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LaFerrari vs P1 vs 918

Discussion in 'Chit Chat Room' started by Seanspeed, Oct 27, 2016.

  1. Seanspeed

    Seanspeed Hardcore Simmer

    I mean, what the hell guys? How is this not a topic yet?! Disappointed.

    I'm probably not the best person to get this started, but I just gave them all a go so wanted to talk about it. Frankly, these aren't my types of cars normally. Obscene amounts of power, road car weight and tires, super advanced tech wizardry going on all the time. Not my sort of recipe for track fun. I'd driven the LaFerrari just a few times before. Never drove the P1. And just gave the 918 its first outing. My impressions are as follows:

    LaFerrari - by far the easiest of the trio to drive. Slight understeer, but that helps it feel incredibly manageable. Along with a stupid amount of traction. How 900hp+ can go down so easily is pure wizardry. It's generally very poised through corners and while you have to brake super early in this car compared to most due to the incredible high speeds(which seem higher than the other two at the end of a decent straight), it's very controllable.

    Mclaren P1 - by far the most *difficult* to drive. Honestly, it's awful. I never want to drive it again. The low speed grip on this is just abysmal and I found myself spinning through slow corners(completely off-throttle here) frequently due to the terrible balance. I have to tip-toe this car through that stuff. Other than that complete deal-breaker, it's quite incredible. Stupid acceleration, good rear traction, and DRS helps round out its lack of top speed. I despise this car. That said, I was able to lap faster round Silverstone GP than the others in it.

    Porsche 918 - by far the most FUN to drive of the bunch. It sounds wonderful. Very throaty and in-your-face. Balance-wise, it's very neutral. Perfect. Not too much grip that it feels guided like the LaFerrari, it lets you play around with the throttle and dig in without punishing you for it, both in low and medium speed corners. Just a joy to haul around a track. My big complaint is the stability under braking. You *really* have to be careful with it here and do any braking in a straight line. It's a shame because it's otherwise such a joy.

    Only did 3-5 laps with each, so I've yet to unlock all these cars are capable of, but here were the laptimes I recorded around Silverstone:

    LaFerrari: 2:10.1
    Mclaren: 2:09.7
    Porsche: 2:11.2

    Personally, I dont care too much about which was fastest. I care about which was best to drive. And I hate to say it as a *huge* Ferrari fan, but the 918 wins out there with flying colors. If it weren't for the problems under braking, I'd almost say it's a stellar track car and one I'd love to spend a lot of time with. I guess the weight has to show its face somehow...

    Anyways, what about everybody else? Impressions, driving comparisons and laptime comparisons are all highly encouraged. This is supposed to be one of the mega battles in the world of cars, so let's definitely dig in and find out what they're all about!

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  3. Berry

    Berry Alien

    Complete opposite to your impressions, I think the McLaren P1 is much more of a hypercar, perfect balance and incredible traction, throttle adjustability is fantastic, great sounds, awesome speed, downforce/aero is otherwordly compared to the other 2.
    LaFerrari - superb V12 first of all, great acceleration, nice turn-in feeling and mid-turn grip but twitchy at corner exit, a bit too big for some tracks (Nordschleife) and the suspension is much more street-friendly than the other two, however, it is fast and very fun with no doubt to it.
    918 - I like it, but not too much, the acceleration is..."wow", it's absolutely a bullet, the way the electric motors deploy alongside the NA V8 is very impressive, however, all the electronic bobbins on this annoy me a bit, rear wheel steer makes the rear-end too twitchy for how I drive (aggressively), its brakes are not nearly good enough, very weak compared to the P1 and LaFerrari, and what really confuses me is that you can't really adjust the car, you have to commit, which I don't like that much, I want my car to move when I tell it to move, the 918 will just run wide and go "nope" if you do this.Slowest of the bunch in my hands, left me a bit unimpressed overall, I wish it weighed 300kg's less and was RWD :p.
    Laps: (on Hypercar Road tyres)
    918 - 2:13:319 (4 laps)
    LaFerrari - 2:13:328 1 lap
    P1 - 2:11:970 1 lap
    Last edited: Oct 27, 2016
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  4. arthur666

    arthur666 Alien

    Let me start by saying, I am a cautious driver. Example: I drove the 917/30 around the Nord first time without a scratch. I am not however, a very fast driver. :D

    I still think I like the P1 best of the 3 Terrors. It feels the most like a "car". Easiest of them all, maybe because it intimidates me into driving in a more sane manner. :confused:

    I tried the 918 a little last night. It felt so composed and capable that it lured me into doing really stupid things. I crashed twice. Once I backed off a little, yeah it's a very nice driving machine.

    The TheFerrari is very impressive, it's been fun to take around the track once in a while, but probably my least favorite of the 3. Still a great car though.

