box97

    m_box97 Simracer

    I'm not talking specifically about someone but in general about this thread and comments under the Twitter/Facebook post, a lot of this basic information people want are features that are already present in the PC version, they are only assuming that x features won't be present in the console version.
    Their interest is making money and if they manage to sell pre-orders with a trailer that is probably recorded on the PC version why shouldn't they? If you pre-order it means that you have enough info to make a choice otherwise do not pre-order. Pre ordering and then asking for details sound weird to me
  19. In my opinion should a publisher share basic information with pre orders. It's a question of style. That they put a 15 Euro DLC in the preorder package and give no serious information out is a bit strange.
    A PC player people expect a optimization for their configuration. But in console buisness the devs make often only the minimum. And PC user would be very unhappy if they have only the version that base on 2013 pc config even they bought new hardware 5 years later and game came out in 2020.
    So it's no wonder that people ask if they get a enhanced version or s 900p maybe 60fps unstable something even they have a pro or X. It's more than normal.
    And yes at the end it's my own decision if I preorder. But for me it's absolutely legal to ask here for information.
    But if they do not response to questions in the forum, than I ask myself why. They can simply say the truth and nobody will have a problem with it.
    Otherwise they get horrible feedback in the online shops and that will hurt them much more.
  20. I'm amazed by this, too. I can understand if they're not monitoring every discord or whatever... but when I'm posting questions directly to the official discussion board for the developer/game and haven't seen a single response (or even acknowledgement that they've read it) from a moderator or other employee it doesn't give me a lot of hope. If they're not excited about it now, how much are they going to care about the game or how it's being received in six months or a year? If they can't answer a simple "will I be able to calibrate my wheel?" question, what are they going to do when actual complex bugs are reported?

    Radio silence does not lead to a satisfied or engaged customer base. I'm not sure if they don't understand or don't care... and which scares me more.
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