    Oh I can not wait for The Grand Tour Ep1. :D
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  5. Trezoitao38

    Trezoitao38 Simracer

    The P1 for me is the car for the trackdays, its faster, the balance is good, the car like the KTM X-BOW reveal what the driver is. If the driver strugles so much with oversteers cars, they complain about this behaviour with the P1. Otherwise, if the drive strugles with understeer, then, he complains about this. I feel this lack of grip too on slow corners, on fast cornes the rear wing produces understeer. You have to be precisely with your inputs, but, as soon you drive carefully the car rewards you so much with good lap times and you always feel you are in the control of the car, something very important in a Hypercar today, they are very tecnological on one side, but also, you have the controll of the car, the same I feel with the La Ferrari, more understeer, but no so much. Its only the necessary understeer to you put more and more gas pedal until the car understeer and the La Ferrari always will understeer before the loss of traction on rear wheels, which is fantastic and make the traction controll unecessary, you dont need, just the black traction controll that regain the energy of batterys and you cant turn off. Its just what you need to make powerslides very easy, all these things make the La Ferrari a faster 458 Italia. The 918 lacks balance on brakes, and the weight of the car strugles on fast cornes. Try to do the Advan-Bogen on Nurburgring GP circuit with the 3 cars, you can easily do full throtle with La Ferrari and the P1, but not with the 918. That is a problem when you are reaching the Blanchimont on Spa, you have a very fast corner before, most cars do this corners with full pedal, but on 918 you have to deal with this corners and not so much space to correct the car to the do the Blanchimont. So, you have to sacrifice the first corner to make the Blanchimont on full speed. This situations are very common on any circuit with fast corners close to other fast corners. So, if the problem with the P1 is the slow corners, on 918 is with fast corners.
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  6. Although it has been quite awhile since I drove the P1, I pretty much feel the same as Seanspeed.

    My least favorite is the P1.

    1. Due to styling. I really love the rear end, but the front looks like some alien.

    2. It's very snappy over the limit. It is a real tank slapper. After you get in an oversteer condition, if you do the right things to stop the oversteer, it regains grip quite aggressively. I don't like that.

    3. It doesn't sound bad, but it doesn't sound good. It sounds electronic to me. I don't like that.

    The biggest thing with the LaF was understeer. I need to revisit it. Last time I drove it, it had a bug that caused way too much understeer at low speeds. The behavior on faster turns was great. And the sound is great. The styling is my favorite of the 3--although I am not a huge fan of the styling of any of them.

    My favorite is the 918.

    It feels like it knows what I want, before I know it. It's like a laser guided cruise missile. The cockpit is very nice. The sound is great. It is not difficult to control over the limit.
  7. xystof

    xystof Hardcore Simmer

    I didn't go for time hunt but for drifting fun in those 3... And on 'green' surface and 93% grip 918 is two leagues above P1 and LaF in terms of easiness in controlling the car. When you put girp at ~98% as Aris recommends for V10 TM, then the things changes... 918 is still probably the easiest to manage but you can feel the mass of this car and it has the weakest brakes by miles...
    LaF and P1 are very similar yet very different. It's like getting same results with different philosophies.
    LaF is as many said in reviews '458's bigger, angrier brother' - it slides easily, but also spins out more easily. P1 is more planted thanks to its 'race mode' - until you overdrive it, then this huge understeer comes into life.
    My biggest regret is 918's brakes... if you go full throthle and hit the brakes at 150m before the apex LaF and P1 will stop in similar place - while in 918 you'll be in sandtrap or grass or other side of the wall in worst scenario...
  8. yusupov

    yusupov Alien

    does it really have the weakest brakes, or are you just feeling the extra 600 (or whatever) kg?
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  9. Andy-R

    Andy-R Alien

    Here's my attempt at a comparison video, i'm sure faster guys could expose any great difference there is between them but my best time in all 3 cars is within 0.15 :D
    For me the Porsche was quickest, then the McLaren and I was slowest in the Ferrari.

    Using optimal grip and hypercar road tyres. Factory ABS on & TCS off in all 3.

    Last edited: Oct 28, 2016
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  10. P*Funk

    P*Funk Racer

    Driving any of these cars without the TC is just naff unless you're trying to go sideways on a picturesque Welsh circuit.
  11. lol

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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  12. P*Funk

    P*Funk Racer

    No really, how can you judge a car's performance by specifically not driving it in a manner that it was engineering to be driven? 900 HP at the rear wheels and the computers aren't using it all because it was never meant to not use TC when driven in a composed way.

    More fun that way? Sure thing, but not anything useful for judging them as cars in a direct comparison. I long since gave up my prejudice for the TC in hypercars and even race cars. Anyone who wants to drive a 2002 F1 car should just suck it up and enjoy the sounds of grenades exploding everytime you power out of a hairpin.
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  13. Salajutsu

    Salajutsu Hardcore Simmer

    Driving these cars at Magione, I found in the LaFerrari that it was slower with TC on. It's snappy on corner exit, but with TC, it seems to bog mid-corner. It may just be down to my driving style, but I like to be reminded of how much power I'm dealing with.
  14. Trezoitao38

    Trezoitao38 Simracer

    Withthe traction controll off, it is still on a litle on La Ferrari. Put more dont help, make the car less powerfull. Recomend setings is 3/4 or 4/4. 1/4 is for street use, not track day.
  15. TC off is faster. Get good.
  16. TheBoss

    TheBoss Hardcore Simmer

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  17. Tacoscent

    Tacoscent Racer

    Not sure of your overall skill as a driver maybe you're better but I bet I could outdrive you in any of the 3 cars with no assists while you use your TC. I haven't used the 918 yet gotta wait for tomorrow but that car would be hampered in AC by TC. The other 2 are completely manageable by short shifting or proper throttle modulation. I've been doing it for almost 14 years no I've never used TC in any racing game. The only car I do use TC on is when its completely standard and almost required on a car like the F2002.

    You are going way overboard with these cars. Like, they are fast but I can hustle around a 1300hp Lambo that I can't mention at the same relative pace I can the stock car no problem. The issue is not the cars they are wonderful to drive its the driver. They aren't that hard to drive.
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2016
  18. Tacoscent

    Tacoscent Racer

    A tip for your drag racing you really should stay as far away from the other car as possible, if they are ever in front for example and your in the middle you will start to get into their slip steam and start to speed up. To keep it as real as possible Stay all the way to left as much as possible.
  19. P*Funk

    P*Funk Racer

    The way you call it my TC indicates to me that this is a barely checked pejorative remark and its consistent with the seeming superiority complex of the No TC ever brigade. I admit that no TC is more fun but I'd never declare all cars faster without it, not these days. Nevertheless you versus me is not a relevant comparison.

    Well that could be part of your prejudice. Assists in racing games have been crap and were slower for the longest time because they were meant to handicap novice drivers, not to assist a good driver as the ones that are used in real life are. We can't ignore the radical shift in design that comes from this in sims these days. The entire nature of these modern hypercars is computer assistance through and through and Kunos is designing them from that stand point, unlike the way assists were used in the past in simming.

    At the end of the day you already admitted that its necessary for very powerful cars, and it makes no difference how relatively difficult they are to drive. Whether its a 2002 F1 car or a LaFerrari, there's more power there to manage than a human can and a computer will always have an edge when it comes to putting traction down, or else they wouldn't use them in actual race cars. Certainly the driver is the primary consideration but that also stands to reason that a driver who rejects the TC and uses the same method for 14 years might not be really driving it how its meant to be. Its not to say that there aren't people, perhaps yourself, who can outperform many of us without TC but that doesn't mean its how they should be driven to achieve maximum potential pace.

    Modern TC is pretty amazing and I'd wager even real life TC 15 years ago was pretty crap compared to whats being done now in these million dollar cars.
  20. Berry

    Berry Alien

    There's an immense difference between real-life traction control which is very specific to each and every car, and the TC that we get in-game.I am slower with TC on, no "but" or "if", and it feels like a german nanny constantly telling you how poor your throttle modulation is, well, I'd rather drift around for a bit and feel how the chassis works at the limit, that's how you learn a car and extract its performance.On the Nordschleife for example, in the P1 with road tyres (I don't remember what game version), I did a 6:56 with TC Off, and a 7:01 with it on, that's a huge difference, and most of it is due to TC cutting power when the car simply "skips" traction just a little bit over bumps or in high speed corners.
    I don't doubt that cars are faster with TC on in real life, maybe not every car, but hypercars most definitely, but they have an immense amount of technology put into them that I don't think you can currently simulate in any game, we're lucky that AC gets close with all this electronic wizardry, but I still think it's a bit far off from what the cars can do in real life :).

    @TheBoss: That is weird, the P1 is the slowest car to 300km/h out of them all, while in real-life it's faster than the LaFerrari, and on paper it's very close to it, here it seems like the 918 is significantly faster, then it slows down at 300 and the P1 takes over with its relentless over-300 acceleration, something seems weird...
    Last edited: Oct 28, 2016
  21. Kade

    Kade Hardcore Simmer

    Modern TC can actually save energy and use the loaded outside tyre closer to it's maximum by braking the spin-happy inside tyre very efficiently. Don't quote me on this, but last time I tested AC's TC it was just like @Berry above posted. As soon as your inside reaches acceptable levels of slip (less loaded inside slips first on even grip surface), TC kicks in and ruins the acceleration out of the corner. If we had modern "intelligent" TC systems in the game, I would agree with you but at the moment manual slip adjustments via differential power% and right foot is the faster way.
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